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Michael Moore – Moral Coward

Posted by Troy on 27th January 2015 in Current Events, Entertainment

Michael Moore came out saying that snipers are cowards.  Of course, there was backlash.  So did he apologize?  No, instead he discussed that Jesus Christ would never be a sniper.  Well, shit, that’s true.  Ain’t it?  My, that’s some of that there college learnin’ I bet!  Yi-yuck!

This only proves the fact that Michael Moore is a coward.  As is Bill Maher and Howard Dean.  They also discussed now snipers are patriotic psychopaths.  After the other guests supported our snipers and discussed the American Sniper film in mature terms, Billy and Howie immediately started backtracking.

That is cowardly, and this is why I have no respect for people like them.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  You know who I respect?  Jerry Lee Lewis.  In the 1990s, he was asked to present an award for Best Female Artist.  He responded, “I can’t.  I don’t respect female artists.”  And everyone went crazy.  They DEMANDED he recant and apologize.  Jerry Lee made an official statement that was short and to the point.  It was to the effect, “What?  I don’t respect female artists.”  And everyone got on with their lives.  They got someone else to give the award.  The world didn’t end.

Do I agree with his point of view?  No.  But he held true to it.  With the entire world (basically) screaming at him and demanding he apologize, he simply refused and didn’t let what other people thought of him affect him.  That’s a guy I can respect.  How can you respect anyone that takes a stand and then starts sniveling and squirming when they met the least bit of resistance?  It is also a sign of someone who has taken their values merely upon what they believe will make them liked, and not someone that has hammered out their beliefs until their soul is finely tempered for the rigors of the life ahead.


Long Live the Constitution!

Michael Moore is an Idoit

Posted by Troy on 21st January 2015 in Current Events, Entertainment, Political

Michael Moore is, of course, an idiot.  He has come out saying that snipers are cowards because they are shooting people from a hiding spot far away.

Of course, I’m sure the real issue is envy.  His capitalism movie grossed $14.3 million during it’s entire run.  American Sniper grossed $105 million in the opening weekend.

Taking the low-road, Michael Moore is never the person I would want guarding my back.  He is weaselly.  I doubt he has ever had to face real danger, real life-and-death, and not flinch.  I would imagine that he would run.

So, here is what Michael Moore does not understand.  Snipers have to travel through enemy territory, evading detection at every turn.  Once there, they have to disguise themselves and wait.  One mistake, and they could die.  They will wait in one place for days and days, waiting to take that one shot.  If they are caught, they will most likely be killed.  In less civilized areas (and when was the last time we fought in a civilized area?), they would likely be tortured to death because of the fear they strike into their hearts.  Snipers do not have brothers-in-arms guarding their back.  They do not have someone that can carry them off the field of battle (other than possibly their spotter; they usually work as a team).

Still think snipers are cowards?  Of course he does.  Why?  Because he’s an idiot that thinks very highly of himself.  Personally, I can’t have any respect for a rich communist.  Hypocrite.

Long Live the Constitution!

Orlando Jones calls for the death of Sarah Palin

Posted by Troy on 25th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

I wonder how funny ANYONE would find it if Rush Limbaugh made a joke about how the Tea Party should lynch Obama.  Of course, there’s always been a double standard.  Leftist entertainers can say whatever they want and duck behind “I was joking,” and no one says anything about it.

I do not get the absolute hate for Sarah Palin.  She isn’t in power!  Unless you’ve lived in Alaska, it is very doubtful she has done anything that has actually impacted your life.  However, people on the left absolutely hate her.  I don’t get it. 

In fairness, I absolutely hate Michael Moore, and he doesn’t have power, but I can list reasons why I hate him.  I think that he is a dishonest man that actively takes things out of time frame and out of reference to support his world view and convince stupid people of his Leftist propaganda.  Here’s the thing, the boy is an admitted socialist, but he’s rich.  I can never respect a well-to-do socialist.  If he were to give away all his riches and only keep what he needs to get by by living in government housing or, at the very least, a trailer (but that shouldn’t count as it is private ownership of land, which is a sin for those on the Left); then I could respect him.

Say what you will about Sarah, her viewpoints are consistent.  I can respect that.

Michael Moore and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Osama bin Laden

Posted by Troy on 15th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

Michael Moore feels that it is disgraceful that we “executed” Osama without a fair trial.  Hasselbeck disagree, but is unable to defend her position.  I will do that for her now.

Osama bin Laden is not a US Citizen, nor was he on our soil with our permission.  Ergo, he does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Constitution.  We could also argue that he committed acts of war on the United States, but then we’d have to argue about what constitutes an act of war.

In this case, holding Osama for a trial would have been costly in legal costs, publicity, property damage, death threats, random acts of terrorism, and the like.  Also, where in America could he have gotten a “fair trial?”  Where in America could we have formed a jury of his “peers” without preconceived notions as to his innocence or guilt?  I don’t think there’s a change of venue available that would have accomplished this.

Of course, Moore doesn’t care about logic or Constitutionality.  He’s a member of the “hate America first” crowd.  If he thought that Osama’s tactics could bring down the Capitalist system in America, he would do all he could to create similar minded people.  Of course, he thinks that his movies will do that, and that is why we are treated to his intentionally misleading “documentaries.”

Michael Moore

Posted by Troy on 7th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

Michael Moore belongs to a group that I cannot tolerate:  Rich Socialists/Communists.  John Lennon also belongs in this group, and I discuss this group in my novel, 2084.  I just cannot have any respect for people who promote socialism or communism if they are above middle class.  In truth, I can’t really respect them if they are above poverty level.  If Michael Moore lived in a trailer because he gave away all but what he really needed, then I could respect him. 

The truth is, these are the people who believe they should be the rulers in the new order they help to create.  And, of course, they should be allowed luxury for helping their fellow Citizens.

Long Live the Constitution!