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How to fix Medicare

Posted by Troy on 15th August 2012 in Political, Uncategorized

The Democrats are trying to kill Paul Ryan over Medicare.  First of all, Obama himself said that the current system is dying and must be replaced.  Second, Obama and the Democrats are cutting $500,000,000,000 from Medicare to pay for Obamacare (a fairytale that won’t happen…they just told the CBO this to hide the massive cost of this new program).  Third, Paul Ryan’s plan will not change anything for anyone ages 55 and up.  Of course, we at Swamp Fox Press have another grand idea:

1)  Medicaid will be linked by Social Security Number to each citizen.  They will be given a grant of $25,000 (indexed for inflation) from which each person can draw.  Exempt from this would be amounts paid in regards to pregnancies.

2)  The employee portion of Medicare taxes (up to the amount on the first $100,000) will be paid into a spending account that will be due to the employee and will be in the employee’s name.  The employer portion (and excess employee portion) will go towards paying for Medicaid listed above.

3)  The employee can use the money for any medical expenses or it can be paid out at the date of death.

4)  The employee can contribute, tax-free, more to this account up to $2,000/year.

5)  The account can be used to pay for the medical expenses of others, even if they are unrelated.

6)  This ccount will accrue a 3% return on their money.

7)  The rate can be adjusted to promote good health practices or lowered to discourage bad ones.  Taking an annual exam and having a BMI under 23 and being a non-smoker would raise the rate to 4% (for example).

8) Everyone can get 1 free, annual exam at a free clinic.  This is optional and would go towards number 7 above.

This plan would provide an incentive for medical savings.  It would also give a direct reward for paying medicare tax.  It would provide for the poor basic health services.  It would provide a fair limit on how much is spent per citizen on these programs.  It would increase the incentives for healthy living.  It would encourage price competition as it is their money they are spending.  It would allow for communities to contribute to the health care of a treasured neighbor.  It would also cause the elderly or terminally ill to consider their treatment options.  If I can give my kids $100,000 in inheritance or spend it on medical treatments to extend my life 6 months, I would probably take the first choice.  If it was someone else’s money, why wouldn’t I take the treatments?

Long Live the Constitution!

Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential Pick

Posted by Troy on 12th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

With Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan, one must assume then that Romney has decided to take a hard line stance and make his candidacy about the economy and future solvency.  The GOP is enthused and so are the Democrats.  We will have to see how the Independents fall.  Republicans like him because he admits the truth that these systems cannot continue indefinitely.  In fact, in 12 years, we are in real trouble.  The Democrats love him because they know that people love free stuff.  Now that over half of the country is takers, not tax payers, then they think their power is cemented.  Of course, this is why I believe that government assistance should come with an obligation to turn over your vote.  Now that we’ve allowed legalized theft, the end of the republic may follow.  Once the majority of the people vote that they can take from the minority of the people, the republic is doomed.  So we have a real choice: 1) accept reality like adults, and try to fix the system as best we can or 2) continue to believe the fairy-tale the Democrats offer up that we can all have everything for nothing and it can be sustained forever–of course, once the bond market dries up, we will awaken to a much darker reality than if we did something today.

Long Live the Constitution!

Debt ceiling to increase again

Posted by Troy on 28th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama is going to raise the debt ceiling (after continuously saying that doing so was destructive).  In the end, we will never do anything to the debt until we get rid of (not reform) entitlements. 

If I went out and bought a Lamborghini, the payments would crush me.  I would be unable to afford it and the house and food or anything else.  I would have two choices, return the car on my own or wait for the bank to take everything from me (including the car).  I will lose the car either way, but I might as well keep the house instead of losing that too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Moody’s Downgrades America’s Debt

Posted by Troy on 25th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Everyone is worried that Moody’s will downgrade America’s debt if we do not raise the debt limit.  I would like to point out that this is ridiculous.  Imagine if you went in to get a loan and you already had three mortgages on your house.  The debt officer tells you that you that he can’t give you a loan because you’re becoming a bad credit risk.  Do you think that his opinion is going to improve because you come back and tell him you just got a new credit cards?

Moody’s downgrades based upon the entity’s ability to pay.  Right now, we have run-away spending, and Moody is beginning to doubt we can do that.  If they read you the entire report, Moody says that in order to not downgrade our debt, we would have to raise the debt ceiling AND put into place spending cuts and systematic reforms.  Lets see if we can get Cut, Cap, and Balance.

Long Live the Constitution!

Senator McConnell and His Stupid Idea to Let Obama Increase the Debt

Posted by Troy on 12th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Are you kidding me?

So we have a branch of the government that is going to surrender one of their checks and balances to the other branch?  However, this is really just a face saving move and one that tries to put all the blame on the President.  Basically, the Legislative Branch approves of the debt increase, but they get to wash their hands neatly of it while avoiding having to give away any tax positions or getting railed about any cuts to Medicare et cetera.  I know this is all theater, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

The fact of the matter is, this is like being married to a spouse that just spends all the money.  If they tell you to go get another job so you can pay off the credit cards, they will probably spend all that money too.  Eventually, they will tell you to get more credit cards and more mortgages and borrow from friends and family until, one day, no one will lend to you anymore.  At that point, it all comes crashing down.  So a wise person would refuse the request to get another job or (at the very least) destroy all the credit cards and take the spending spouse’s name off all the accounts before getting the second job.  The sooner this is done, the better. 

We need to get back to the old ways.  We used to rely on family and friends and community and the church, now we just sit around with our hands out, waiting for our benefits that the country can no longer afford.  Our young to old ratio will not support Medicare and Social Security.  However, increasing our population will only lead to more problems.  The only thing we can do is rely on the ones we love.  We need to take care of ourselves and of each other.  We used to not have Medicare and Social Security, and people were not dying in the streets.  The elderly lived with their children.  This is the way it should be.  Medicare and Social Security were bad ideas when they first began and only became more and more of a disaster.  We can put it off, but it will only make the end more horrible. 

Take a look a Greece.  It’s coming.

Long Live the Constitution.

NY-26 Kathy Hochul Wins: Medicare, are our Seniors Adult Enough to Handle the Truth?

Posted by Troy on 25th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

NY-26 went to a Democrat.  The news organizations are trying to say that this is the GOP’s watershed moment–that the American people have spoken and loudly proclaimed “Hands off our benefits!”

We’re broke, people.  That’s pure and simple.  No matter how you cut it, we are going to have to cut something.  We can cut defense, but ask yourselves, would you rather have a pitiful retirement plan in the form of Social Security and Medicare, or the world’s most kick-ass army?  The only reason Europe can afford all these social programs is that we are the world’s police force.  If we convert our defense money into benefit money, who is going to protect us?

Things have to change.  That’s all there is to it.  This next election is a turning point.  We are at a fork in the road right now.  We can move towards a welfare state or a freedom state.  A friend remarked to me today how he hasn’t heard anyone use the expression “Hey, it’s a free country,” in years.  That’s because, deep down, we realize that we’re not nearly as free as we used to be.  We live in a world where sending a joke tweet about suicide bombers can land a 13 year old boy in an interrogation room with the Secret Service.  This next election will determine if we want to face the truth and own up to what needs to be done or if we want to believe the lies we’re told and hide our heads in the sand.  If Obama wins re-election and (GOD FORBID) the Democrats take both houses again, we are done.  Period.

You must read 2084.  Everything I wrote about is happening faster than I predicted.  I will get it out this weekend.

Long Live the Constitution of the United States of America!

Medicare and Social Security

Posted by Troy on 24th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

These need to be cut.  Get used to the fact.  Accept the fact, and lets move on.

All government programs, including Medicare and Social Security, should be needs tested.  Also, benefits should be cut for future recipients.  Finally, those who are about to enter the workforce should be advised to plan accordingly, and we should develop a new system for them.

Yes, we all paid into the Social Security scam, but it’s going away.  We can’t afford it.  It has been just another tax since the 1970s.  It hasn’t been a locked box since 1960s.  It’s going way.  Get used to it.