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Obama is the Future!

Posted by Troy on 4th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Well, thank God that…oh wait, I can’t say that.  The Democrat National Convention did their best to carve out any mention of God (outside of the opening 2 hours of Muslim prayer) from their program.  Okay…well, thank whatever then that this is cleared up: Obama is the Future, and Romney is the Past.  Great.  Now we have a…oh wait, no…There’s a problem with this argument…Obama isn’t the Future…He’s the Present.

Sooooooo…how does the Present stack up then?  A mired economy?  A monetary policy that will cause inflation and destroy the US dollar as the world’s currency?  Continual, unsustainable deficits?  Continued unemployment?  Nationalization of the health care system (endgame of Obamacare)?  A tax system that is actually based on “fairness” rather than maximizing revenues to the government?  More and more laws (they may call them regulations, but they’re laws) that are passed outside of the legislative process?  Additional reductions to our nuclear arsenal, making us weaker to our enemies?  Relinquishing our national sovereignty to the UN and other multi-national organizations?  Giving away citizenship to large swaths of illegal aliens, undermining our natural culture (immigration should be controlled to force assimilation)?

Of course, I suppose you could say that he is the Future, and this is the beginning…so, how does that stack up?  Let’s project trillion dollar deficits for the next four years?  Yikes.

As far as Romney being the Past, how many people would like to go back to the past?  The 1950′s were pretty nice in a societal context (minus the civil rights issues anyway).  Would you change this economy to the one from the 1980s or 1990s?   I could think of a lot of good things about the past.

And let me just take a few pot shots at Mayor Castro: This guy is not eloquent.  It IS about drive.  It is NOT about opportunity.  There is NOTHING that will hold someone back if they have the drive.  His drivel makes me sick.  He proposes (like the rest of the Democrats) that the economy rests upon the middle class.  That’s cute considering that this administration has done more to rape the middle class than any other administration in history.  He wants to talk about the opportunities of education?  Students did better in the past with far less “investment.”  Know why?  Because students were scared to death of their parents if they got F’s.  It’s about parenting.  A teacher cannot replace a parent.  I will be on an inner-city youth that is driven to succeed and supported by their parents over a rich kid that wants to party and doesn’t study and who’s parents don’t care.  He wants to say that it isn’t about you, it’s about your kids (the ones that aren’t aborted anyway).  The problem is that you have to do the best you can and raise your kids the best you can to give them that.  You have to have a good job and the drive to succeed to make your child’s life better.  It is not the taxpayers’ obligation to pay for their college.  If you want that for your kids, make it happen!  Make them study.  Valedictorians get scholarships.  And how DARE he invoke the Founding Fathers?  WHAT, WHAT in the Democratic platform would the founders approve of?  Getting rid of God altogether?  Adams would faint.  Inflationary monetary policy?  Hamilton would shoot  them.  Giving up our sovereignty?  Jefferson would be outraged.  Welfare?  Franklin would scoff.  Regulations over the legislative process?  Madison would be bewildered.  Cutting our national security?  Washington would curse.  Abortion?  That’s what they want to harp on…don’t you think any of them would be appalled?  I have NEVER heard a Democrat speak with any actual love for our Founding Fathers.  NEVER.  Have you?  I’m being serious here.  They may praise the First Amendment (excluding the Freedom of Religion anyway), but past that, they have no love for this country as it was founded.  The Constitution is something which is to be overcome, to be surpassed by something better–not amended, replaced.

The Democratic National Convention has shown me a few things so far.  1) Their values are outside what the majority of Americans believe.  They seem to believe that Americans wish to go secular.  They seem to think that Americans want additional debt.  They seem to think that Americans wish to punish the wealthy.  2) Their election is based upon class warfare.  Marx would be proud.  Remember, Obama was raised by Marxists.  They are trying to separate us and get us to attack the rich.  I don’t begrudge the rich for who they are.  I wouldn’t trade places with Bill Gates or Soros or Mitt Romney.  I love who I am.  I love the life I made for myself because it is MY life.  It reflects my values and my choices.  The fact of the matter is that we could all be rich…it just takes a single minded obsession to gain wealth and a certain amount of common sense.  Benjamin Franklin worked three jobs every day from sun up to sun down every single day of the week.  He became rich.  You make more than you spend, and you don’t waste.  Look at what you spend money on.  Most of it is crap you don’t need and really don’t want when you get right down to it.  3)  All they can do is demonize Mitt Romney.  I don’t even know where to begin with this.  4)  ”Hope and Change” has been replaced with “The Future!” or “Forward!”  Forward to bloody what?  Where could this possibly end that is positive?  Seriously, map it out!  Tell me what stupid policy of his is so positive?  Have any of his ideas actually worked out?  Nope?