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Gun Control and Hollywood

Posted by Troy on 31st December 2012 in Current Events, Political

This guy does a great job of depicting what bloody hypocrites these Hollywood types are.  The average Hollywood A-lister is basically little more than a child.  They are enveloped in a cocoon of riches and well wishers and the belief that they are somehow morally superior to everyone else–even they do blow all their cash on diamonds and cars and travelling and fancy food that they could feed millions of starving children with.  They are immune to the violence of the streets as they either have their own body guards, receive protection at taxpayer’s expense where ever they go, or have security provided by the owners of the establishments they frequent.  Naturally, no one else needs a gun because THEY don’t need a gun.  Meanwhile, they see no harm in making money off guns and violence.

I see no outrage at the movie industry for showing our kids violence like Saw and other movies.  No problems there.  Nothing to worry about.  I’m sure there’s no effect on the human psyche of viewing such trash.  I bet if you could transport someone from the 1930′s and show them a modern movie, they would probably vomit.  Same thing with music and music videos.  I’m sure listening to gansta rap in their early teens and seeing that lifestyle consist of juicy girls like the videos depict also have no effect on the youth and make them think living to die young is soooooo cool.

I hate to say it, but how terrible is it that I have to fight the urge to laugh out loud at a public service announcement that is regarding dead children?!  The worst part is watching all of them pretend to care with that fake “catch my sob in the back of my throat” or “see how much I care?  Look at my eyebrows!”  It’s such a joke.  I’m sure they feel bad.  But they feel bad in the same way that I feel bad that there are millions of children starving to death.  Likewise they feel bad about all those starving children…but not enough to give up their beach house in Malibu and live in a trailer.

There are always going to be crazy people.  They will do acts of evil in a myriad of ways.  This particular evil person was different in that he targeted children, something that is basically unheard of.  However, if you go back through history and see that the forced execution of millions of people begins with an effort to disarm them, you have to pay heed.  This was a tragedy, but I am not willing to give up my rights because a few people (even if they are children) died.  Likewise, we could play this game all day long.  A drunk driver hits a bus and causes an accident killing 50 children.  Would you make booze or cars illegal?  What about freedom of speech because these movies lead to murder?  What if we had a Clockwork Orange situation?  What if we could prevent anyone from dying wrongfully if we merely brainwash them from birth and keep constant surveillance on them?  Actually, that was a major point of my novel, 2084, now available on  Check it out!

Long Live the Constitution!

Connecticut Massacre

Posted by Troy on 14th December 2012 in Current Events

It is rare that I would use the word massacre, but it is fitting.  When a grown man slaughters defenseless children, what else could it be called?

First, let me say that there is nothing more painful than what those parents are going through.  Throughout the animal kingdom, we are programmed with an overwhelming need to protect our young.  I should imagine it feels as though their hearts have literally been ripped from their heart.  Nothing could be so terrible.

Some would say it is too soon to defend gun rights in the wake of this tragedy.  Unfortunately, those same people that would say that are the same ones that are using this tragedy to push for gun control measures while we are still on the heels of this tragedy.

This was a monstrous act by an evil man.  There are reports that say that one of the dead teachers at the school was his mother.  While I do not condone it, matricide does make some sort of sense.  The two could have hated one another.  There could be molestation or other issues involved.  However, he targeted the kids on purpose.  This wasn’t one or two kids getting killed as he gunned down his mother.  This was him wanting to kill kids.  As such, this is an issue of methodology.  Timothy McVeigh killed 19 kids using a bomb.  The US Government caused the deaths of over 20 using siege equipment at Waco (not to mention all the collateral damage using bombs, etc).  My point?  That this guy could have devised a way of killing just as many using something other than a gun.  If the President moves to re-enact the “assault” weapons ban, do you really think the outcome would have been better if he used a 12 gauge shotgun?  A .223 is a good weapon for distance shooting.  In these circumstances, I would argue the death count would have been even higher if he had used a shotgun.

If we want to put an end to these tragedies, gun laws are not the answer.  Instead, we need to look at drugs.  We need to look a the breakdown of the moral fiber of our society.  We need to look at the filth we call entertainment.  We need to talk about the breakdown of the American family.  Check this guy’s Amazon account.  I guarantee he was watching violent movies or listening to violent music or playing violent video games, but we can’t talk about that.  Right?  We can only deal with the symptoms, not the cause.

My heart goes out to all those parents.  That is all I can say.

Long Live the Constitution, and may their souls rest in peace in Heaven.