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Susan Rice’s Payoff

Posted by Troy on 27th November 2012 in Political

Okay… we have a nominee for Secretary of State that has a KNOWN controversy (the September 11th Libya attack) hanging over her head, and yet the administration is willing to go to the mat for this person.  Common sense would dictate that this person should be dismissed.  Yet they fight to keep her.  Why?  Because the Obama administration told her what to say.  She’s part of the cover up, and the price for her silence is this position.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why isn’t Libya and hiding the jobs numbers a big deal?

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

For the life of me, I cannot understand this.  We have a case where American soil (our embassy) was attacked.  Our ambassador was murdered.  A massive cover-up of these events occurred.  The President knowingly lied to us for three weeks about the reasons for the attack.  An American was wrongfully thrown in jail over these events (the filmmaker).  And the only reason to lie is for political gain.  And no one cares?  As the man said, if he lied to you once, he’ll lie to you again.  We impeached Nixon over a silly little burglary, and we’re going to let this slide?  McCain is right: either they are lying or this is gross incompetence.  Since no one has been fired (specifically Hillary Clinton), we can assume that it’s lying.

And so now the Department of Labor isn’t going to release the job numbers Friday because of the weather.  The results have been computed since last week.  All they have to do is click the “Send” button, and we’re done.  So why won’t they release them?  I am going to say because it will so the last numbers were inaccurate.  In order for the last numbers to be correct, 342,000 part time jobs would have had to have been created.  In a good month, you might expect 20,000 such jobs.  Where did the other 322,000 jobs come from?  And now we’re not going to see the real number.  Why?

Of course, I guess if you don’t mind being lied to about Libya, maybe you don’t mind being lied to about the economy as well.  That’s fortunate.  Should Obama win, you will get to have four more years of lies about the economy.  Enjoy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Performance, Gallup, and the War on Women

Posted by Troy on 17th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Wow, the Democrats are really grasping at straws to keep the narrative of a “war on women” running.  I really do think that they think Americans are idiots.  What are they trying to make a mountain out of?  ”Romney has binders of women.”  What the hell is wrong with that?  Perhaps he had binders of women’s applications?  I really don’t get it.  I seriously don’t.

So, today we were treated to the media telling us that Obama won the debate.  Good for him.  Unfortunately for him, he is behind Romney according to likely voters 51% to 47%.  If Dick Morris is right about undecideds, it is actually 54% to 47%.  My point?  If he “won” the debate, and his is losing the election, things have really gone badly for Obama.

I foresee Obama being destroyed on the next debate.  Romney will be fully prepared to rip him to shreds on Libya.  We spent millions “liberating” Libya, and this is how we’ve been repaid.  It’s gonna be bad for Obama.

The fact of the matter is that on the most important issues, the debt and economy, Romney won overwhelming.  If those two things tank, everything else is irrelevant.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary Takes Responsibility

Posted by Troy on 15th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Hillary Clinton takes full responsibility for the lack of security in Libya.  Does this absolve Obama of any wrong doing?


I do not expect the President to know what is going on throughout his entire administration.  That would be impossible.  However, as head of the Executive Branch, he would be ultimately responsible.  In order to alleviate that responsibility, he basically has to fire Hillary.  He, of course, would never do that because liberals LOVE anyone with the last name of Clinton.  Also, Hillary would turn on him faster than a rattlesnake if he did that.

Regardless, I don’t really care about the security in Libya.  That’s minor.  That’s a mistake.  It’s a stupid mistake.  It shows utter incompetence, but it’s largely unimportant.  What’s important to me is that Obama knew that it was a terrorist attack, and for nearly a month, he told us it was all about a video and degraded the Freedom of Speech, until the American people jumped all over his case.

If Hillary’s responsible for the security issues, fire her.  However, it will not absolve Obama for his lying to the American public just to try to save his chances at re-election.  That was the only reason to lie to us.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama thinks we’re idiots

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

There are two choices on the Libya attacks:  either the administration is incompetent, or they lied to us.  Of course, it could be both.  Both do make some sense… but I would say that I believe the Obama crowd is lying to us.  They knew that it was a terrorist attack immediately, and yet they told us it was all about the video.  Why?  Obviously because Obama had been gloating about how he had been bashing in terrorists’ skulls all over the place and killing Osama, and here we are!  Boom!  9/11, and a terrorist attack.  That’s not gonna play well in the polls, and Obama’s got an election to win.  So what does he do?  He lies!  He tells us that there was a spontaneous protest over a movie.  He knew the truth would come out…eventually, but by that time the American people would be busy shopping for Christmas and watching football and whatnot.  He hopes that we will have lost interest and it wouldn’t be a big deal anymore.  In other words, Obama thinks we’re stupid.  They really do.  I think that they believe that we’ll believe whatever they tell us to believe.  I can’t believe his audacity to hope that we’d believe all this!  Can you believe it?

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 23rd August 2011 in Current Events

Libya looks as though is has been “successful.”  Unfortunately, it will probably be reborn just anti-West as ever, but at least it will be a Democracy.  Democracy is always to be preferred to a dictatorship even if you have to blow them off the face of the Earth.  I still maintain that we should have hit strategic targets immediately.  This thing could have been over in one month is the President and/or the international community had any balls.  Hopefully, Libya will appreciate our expenditures on their behalf.

Long Live the Constitution!

Gunrunner – Impeach Obama

Posted by Troy on 8th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Why is it that no one has the guts to impeach Obama?

He has continued the war in Libya without Congressional approval in defiance of the War Powers Act.

He offered a job to a politician for not running against Arlen Specter (although Bill Clinton took the fall for him, but this lie was about as believable as Anthony Wiener for crying out loud).

It is likely that he knew or even approved Fast and Furious or is covering it up (which is what they got Richard Nixon for).

Not only this, but the countless times he has empowered our enemies, weakened the united states, attacked our every economic system, and destroyed our currency.  Why is it no one has the guts to even mention getting rid of him?  I guess we were not ready for a black President if we are too afraid of being called a racist that we would stand all of this and not say a word.  Oh well.  Better luck in 2012 I guess.

War Powers Act

Posted by Troy on 17th May 2011 in Political

The deadline for the War Powers Act looms.  If Congress does not approve of Libya, Obama must pull all military resources out.  This could be an interesting political show down, but I don’t think it will happen.  Congress never wants to be seen as against the troops, so they always end up approving it.  However, with the back drop of the budget crisis, the Republicans could deal a huge political blow to Obama and taunt him to see if he will break the War Powers Act and risk impeachment.

There is talk about how the War Powers Act is unconstitutional because it makes the military shared by the Congress and the President, but this is not the case.  The President controls the military.  He commands them.  However, Congress is the one that declares war.  If a President commits troops on foreign soil without Congress declaring war, it is the President who is going against the Constitution and should be impeached.  He has no right to do this.  In fact, the Founding Fathers would have viewed such behavior as tyrannical and jeopardizing the United States best interests by putting way too much power into the hands of a single man who could act on a whim.

I, for one, would like to see us go back to the Constitution on this.  We should only go to war if Congress authorizes it.  That way, we don’t end up in all these stupid police actions.  And if we go to war, we should fight to win.  Trying to make war moral is nonsense.  As General Sherman said, “War is all hell.”

Long live the Constitution!

Predator Drones

Posted by Troy on 26th April 2011 in Current Events, Political

We’ve started using Predator Drones in Libya.  I love this technology.  I think we should incorporate them more and more into our strategies.  However, I do think that Europe should be paying for our munitions since we are doing this to save their oil supply.

Geraldo Rivera Libyan Rebels

Posted by Troy on 22nd April 2011 in Current Events

Rivera referred to the Libyan rebels as an undisciplined, rag-tag group of semi-cowards who take a shot at their enemy and run away.  They’re a bunch of cowards, and he has no respect for them.

Yes.  Those statements remind me of a similar group… the minutemen.  All of these terms were applied to us when we rebelled against the British.  These are ordinary people who are putting their lives at risk so that their children might have a better future.  They are fighting a much stronger, better trained force.  Hit and run is the way to go.  It’s called guerrilla warfare.  I actually do have a great deal of respect for them, and I hope they succeed.  As George Washington knew, all they have to do is not lose.  They don’t have to win.  They just have to out wait and chip away at Gaddafi’s forces.