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Further Debate Analysis

Posted by Troy on 23rd October 2012 in Entertainment, Political

I nearly forgot!  Let’s talk about Obama’s “We gotta get all the Middle East to appreciate women’s rights and have tolerance for religious minorities.”  First, good luck with that, buddy boy!  Second, Obama lives in a world of self-contradiction.  He talks about how we are arrogant and try to force people to give up their culture and stuff like that, but then he makes this claim.  Love it or hate it, but the Muslim religion is never going to be concerned about equal rights for women.  If you try to force it on them, we come off as the Great Satan as we are trying to destroy Muslim culture.  This leads to more suicide bombings.

Fact:  The Middle East is a screwed up section of the world.  It has been since the dawn of time, and it will be until the end of time.  You are never going to fix it.  No one is.  Ron Paul is right.  Get out of there and let them do whatever it is they’re going to do.  It’s that or fight an endless war.

I also want to talk about Obama’s zinger.  Hannity, bless his heart, tried to prop up the comment by saying that we still use horses in Afghanistan and still use bayonets.  This looks like such a petty argument.  Give Obama credit for a good zinger.  Sadly, zingers often have more credit than a well thought out discussion.  Yes, aircraft carriers are powerful, but do you know what they’re called without destroyers and other ships supporting them?  Sitting ducks.  China is ramping up their navy, and our Navy claims to need more ships.  The 1917 remark is merely for theatrics.  The reality is that the Navy thinks they are too weak to handle the task at hand.  So the question is this: is that true or is it not?  Of course, the Navy is going to say they need more funding.  The nature of every part of the government is to try to get more and more funding.  We need to assess our strength compared to the job at hand.  I believe in being able to fight two engagements at one time.  This is to ensure that if we get into an actual war with, say, China, we can still defend the homeland should Russia try to take advantage of our military being tied up in another conflict.

Long Live the Constitution!