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Rand Paul and Personal Liberty

Posted by Troy on 15th March 2013 in Political

I’m sure he’s been reading the Swamp Fox.  Yes, the right wing party is officially dead if they are thinking that they can promote conservative values.  The Democratic party has been very effective at dividing us up into various groups and getting people to support their party based on special interest.  The only return the Republicans can have is to say that they are for economic and personal freedom.  You see, the Democrats have been offering personal freedom, and that’s what the people seem to value more than economic freedom.  That being said, if someone offered personal freedom and fiscal responsibility, that would be a selling point.  I think the vast majority of Americans want to have a balanced budget and get our house in order, but they also want the government to stay out of their business.  I couldn’t agree more.

Love Live the Constitution!

Ron Paul in New Hampshire

Posted by Troy on 10th January 2012 in Political

I will post a link to his speech as soon as someone posts it, but watching this speech will show people why Ron Paul is a serious candidate.  It’s about freedom.  The only reason people like Democrats is because they want their personal freedoms protected.  The reason why people like Republicans is because they want their financial freedom protected.  Libertarians are the best of both worlds without the bad of either.  This is why the establishment fears Ron Paul.  Finally, there is a Libertarian that is showing wide appeal.  I believe Ron Paul will crush Obama–newsletters and all.  I give him my full endorsement.  However, let me clear.  I will support whoever runs against Obama.  If Ron Paul and his supporters cannot secure the nomination, I would not wish for them to try as a third party.  Beating Obama must happen.  If he wins, we are done.

Long Live the Constitution!