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On the Eve of the Obamacare Decision

Posted by Troy on 27th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

You do not have the right to healthcare.  You do not have the right to a home.  You do not have the right to food.  You do not have the right to anything that you cannot afford.  If that sounds harsh and unfair, so be it, but it is true.  You only have the right to have the ability to buy these services and possessions.  All the things you have the right to are free: speech, thought, religion, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, to protect yourself, to equal treatment under the law, to a trial by jury, and the like.

To those people who like Obamacare because of the pre-existing conditions, they are going to charge you dearly for this insurance.  As such, you will not buy the insurance anyway and will pay the penalty.  You will then buy the insurance when you need treatment and will drop it as soon as you no longer need treatment, and this will cause insurance rates for everyone to jump, and then everyone will do exactly what you are doing, and then the insurance companies will go bankrupt, and then the real fun begins when the government steps in to save us.  Read 2084.

If you want to solve the issues with pre-existing conditions, how about this: If you buy insurance before age 25, the insurance companies cannot deny you coverage.  As long as you stay current with your premiums, they cannot kick you out.  We can even make a rule that they cannot charge people more than 125% of the average premium to prevent people from being priced out of the market.  We can even put more responsibility to the insured and state that these restrictions only apply if they remain non-smokers, do not use illegal drugs, and maintain a BMI under 30.  Hell, that would solve a lot of problems right there.

I am a fan of doing away with insurance altogether.  I think that insurance severs the link between the patient and the bill.  This leads to insane choices.  If you had to pony up $90,000 for a knee replacement, you might choose to buy a $50 cane instead–particularly if you are near the end of your life and would rather your kids have $90,000 more when you die.  This would lead to chaos for five to ten years, but this would end up solving most of our problems with “health care.”

May the whole thing be overturned.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obamacare – Day 3

Posted by Troy on 28th March 2012 in Current Events, Political

Today was the last hearing on Obamacare before the Supreme Court.  Today’s topic was the severability.  If the individual mandate is shot down, can Obamacare survive without the individual mandate?

You may remember that, when it was passed, it was pointed out that it did not have a severability clause.  Many on Obama’s staff urged him to include a severability clause.  However, at the time, he declined to do so.  At the time, he said that the bill could not stand without the individual mandate as it was the funding mechanism.  Of course, now they are saying that it could be severed.

I like it when one justice invoked the Eight Amendment and said there was no way they were going to go through a 2,700 page documents and pick out which pieces could stay and which ones would not.

I will boldly predict that it will be a 5 to 4 vote.  Two of the Liberal judges were appointed by Obama, and one of those worked on the Healthcare Act directly (Kegan).  Gingsburg thinks the US Constitution is outdated.  Basically, the Leftist judges really didn’t care what The individual mandate will be thrown out, and the rest of the bill will be thrown out due to a lack of severability.  All the Democrats that sold their souls to the Party to pass it an and lost their jobs because of it will have destroyed their careers for naught.

Long Live the Constitution!