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Why isn’t Libya and hiding the jobs numbers a big deal?

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

For the life of me, I cannot understand this.  We have a case where American soil (our embassy) was attacked.  Our ambassador was murdered.  A massive cover-up of these events occurred.  The President knowingly lied to us for three weeks about the reasons for the attack.  An American was wrongfully thrown in jail over these events (the filmmaker).  And the only reason to lie is for political gain.  And no one cares?  As the man said, if he lied to you once, he’ll lie to you again.  We impeached Nixon over a silly little burglary, and we’re going to let this slide?  McCain is right: either they are lying or this is gross incompetence.  Since no one has been fired (specifically Hillary Clinton), we can assume that it’s lying.

And so now the Department of Labor isn’t going to release the job numbers Friday because of the weather.  The results have been computed since last week.  All they have to do is click the “Send” button, and we’re done.  So why won’t they release them?  I am going to say because it will so the last numbers were inaccurate.  In order for the last numbers to be correct, 342,000 part time jobs would have had to have been created.  In a good month, you might expect 20,000 such jobs.  Where did the other 322,000 jobs come from?  And now we’re not going to see the real number.  Why?

Of course, I guess if you don’t mind being lied to about Libya, maybe you don’t mind being lied to about the economy as well.  That’s fortunate.  Should Obama win, you will get to have four more years of lies about the economy.  Enjoy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Job Bill

Posted by Troy on 14th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

So we have another half TRILLION dollar stimulus bill.  This is his big plan.  It’s understandable when all you can say is “It would have been worse without the stimulus plan.”  We’ve been hovering at 9% unemployment, and the White House itself admits that this will continue onwards through 2012.  Not to mention the fact that all these infrastructure jobs are temporary and would take a while to actually put into action due to feasibility studies, permits, and the like.

In a way, this makes sense for him.  He can put the spending mostly in states that he could win but is in trouble.  It reinforces his narrative about the first stimulus not being enough.  Honestly, to do anything other than another large spending bill would be tantamount to him admitting that he was wrong about everything.

On another note, Obama does not sound Presidential when he is out on these tours.  He sounds like a rebel rouser.  He sounds like a community organizer/agitator, which is what he has always been.  Let’s just see if we can survive the next sixteen months of this guy.

Obama’s Jobs Speech

Posted by Troy on 31st August 2011 in Current Events, Political

How tasteless is it that he schedules his speech when his opponents are supposed to be debating?  What’s even more laughable is his claim that they didn’t realize that the debate was that night.  If they are this clueless, then they need to quit now due to incompetence.  We all know that this was politically motivated.  In breaking news, Obama has backed down and rescheduled.  It’s just as well, but it would have been fun to watch the Speaker of the House deny him audience.