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Protesting Trump is LARPing for Liberals

Posted by Troy on 21st January 2017 in Current Events, Political

In LARPing, otherwise normal people (typically guys) dress up as warriors and wizards and fight a giant cardboard box box that’s a “dragon.”  This gives them the opportunity to pretend that they are powerful and brave without endangering themselves because the dragon isn’t a real dragon.  You can tell it’s not a real dragon by the fact that the dragon didn’t kill them.

I realize now that the same thing is going on with Trump.  Trump, according to Liberals, is if Hitler and Satan had a child.  So, Trump is a Nazi.  Trump is Hitler.  The so-brave liberals show up and protest Trump.  This leads them to feel powerful and brave without endangering themselves because Trump isn’t Hitler.  You can tell he’s not Hitler because Hitler would have killed them all.

Let’s be frank.  If Trump was Hitler, then liberals had best pray for rednecks.  It would be up to the rednecks to overthrow such a regime.  Just saying.  These protesters would be nowhere to be seen.

The Left and the Media is doing everything in their power to twist everything that Trump does and says–which is what they’ve been doing since the beginning.  Then you have protesters burning the American flag and smashing windows and beating people up.  You think this is going to win people over to your side?

Let’s examine the whole Hitler reference.

Hitler was a rebel-rouser.  Trump ran a billion-dollar company.  Obama was a community organizer.  Who sounds more like Hitler?

Hitler claimed pollution was the biggest threat.  Who does that sound more like?

Nazis burned down a bar and blamed the opposition.  Think of all the faked hate crimes.

Nazis had a gun ban (with a gun registry to start).

Nazis gave nationalized healthcare.

Nazis had guaranteed work.

Nazis had guaranteed, state-paid vacations.

Obama wanted a domestic security force as strong and as well-funded as the US Military.

Obama wanted compulsory volunteering (oxymoron).

The Left worried that Trump wouldn’t accept the election results.  After they lost, they refused to accept the election results.

They worried Trump supporters would riot and turn to violence.  The Left is the one that turned to rioting and violence.  My God!  Could you imagine if a bunch of Republicans showed up at the Obama inauguration and beat the hell out of his supporters?  What if a bunch of white kids kidnapped a special needs black child and beat the snot out of him?  The Left would have lost their minds.  Instead, what we here is “Well, we’re here to protest, and while I don’t approve of what they did, I can understand why they did beat the shit out of Trump supporters.”

The Left complains about fake news…but then actively creates fake news to smear Trump.

At some point… dawg, look in a friggin’ mirror.

Trump is not Hitler.

You are not a level 18 Red Wizard.  You’re just someone throwing a temper tantrum.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama the Most Anti-Semitic President in the Modern Era

Posted by Troy on 19th May 2011 in Current Events

What is with Obama on Israel?  The fact of the matter is, Israel was attacked in 1967.  They defended themselves, and to the victor goes the spoils.  If they had lost, do you think their enemies would consider, even for a moment, giving Israel back their land?  Hell no. 

Obama is doing to the Muslim extremists what Europe did with Hitler: Appeasement.  Let’s be frank.  If Israel gave back the land, do you think Palestinians and the surrounding countries would decide that “Hey, Israel’s alright, I tell ya what.”  Nah…they would probably say, “Israel is weak, and America has turned their back on them.  Now is the time.”

Personally, I believe Obama is a big picture person.  He believes, like many others, that the Middle East is a hell hole because Israel exists.  In the long run, he believes that there would be peace if Israel was wiped off the map.  Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.   I actually don’t think he’s anti-semitic.  He acts that way, but he has nothing against the Jews other than the fact that their mere existence destabilizes the region.  Of course, he would do well to read some history.  That area of the world has always been hot.  It will probably always be that way until humans are extinct.