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Why Democrats are TERRIFIED of Dr. Ben Carson

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2015 in Current Events, Political

The Left is trying their best to destroy Dr. Ben Carson.  What have they come up with so far?

Ben Carson is a liar!  He never actually tried to stab someone, and he was never accepted into West Point.  Also…he thinks Joseph built the pyramids to store grain…what?!!!!

Wow, that’s the best you got?  You think that the neurosurgeon decided to make up a story about trying to stab someone because being the first person to separate conjoined twins joined at the head wasn’t impressive enough?  And he never said that he was accepted.  He said that he was offered a scholarship to West Point in his book.  This is another way of saying, “I could have gone to West Point for free.”  Finally…what’s so outlandish?  He didn’t say “Pharaohs were not buried in the pyramids.”  He said they were designed for grain storage.  There’s no reason that Pharaohs wouldn’t convert the use into tombs.  There is NO contradiction here.

I think the Left is terrified to Dr. Ben Carson.  I think the real reason they are terrified of him is that he is the one thing that Hillary will never be.  HE IS LIKABLE.  Oh, he is counter to the Liberal messaging.  This was a poor, minority child that grew up to be one of the greatest neurosurgeons in history.  He is also deeply religious.  He is tolerant.  He is calm.  He is sooooo freakin’ likable!  Throw in on that, he’s black.  The Democrats have to be scared that he will either siphon off some of the black vote or cause some of the black vote to stay at home.

You ask me who the Democrats fear this go around, it’s Ben Carson.  I think he’s going to destroy Hillary next year.

Long Live the Constitution!