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Teen carrying Hillary sign chased by mob

Posted by Troy on 15th November 2016 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Today in Brunswick, GA, a black teen carrying a Hillary flag was chased by a mob of 45 white students who tackled the boy and took the flag.  School officials blamed the black teen for inciting a riot and threatened him with being charged as such.  Outrageous!  Right?  So what makes it less outrageous when I change the Hillary flag to a Trump flag and swap the races of the teens involved?

You may say that the teen knew it was going to get a rise out of his classmates, but what does that matter?  All he did was carry a flag with the name of the President-Elect on it.  Literally, he did NOTHING wrong.  Either you are for freedom of speech, or you are not.  You have to pick one.  This teen was exercising his freedom of speech, and he got mobbed for it.  To excuse the mob’s behavior is to say that you expect less from blacks (or liberals).  So, I ask you…how are YOU not racist for thinking so low of them?  How are you not fascist for being against freedom of speech?  I hold everyone to the same set of standards.  Also, it is high time that people stop allowing the irrationality and inappropriate responses of others to act as an unspoken tyranny against our freedom of speech.

Long Live the Constitution!

Flash Mobs and London Riots

Posted by Troy on 9th August 2011 in Current Events

Shotguns anyone? 

The mobs in London are being organized just like they were in the “Muslim Spring.”  This supports my idea that all the cute little flash mobs are really just dry runs for when the radicals call for the “revolution.”

Bear in mind: The good people far, far outnumber the bad ones.  In London, they are screwed.  They have no arms to defend themselves.  Go out and buy a twelve gauge shotgun.  A crowd of twenty people can be turned by one person with a Winchester Defender.  Just putting that out there.