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Reality vs Union Spin

Posted by Troy on 13th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

People who are against the right to work laws would say something like, “without unions, there would be no minimum wage laws or safety regulations.”  While it is true that unions were instrumental in getting these measures passed, it is erroneous to assume that the defeat of unions would lead to the automatic repeal of these measures.  Let me tell you what will happen:  the laws will still be on the books with no danger of ever being repealed.  Life will go on as usual.

Once upon a time, unions acted with the interest of their union members at heart.  This is because they were workers too.  The way unions used to work is that they would band together.  They would find the smartest guy among them, and then he would be the leader of the union.  However, like most things do, it all went to hell when union bosses began to be professional union bosses.  This is the same as when politicians became full-time, professional politicians instead of citizens themselves.  This is why the Hostess union had no problem is failing to reach an agreement with the company and losing 18,000 jobs in a horrible economy.  You see, they don’t really care.  In the world of professional union leaders, standing strong against corporations is much more important than saving their member’s jobs.  They will probably go on to bigger and better things.

See, that’s the real way unions work.

Long Live the Constitution!

Pro-choice: Abortion vs Unions

Posted by Troy on 12th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

Apparently the Democrats being pro-choice only extends to the choice to kill a child in the womb but not to the right to choose not to join a union.

I hate inconsistent thoughts, and here we go.

Obama declared that the right to work law is political.  No, the enforced union laws are political.  Giving the people the right to choose for themselves is never a political move.  Preventing people from choosing any other option is.  What happened is that the unions got the Democrats to be their lapdogs and act as their sugar daddy.  In return for this, they give Democrats a lot of money and try to bully their workers into voting for Democrats.  This is why Democrats love forcing people to join unions.  It means more money into their coffers.

Those people who say that it is unfair that non-union workers benefit from union negotiations are missing some points.  The first point is that I may love my job.  I might not want to go on strike because I think I’m making pretty good money.  You know how long you have to work to make up 2 weeks missed, even with the raise you got?  Past that, as workers become dissatisfied with their jobs, they will form and join unions.  When this passes, they will drop out of the union, and the union should disband.  The reason the unions want to force everyone to join is so their leaders can live high and mighty and take vacations on the union dime.

Wise up.

Long Live the Constitution!

Right to work

Posted by Troy on 10th December 2012 in Political, Uncategorized

Obama’s showing his true self, as I knew that he would.  Any idea that they would moderate or reach across the aisle is insane.

Raising taxes will make no difference on the debt.  Why does he want to do it?  Because it is popular with the unwashed masses in a Communist Manifesto style attempt to gain control at the head of an envious mob.  I’ll speak more at length about that another day.

Today, he’s talking out against the Michigan “Right to Work” law.  Amazing.  When he and the Democrats rammed through Obamacare defying the Constitutional process, he brayed about how it would be criminal if the Supreme Court struck down an unconstitutional law that was passed by the Legislature.  Now that a state is passing a law, that law is an abomination?  Huh.

Right to work is just that.  It’s not right to “work for less” as Obama says.  If you are a member of the union, they can force you NOT to work (ie, to get paid $0).  In the case of Hostess, they can force you to LOSE your job because THEY know what’s right for you.

The time for unions have come and gone.  This is why they had to pass laws to force you to join them.  If they were necessary, if they were something people wanted to be a part of, you would join on your own choice.

I will leave you with this.  Have you ever experienced the great service of Walt Disney World?  How long do you think that would be the case if they ever unionized?  I bet they wouldn’t last a year.

Love Live the Constitution!