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Governor Chris Christie

Posted by Troy on 29th July 2013 in Current Events, Political

Originally, I think everyone (well…not everyone) liked Chris Christie.  When people opposed his cost saving measures, he would cut them off and wouldn’t allow them to take it to some ridiculous, emotional level that denied the merits of what he was doing.  Everyone cheered this, as I think most people are tired of being lead around by the heart and having us go further and further in debt for it.  However, over time, it turned out that his bombastic attitude did not extend to just the issues.  He isn’t the no-nonsense leader that we have all be waiting for.  Instead, he is an imperial leader who doesn’t like to be questioned.  Of course, who likes to be questioned?  Still, in our system of government, you do not get to have your way and override your opposition just because they disagree with you.  One has to ask, isn’t that a lot like Obama himself?  In fact, Christie supports global warming, cap and tax, gun control measures, and the NSA spying on Americans.  How can we trust him?  I sincerely hope that we, as a country, do not fall for his sales pitch and see him as he really is.

Long Live the Constitution!

My Retort to Ann Coulter on Libertarians

Posted by Troy on 22nd February 2013 in Political

I could go for some cheap shots, but I will deal with the actual issues.  Recently, Ann Coulter went on Stossel and mocked Libertarians.  I feel the need to respond to her.

1 – She endorses wars that are in our interest and proposes supporting insurgents.  My retort to this is: “Yeah, that’s always worked well for us.”  The sad fact of the matter is that every time we try to help insurgents, the forces we help take over and then hate us and work against us.  Need I remind people that we put Saddam into power and the current regime in Iran?  That was us.  How did it work out for us?  George Washington warned us to avoid unnecessary wars.   A better option would be for us to use our economic power and choose to buy products from a country.  Query, what would happen to China if we stopped buying goods from them?  We could get the same products from other countries.  They offer nothing to us that we can’t get elsewhere?  We’d destroy them.  Of course, now they can fight back due to having so much of our debt.  See what I mean?

2 – She claims that Libertarians try to suck up to Liberals by saying they want to legalize pot.  No.  That’s not it at all.  We just don’t believe that the government should be involved with this.  We spend billions of dollars fighting to get 10% of the drugs off the market.  These drugs fund gangs and cartels.  If it was legal, farmers in the South would be getting rich, not criminals.  You could tax it.  You could regulate it.  Also, no one that uses illegal drugs care if they are illegal.  I can prove that we would not turn into a nation of druggies.  You can get high sniffing glue.  We can all buy glue.  Do we all get high?  Same example with alcohol.  So the Libertarian argument is based on facts.  What is your argument based on exactly?  Also, what sense is it to send a user to jail for a year costing us $50,000+ a year?  Seriously.

3 – Gay marriage.  The federal government has no business in determining who can or cannot be married.  That is left up to the states.  I can prove that you agree that states and localities should be able to make this decision.  Do you think that a man should be able to marry his sister?  If you answer “Yes,” then all power to you, but you’ll probably say, “No.”  How is that different?  Because they would have offspring with health problems.  Well, so would diabetics, dwarves, and other people.  Do you really want to go into eugenics?  So finally, you end up with, “But I find it abhorrent.”  And there you go.  The communities you live in find it abhorrent, and thus illegal.  Of course, you could point out the ban of interracial marriages in the past (if there were any…don’t know that for sure), and I would have to agree, but over time, societies evolve, and these couples got the same credit as other couples.  My advice to gays wishing to marry?  Convince your communities that this is acceptable and do it at the state level.

4 – She wants to make divorce more difficult.  Why?  Because families are important.  Oh?  And forcing people to stay together is going to magically make them a good spouse or parent then?  This is the problem with her ilk.  They think they can legislate morality.  Forcing people to stay together doesn’t make that family a strong or a healthy family.  You need to improve your society to do that.

5 – I just want to deal with her premise about Socialism.  She has to show me one Libertarian that is pro-Socialism.  You can’t.  Libertarianism cannot exist with Socialism because Socialism demands high taxes and high control and high involvement with the government in your personal lives.  Libertarians will not agree to this.

Long Live the Constitution!