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In Defense of Trump’s Judge Comments

Posted by Troy on 7th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

Everyone’s on Trump’s case regarding stating that the judge in his Trump University case is bias because he’s Mexican.

If you say, “He was born in Indiana,” I really don’t care.  I know plenty of Americans that friggin’ hate America and are prouder of their “heritage” than they are of America.  That’s one thing I love the about the South.  We’re not Irish or Italian or anything else.  We’re Southern or American.  Period.  Is it possible that this judge is more proud of his Mexican heritage?  Is it possible that he sympathizes with illegal aliens and harbors a dislike for Trump?  He is a member of La Raza after all.  Totally possible.  If Trump feels that the judge is not presiding over the case impartially, does he not have the right to say so?

Let’s play another game.  What about when blacks complained that white judges in the Jim Crow South did not treat them fairly?  They were criticizing a judge!  They were saying that race prevented them from being impartial.  “Oh…well…that’s different!!!!”  Yeah yeah…

What about all these Black Lives Matter people that claim that white cops do not enforce the law impartially?  “Oh…well…that’s different!!!!!”  Yeah yeah…

If Trump truly believes that he’s not getting a fair shake from this judge, he has every right to levy such a charge.  It isn’t racist to wonder if someone’s background is preventing them from hearing a case fairly.  If a black man can voice such a thing about white cops or white judges, then Trump is free to do so regarding a Mexican judge.  Period.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why I’m Glad Trump Won

Posted by Troy on 3rd May 2016 in Current Events, Political

The Democratic process is clearly fixed.  With their super-delegate process, there was no way Hillary was ever not going to be the nominee.  The reason why I am glad Trump won is that his winning proved that the establishment cannot override the will of the people.  The people chose Trump.  Win or lose, the Republicans will get to go into the election with their candidate.  Also, it will be fun to watch this election.  Unlike past Republican candidates, Trump doesn’t care about looking “nice” or being liked.  He is going to go after Hillary to the max.  He is going to FIGHT.  Anyone that is signing over the election to Hillary now is kidding themselves.  He is going to destroy her.  He is going to point out every flip flop, every lie, every time she’s been phony.  He is going to go after that e-mail server big time.  He is going to pull out Benghazi.  She’s going to say, “These matters have been settled!”  But unlike every other Republican, he’s NOT GOING TO CARE, and he is just going to hammer her over and over and over and over and over again.

This is going to be fun to watch.

Long Live the Constitution!

Odds are Lugar’s Defeat is None of Your Business

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2012 in Political

Poor Lugar.  Defeated unjustly!  Oh, how foolish of Republicans to bow to the Tea Party.  This surely means that the Republicans will lose everything.

Isn’t it funny how people who are not Republicans are so concerned about the future of the Republican party?

Why is it so important that Republicans have people that reach across the aisle, but it’s okay if Democrats do not compromise?

The fact of the matter is that most of this criticism is coming from outside of Indiana.  As such, they have no business in who the Indiana Senator is.  I despise Nancy Pelosi for so many different reasons, but she is a good Representative of her people.  They adore her.  I can only assume that her district is as wacked out as she is, but she represents THEM, not ME.  Ergo, she should continue to win re-election.

Obviously, Lugar was not representing the Republicans of his district, and thus he was defeated.  It could have been his vote banning “assault” (really cool looking) weapons, his vote for the Brady Bill, his vote for gun lock requirements, his vote to hold gun manufactures responsible for gun deaths, his vote against concealed weapon laws, his vote for amnesty, his vote for the Dream Act, his vote to allow illegal workers the right to receive Social Security, his confirmation of Ginsburg (who believes South Africa’s Constitution is great and ours is a relic) or Sotomayer (who is a proponent of judicial activism and social justice through the court system) or Kagan (who was Obama’s Solicitor General), his votes for unreasonable energy standards (as though you can legislate technological advances) which will cost American companies fortunes in R&D that might not pan out and cause our products to be more expensive, his commitment of climate change (which many do not believe is man-made), his support of cap and trade (which is a method of global socialism more than anything),  his votes for TARP or the auto bailouts, his insane START treaty support, his support of the Law of the Sea Treaty, or his refusal to repeal Obamacare.  I don’t know.  I’m sure they have their reasons.

Senators do not have tenure.  They don’t get to keep their job regardless of their actions and votes.  He voted for these things, and he was held accountable.  Maybe Mourdock will win, maybe he will lose.  Personally, I see no point in electing someone who is willing to sell out our national sovereignty to international organizations.  I don’t think the Democrat could be much worse.  Regardless, once a Senator or Representative stops representing the interest of his people, it is time for them to be replaced.

Long Live the Constitution!

Gestapo – Indiana revokes Fourth Amendment

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2011 in Current Events, Political,0,6950521.story

It would appear that the Indiana Supreme Court has completely overturned the Fourth Amendment.  Now a cop can enter your home for any or no reason, and you have no right to refuse him.  I should suppose that it also gives them the right to go through all your stuff and your computer too.  I might have to become a cop and move up to Indiana.  Let’s take it one step further…if a cop enters your home and your wife is in the shower, does the cop have the right to go into the bathroom and watch her shower?

Okay, here’s what I advocate.  Screw the Indiana Supreme Court.  Ask the cop: “Do you have a warrant.”  If they say, “No,” the appropriate response would be: “Then you cannot search this house because of my Fourth Amendment rights.  Are you prepared to kill me to deny me my Fourth Amendment rights?  Because I am prepared to die to defend them.”

We have to draw a line.

Long Live the Constitution!