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Droning on and on

Posted by Troy on 8th December 2011 in Current Events

Iran now has our most sophisticated drone and is sharing it with China and Russia.  Great!  Obama had an opportunity to destroy it but opted not to because it would have been deemed an act of war.  Great!

It’s funny that the drone actually LANDED in one piece isn’t it?  I mean, I would have rigged all of those with a self-destruct mechanism where in, if they stop getting signals from the command center for more than ten minutes, it blows to bits.  It’s not that far fetch an idea is it?  So the question becomes: is this intentional and we have an active traitor in the White House or is he just that damn incompetent?  I honestly cannot say.  I think that the people BEHIND him are definitely for the fall of America, but I cannot say if he wants it or if he is just a very useful idiot.

Next, this is not the end of the world.  Remember, Francis Gary Powers LANDED a U2 spy plane in Russia despite a multitude of options and orders to destroy it.  He just walked away from it, allowing it to be captured by the Russians.  Control societies will always fall on the ash heap of history because it destroys the human spirit and creativity.  All they can do is steal innovation, not create their own.  In this way, they are like Satan, merely perverting God’s creations instead of creating their own.

Long Live the Constitution!