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Left Derangement and Impeachment Impossibilities

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2017 in Current Events, Political

The Left has come completely unhinged.

First, let’s talk about Trump “leaking classified information to the Russian Ambassador.”  This is actually impossible.  The President can declassify anything at any time.  He just CAN.  There’s nothing that can be done with it.  If he leaked the nuclear codes, I’m upset.  So what did he leak?  He leaked the city that the information was cleaned where ISIS is located.  The vast majority of Americans say “Meh.”  In fact, this seems reasonable.  He is trying to get Russia to aid in the fight against ISIS.  Doesn’t it seem reasonable that he might share such information as LOCATION with the forces he is trying to solicit aid from?  I just don’t see how this is a big deal.

Second, let’s talk about Comey saying that Trump tried to shut down the case against Flynn.  What did Trump say?  ”I hope you can let this go.  He’s a good man, and I hope you can let this go.”  That’s pretty innocuous.  Close doesn’t count here.  There was no veiled threat.  It would be different if Trump had said, “I hope you can let this go…it would be a shame if you lost your job because of it.”  Okay, well, that’s a threat.  The other is conveyance of your desires.  There was no promise of reward or punishment.  Once more…there are only two options: either Comey didn’t think it was obstruction at the time (in which case, he is being a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum because he was fired) or he held this back to blackmail the President.  In either case, he tarnishes his character and his testimony.  As such, the only conclusion that I can reach is that Trump was merely conveying a hope and his support to his friend and supporter.  Again…the vast majority of Americans would say  ”Meh.”

So let’s finally talk about impeachment impossibilities.  Dude…have ya read the Constitution?  The House of Representatives has to vote for impeachment.  Very unlikely given the fact that the Republicans are in a majority.  It would then go to the Senate for trial, which would be unlikely as the Republicans are in power there.

This obsession is going to backfire.  Democrats are appearing to be foaming at the mouth.  If every day the Democrats scream the sky is falling, it won’t take long before people stop listening.  Why?  Because the sky hasn’t fallen.

Here is the truth.  If the economy is going gangbusters in 3 years, Trump will win.  If the economy crashes or remains stagnant, he will lose.  If anything, the Democrats should want Trump to stay as President.  If he is impeached, Pence takes over.  Trump is better for ratings.  He is better for fund-raising.  He is also willing to negotiate.  Pence would eat them alive.

Long Live the Constitution!

Nice Terrorist Attack

Posted by Troy on 14th July 2016 in Current Events

That’s Nice, France (pronounced Niece – seriously, I’m not a bloody troll).

I just have to ask: How much more will Europe take?

The Washington Post recently reported the upward estimate of women molested during New Year’s Eve last year to over 2,000 German women.  Then there was the Paris attack.  In both cases, the ruling class has said that they will not allow these dastardly attacks to stop them from brining in Syrian refugees.

I have to ask, what would it take?  Clearly, the leadership in these countries must be fans of the European Union.  As such, they love the idea of different cultures running roughshod over all of Europe, erasing national identity.  This is the reason why Britain left.

Of course, if you were a complete cynic, you would say that the reason why European leaders (and ours) love the refugees is that it is an influx of dependent voters, which is a great base for Leftists (Globalists are always Leftists).  Also, it is an excuse to spy on their own people and confiscate their own people’s guns.  Isn’t that a wonderful system?  Inject a portion of society that your own people do not want and use that influx as an excuse to take way the people’s freedoms?  Isn’t it also great that these poor refugees are never going to live in the neighborhoods of the leaders?  And even if they do, the leaders will be protected by guns which are denied to their own citizens.

If you don’t think this is the case, remember San Bernardino.  Two Muslim extremists got guns and kill Americans.  The Left’s reply?  Well, let us not stop being humanitarian.  We have to keep brining in Syrian refugees.  What we really need to do is get rid of guns so that these newcomers can’t get guns.  And don’t worry…we’ll just spy on everyone using the NSA to make sure you’re safe.  But if the NSA uncovers any illegal immigrants, we won’t punish them in any way because that would be wrong.  Do you notice the pattern yet?  Are you paying attention at all?

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 24th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

I would like to congratulate our British friends for standing up to the propaganda and fear mongering and taking their country back.  I would like to point out that Obama’s speech to them in April warmed them that globalization hurts at first.  They are admitting what they are doing!

1 – We are different cultures and nations.  I want Brits to be Brits, Germans to be Germans, and Americans to be Americans.  I want our cultures to be what they are.  I don’t want them to disappear.  I like national identity.  Deep down, we all do.  If you’re in the south, you would hate for a bunch of Yankees to move into your neighborhood and start changing stuff up and vice versa.

2 – This will not affect the ability to defend against terrorism.  It might make BRITAIN more secure since they don’t have free-roaming immigrants and enforced refugees (etc) now.  If the EU is REALLY worried that Britain won’t have access to their security database…then give them access.  You can charge them a fee, make a treaty, whatever.

3 – The economic realities facing Britain are the same.  They have the same workforce, resources, supplies, and demands.  All this gloom and doom was meant to scare them back into line.  In a few weeks, things will return to pretty much the same as normal.  Britain is a good market, countries are going to want to trade with them.

4 – The EU was not a military compact.  That’s NATO, and that stays in place, and all parties have an interest in keeping it in place.  Also, the real reason we haven’t been seeing wars isn’t the EU.  It is because war has become too expensive among advanced societies.

I am very proud of Britain and it gives me hope that maybe we can turn back the tide of globalization.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bigger Threat: ISIS or America?

Posted by Troy on 8th October 2014 in Current Events, Political

Campus Reform did a segment where they walked around the campus of Harvard and asked students who was the greater threat to World Peace: ISIS or America?

Needless to say, they showed several students that said that America was the bigger threat to World Peace.  It is important to point out that this is an edited video.  There could have been hundreds of students that said ISIS.

In fairness, I think intellectual honesty demands the answer of “America.”  If you see the first guy (the one that is about to double pound two cups of coffee), you can tell that he really doesn’t want to say America, but America is a world power.  ISIS is a regional power.  If you are talking about World Peace vs Peace in the Middle East, then yes, America is the much bigger threat.  We could go off our rocker and attack China and Russia tomorrow and bam!  We have World War III.

Then there is the British girl.  I find it interesting that no one ever questions the “Why?” of anything.  She says we have destabilized the Middle East to protect our oil interests.  Just historically speaking, when has the Middle East EVER been stable?  They’re like your bipolar cousin that refuses to take their medication.  I doubt it will ever improve, honestly.  Do you think we got involved over there “just because?”  We can argue about the wisdom of getting involved long-term as opposed to taking market approaches.  However, doing so neglects history.  The Germans took over the Russian oil fields and tried to take the Middle East ones as well.  Had they succeeded, the Germans probably could have won the war.  This realization is probably what spurred our involvement in that messed up part of the world.  If the Middle East ever fell into our enemies hands (be it Muslim fundamentalists or dictators that allied themselves with our enemies), then we have a real problem (as would the rest of the free world).  Unfortunately, our short-term alliances with dictators led to the long-term hatred by the populaces of these places.  That being said, they probably would have hated us anyway, but that’s up for debate and discussion.  Again, we have never been popular in that part of the world and probably never will be.

I say that America is the greater threat to World Peace, but, for the last seventy years, we have also been the greatest force for World Peace.  Without the United States (and nuclear weapons), China and Russia would have tried to use their vast militaries to claim additional territory.  If they had the upper hand the way we did, the history of the world would have been much different.

Finally, no country or group is the greatest threat to World Peace.  The greatest threat to World Peace comes from human nature.  There never has been “World Peace,” and there never will be.  On the upside, democratic countries rarely go to war with each other.  This is the principle behind nation building in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The belief is that it is impossible to keep public support for any unnecessary war.  The common people rarely demand war, and will often vote out politicians that vote for war.  This is because it is the voters and their children who are on the front lines, fighting and dying.  As such, they are not going to support a war unless it is absolutely necessary.  Tyrants and dictators, on the other hand, maintain their power through fear and the strength of their military.  As such, they don’t care about public support.  This allows them to cave in to their darker desires and wreak havoc on the world stage.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Plan for ISIS

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2014 in Current Events, Political

Wow.  What can you say about this?  Basically, he is too afraid that people will say that he put us in another war.  I hate to say it, but he has no qualities that are necessary in a Commander in Chief.  He is also trying to use the War Authorization Act so that he doesn’t have to ask Congress for approval.  That’s interesting in itself as I am sure that the Republicans would go along with him on attacking ISIS.  I’m guessing that he doesn’t want to have to make Democrats vote on it: if they vote for it, their base deserts them, but the majority of Americans want something done.  How do Democrats survive elections?  They always have to delay their votes on issues until after the election because how they would vote would piss off their voters.  Who keeps electing these people?

I’m all for airstrikes, but if we are not willing to put “boots on the ground,” we shouldn’t do it.  Basically, if you are not willing to go “total war” on someone, ruling out nothing, even nuclear strikes if that’s what it takes, you should not go to war.  That being said, nuclear strikes are not necessary.  I’m just saying, every war should be approached with the “we are going to win this, hard!” mentality.  I am not a fan of doing something useless for the sake of saying that we did something.  It is a sign of a failing country when they start using mercenaries and troops from other nations to try to fight their battles (see Rome).  The other problem is, “Who is going to follow us?”  We look stupid.  “These people are dangerous.  We need to do something.  We need other countries to step up and put troops on the ground, but we don’t care enough about it to put our own troops at risk.”  How does that inspire confidence?  This is why even long-time, trusted allies like Britain are saying, “Yeah…no thank you.”

For my part, I think “let’s go ahead and wipe these guys out.”  We went into a World War over 119 US citizens killed on a ship.  We have a massed foe that we can kill with relative ease.  Go in, destroy them.  It breaks their allure if you show to the Muslim world that this ISIS army of a few thousand is little more than a mosquito to be swatted.  Don’t do it, and it will grow.  They may take over the governments of Iraq and Syria, and then you have a real problem.

Right now we have a President that cares more about election polls than doing what his office and duties demand.  That’s the real danger.

Long Live the Constitution!