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Knox University Speech

Posted by Troy on 23rd May 2012 in Human Nature

In 2005, Obama gave a speech to Knox University which I think shows his character and his view of America.

In it, he spends a great amount of time talking about his favorite topic: himself.  Past that, he talks about the ascendancy of China and India and the decline of America.  He discusses a poverty of ambition, of seeking the finer things in life, of personal success.  He renounces individual salvation to promotes collective salvation.

He contradicts himself.  He praises the advances of enforced retirement and unionization, but then he hates the effects: that it drives companies overseas where labor is cheaper.  He praises the Chinese for pushing their kids to study hard and curses when we do the same, saying that we call for the poor children to pull themselves up from their bootstraps.  No where in his speech does he talk about the real issue that is dragging us down: the destruction of the American spirit–virtually a direct result of the dissolution of the American family.  He will call for increased spending to assist the Teacher’s Unions, but he will not demand that families stay together.  He wails about poverty, but how many of those  in poverty dropped out of high school?  How many are from broken homes?  Both factors are known poverty drivers.

Americans do not fail due to lack of opportunity.  We have the greatest levels of opportunity anywhere in the world.  No, we fail because we fail to take advantage of these opportunities, particularly when we are young.  Anyone in America can get a quality education.  I believe that every child can learn.  All it takes is for parents to push their kids in these regards.  All they have to do is sit down and study with them.  You have to work?  Fine…what about after 5:00?  What do you have going on that is more important than your kids exactly?  You mean to tell me that you could not tutor them from 7:00 to 9:00?  You mean to tell me that two hours of one-on-one tutoring wouldn’t solve the issue?  You only have to do this through the first few grades.  Once they have a solid foundation, they are set.  So, what is more important than your child’s education?  Is it American Idol?  It’s about priorities.  It always has been.  It always will be.  Time, like money, is finite, and you can judge what people value by what they spend it on.  We can throw money into the educational system all day long, and it will not make our kids one bit smarter.

You want to change America?  You want us to retake the world?  You want us to be a better society, a richer society, a fairer society?  I doesn’t start in Washington.  It doesn’t start at the Office.  It doesn’t start with your Form 1040.  No, it starts at home.  A village cannot raise a child.  A family can.  Nothing will improve until we start to raise our children into men and women we can be proud of.

Long Live the Constitution!