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The Media Bias Makes Me Sick

Posted by Troy on 21st November 2015 in Current Events, Political

Headline:  Trump wants a national registry for Muslims.

Fact: The reporter asked if there should be a database for keeping track of Muslims.  This was an off the cuff question and could have been easily mistaken for using a watch list (which is an understandable interpretation).  He also said that he would build a wall and would do so if in office, that illegal immigration is the biggest threat.

Headline: Carson compares Syrian refugees to a rabid dog.

Fact: Carson used an analogy about a rabid dog being in a neighborhood.  If you know one is in the area, and you see a dog, you’re going to approach that dog a lot differently than if you didn’t know about the rabid dog.  You might also take steps to protect your kids.  Having just had my first run in with a rabid dog (which ended in hand to tooth combat that I fortunately won), I can say that he has a real point.

Meanwhile, Obama has been called a God.  He has been protected and coddled and exulted.  Hilliary has been elevated and protected as well.  At every point, the bias is real and blatant.  The latest examples are disgusting.  They are painting Trump as a Nazi and Carson as a bigot when it is amply clear this is not the case.

Long Live The Constitution!

Jewish News Paper Calls for Obama to be Assassinated

Posted by Troy on 20th January 2012 in Current Events

I remember a movie about Bush being assassinated that was hailed as artwork and condemned by the Right.

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech.  I was fine with the Bush film, and I’m okay with this as well.  However, it is unseemly.  Also, when you start talking about somebody being assassinated, you start walking a very, very thin line.  In this day in age (the age of the Patriot Act and NDAA), I would advise people to avoid such discussions.  Besides, you never know when some nut job is going to read what you wrote and decide that you were giving them a direct order.

Dan Adler – Korean Jew

Posted by Troy on 13th May 2011 in Political

I couldn’t not post about this.  Even though it’s Entertainment Friday…

Check out this video:

Dan Adler is running for Congress in California.  He is apparently reaching out to the Asian demographic.  The ad is laughable on several different levels.  However, I have some sympathy for the guy.  I have a feeling that his wife may have suggested the tactic, and I’m sure it was a well intentioned suggestion.

Sadly, this ad is very typical of the Democrat point of view.  The Democrats represent all the minorities and the minorities should vote Democrat simply because they are a minority.  This is called identity politics.  The sad thing about identity politics is that it erases the individual identity and treats everyone as though they are clones.

Never vote for an identity politic.  Vote for the person who best represents your views and beliefs.  If that is Democrat, fine.  If it’s Republican, fine.  But always vote based upon what you believe and not what a politician tells you that your group should believe.