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Hyper-Inflation Boogie Man

Posted by Troy on 25th April 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Glenn Beck is always screaming about how the printing of so much paper money means we are inevitably going to wind up like Germany in the 1930′s.  While it is true that printing paper money pretty much necessitates that we are going to see inflation, the extent of that inflation is unknown.  Also, I would like to point out a few things:  Germany is still there.  We will be too.  The world is not going to end.  In fact, America having hyper-inflation is much safer than 1930′s Germany.  We’re not going to try to take over the world, even if Trump is elected.  Also, if inflation hits, our currency might be weak against other currencies, but the Chinese yuan is pretty much worthless compared to a lot of currencies, and currently that’s the economy everyone’s afraid of (undeservingly so).  The fact of the matter is that we are struggling on the world market due to minimum wage jobs which forced all manufacturing jobs elsewhere.  Inflation will counter that and get us back to where we can compete somewhat on price.  Finally, we could benefit from some hard times.  We need to learn the value of resilience and hard work and helping one another as we have grown soft, dumb, and lazy.  All we really need to worry about is worrying about hyper-inflation and panicking about it.