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John McCain – Airing the Family’s Dirty Laundry

Posted by Troy on 20th February 2017 in Current Events, Political

I am all for freedom of speech.  Say whatever you want.  However, when you are overseas, SHUT YOUR MOUTH.  When you are talking to our allies and our enemies, you show a united front.  In a strong family, a husband and wife, a brother or sister, a parent and child may be fighting like rabid dogs, but publically, they show solidarity.  McCain should be saying things like “Divided?  Oh, don’t believe everything you hear on the news.  Our country is united and stronger than ever.”  Instead, he is trashing our President.  I also got onto the Dixie Chicks when they did this overseas regarding President George W. Bush.  Again, say anything you want at home.  When you’re out in the world, you do not trash your family.  You do not trash your country.  Doing so isn’t just in bad taste.  It emboldens our enemies and makes our allies frightful.  McCain, of all people, should know this.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obamacare showdown – Cruz, Reid, and McCain

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2013 in Current Events, Political

Cruz has drawn a lot of fire from the Left and Media types for his filibuster.  The thing is this, I applaud any politician who stands against a law.  Even if it was 99 to 1, he has every right to do what he did.  I would go so far as to say that he has an obligation to those who elected them to do whatever he can to represent them.  There is something noble in fighting something when you know you are going to lose in the end.  Just think of the 300 Spartans holding off the entire Persian army.  They knew they were going to lose, but they fought anyway.  Standing up for what you know is right is an honorable thing.  Even if you disagree with those people, you salute them even as you take them down.

Reid is spitting fire for those Republicans that are still fighting Obamacare saying “It’s the law of the land!  Sit down and shut up!”  Hell, I guess they should have told that to Martin Luther King Jr regarding Jim Crow Laws.  Right?  Slavery was the law of the land, no need to stop that.  I could play this game all day.  Hell, I just wish that the Democrats would accept that the Second Amendment, that the Constitution itself, is the law of the land and would just sit down and shut up.

Then there’s McCain.  Wrong on pretty much everything, McCain.  The people have spoken!  Really?  Seems like most people don’t like this.  Most people that have political influence have spoken and have managed to get themselves exempted from this so called “law of the land that only applies to people who don’t have the political capital to escape this impending disaster!”

Then there’s Obama himself.  He says he won’t be blackmailed by risking the full faith and credit of the United States.  Never before have I seen a President with so little respect for the office.  He is hyper-inflating our money.  With a slip of the tongue, he got us into a bind with Syria without a win.  He is a narcissist of the highest order.  If the full faith and credit of the United States is that important, he could always give an extension with the stipulation that doing so will cause the Republicans massive losses in the next election.  Of course, that wouldn’t happen because his signature law is so unpopular most of the country would be happy at that outcome, which is why Obama is touring the country STILL trying to convince us that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread even if it is going to cost most people a lot more and give people a lot less.

Long Live the Constitution!

Rand Paul vs McCain on Drone Strikes

Posted by Troy on 9th March 2013 in Political

Senators McCain and Graham ridicule Rand Paul for suggesting that the government would kill American citizens with a drone all willy nilly.  So you are probably asking, what does the Swamp Fox think?

They miss the point.  If you were to ask me if I have the right to kill you, and I replied “yes,” what would you think of me?  If I respond, well, I might have reason to, such as self-defense?  That does not change the fact that I believe I have the right to kill you.  It’s about the perception.

If the government says they have the right to take everything you own if they view it as necessary, would you go along with it?  If they say you have the right to keep and bear arms unless they decide to take it from you, would you care?  If they say you had the right to free speech as long as long as they don’t disapprove, is that a big deal?

The government that says they can arbitrarily take anything away from you (especially your life) is tyrannical in nature.  Under such a government, you have no rights except for the ones they decide to allow you to keep.  In other words, you have no rights.

That is the point.  Any government that believes they have the right to kill you outside the proper context of the law believes they have complete power over you.

Rand wins.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bad Week for the Obama Administration

Posted by Troy on 7th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

Eric Holder has less and less wiggle room as the investigation narrows down.  With what we know now, it is clear that he either lied about what he knew about the Fast and the Furious, or he is utterly incompetent.  There’s really no other excuse.  Now they have wiretapping request that specifically spell out what was going on, and they were signed off on.  This means that they either knew about Fast and the Furious or they are just signing stuff without actually reading it.  Which one of these options do you like best?  I don’t know how Holder still has his job, honestly.

Now even Democrats are starting to get upset with Obama over all the security leaks.  It is clear that someone is leaking this information trying to make Obama look good, but it is destroying our ability to take advantage of these tactics going forward.  He bragged about Seal Team Six and how we found Osama, and now our doctor friend is in jail for 38 years.  We’ve taken credit for shutting down Iran’s computers.  I for one liked them not knowing it was us.  Then there is this stupid kill list thing, which is a grey area.  Personally, I would think his supporters would be pissed over the kill list and it will backfire, but we will see.

Long Live the Constitution!

A Stitch in Time

Posted by Troy on 23rd March 2011 in Current Events

McCain and some others are coming under fire.  They wanted a no-fly zone initiated immediately.  After several weeks, they claim that a no-fly zone is too little, too late.  A lot of people say this is partisan bickering; however, we all know this is common sense.  As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.  We’ve all had a situation where a significant other is about to get mad.  We can say something to cut it off, or we can let the fight escalates.  If it does, we end up having to go through a lot more to make it up to them than if we had just cut it off in the first part.  Truly, with the rebels holed up, the only chance they have to survive is for direct military action, especially since we have decided to let the UN lead on this.  The UN has always been weak-willed and fickle.