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Rahm Emanuel – Fascist

Posted by Troy on 25th January 2013 in Political

I’ve said it before, but now there is proof.  Rahm is asking banks to pressure gun manufacturers to go along with “common sense” gun control by cutting them off from funds if they do not comply.  Okay, this is what happens under Fascism.  You play ball, or you starve.  Could you imagine if bankers tried that against the labor unions?  What if they did it against people for promoting gay marriage?  I could do this all day.  The banks have no right to deny someone a loan because of their political, religious, or any other belief.  If you think otherwise, think how you would feel if you couldn’t get a mortgage because of who you voted for?  In Communist Russia, if you didn’t toe the party line, you didn’t eat.  This is the same thing.  Extortion.  Nothing else.

Long Live the Constitution!

At least he’s consistent

Posted by Troy on 17th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

On 9/11, a small group of Muslims hijacked a plane and killed 3,000 people.  Rather than focus on targeting likely terrorists or doing behavioral profiling or anything of the sort, we decided to infringe on everybody’s freedom of privacy.  Instead of being unfair to a small group, we will be unfair to everyone, and that is fair.  Now a man used a gun to kill 20 children.  Do we punish that one guy?  Do we try to target those individuals who are likely do do something like this?  Or do we be unfair to everyone by making harder for everyone to get a gun?  Fair is fair!  For the wrongs of one man, let us sacrifice our rights to the greater good!  For the collective!  Proletarians unite!

Long Live the Constitution!

Warning Signs of Fascist Totalitarianism

Posted by Troy on 16th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Here’s a couple of warning signs of fascist totalitarianism.  Totalitarianists love to use little children to push their agenda.  This is because seeing children ramps up the emotional side of us and defeats our rational thought.  We will agree to destroy our freedoms to “protect the children” which represents the future.  However, these are false promises.  All that happens is we give up our own freedoms and rob our children the right to enjoy those freedoms.

That brings us to the second issue.  New York is forcing law abiding citizens to register their “assault weapons.”  If they do not renew this registration every five years, it becomes a felony.  Yeah, no one has forgotten to renew their driver’s license, and that’s something that they use daily.  I wonder if criminals are going to bother registering their weapons.  Nope?  Then, again, this is just a law that penalizes the law abiding citizens, and to what end?  In history, registration of guns always leads to confiscation which leads to mass graves (Germany, Russia, China).

No lives are going to be saved by any of these measures that the President took.  If you banned all assault weapons, criminals will just use whatever weapon they can find.  A shotgun will kill ya just as good as an AR-15 any day and twice on Sundays.  Making doctors tattle on their patients will have the possible side-effect of preventing these people from seeking help in the first place.  Doctors have an obligation to notify police if they feel their patients pose a real threat to someone.  Right now, I’m recommending that people lie to their doctors and tell them that they do not own a gun if they are asked.

I’m sick of how this President operates.  Mark my words, when they start marching out kids that have been coached by party liners to advance the agenda, there’s trouble brewing.  Don’t be fooled.  Let’s let our kids be kids, and we’ll be grown-ups and actually deal with the problem.  If you ask a kid, they might tell you we should end homelessness by giving everyone a house.  Kids aren’t equipped to solve grown-up problems.  However, I can understand why Obama would want to surround himself with children.  It must feel like a Democratic National Convention.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama to Use Kids in His Plea for Gun Control

Posted by Troy on 15th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

From the mouth of babes.

Obama is going to use kids that wrote him letters regarding gun violence as a backdrop for his push for gun control.  Gee, I wonder if these kids were put up to this by their parents.  Just a hunch there, but from the mouth of babes, as they say.

Actually, no.  How about this: lets let children be children, and we adults will talk about stuff and come up with solutions.  How does that sound?  Obama is trying to manipulate people to get his way.  These kids are just a prop, and it is disgusting to see him use children this way.  I still maintain that the Left’s first thought after Newtown was, “Alright!  Now we can get gun control…finally!  Oh…yeah, and those poor kids, you know…”

The thought that banning assault rifles or large clips will stop this is asinine.  If the shooter couldn’t get an AR-15, he would have used a shotgun, or two pistols, or a .22 rifle (also comes with large capacity magazines), order large magazines online from overseas, or any other number of solutions.  This is why the end result of all gun control must be the banning (including confiscation) of all guns (except for possibly single shot muzzle loaders or something) because to do otherwise is absolutely meaningless.

Long Live the Constitution!

Texas Representative Steve Stockman Threatens Obama with Impeachment

Posted by Troy on 14th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

He must read Swampfoxpress!  Thank you Steve Stockman!  Yes, when a President attempts to curtail a right guaranteed by the bill of rights (in this case, gun control) by Executive Order (bypassing all other branches of government all together), then we have a dictator.  Not even the combined powers of government can legitimately take away our rights.  That has to be done by a Constitutional amendment, but when one person does it, he is a dictator and an enemy of the state and cannot be trusted in the office of the President.  Of course, anyone voting for impeachment will be branded instantly as a racist.  Oh well.

Long Live the Constitution!

Proposed Unconstitutional Moves

Posted by Troy on 9th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

In response to the issues facing us today, some people are proposing broad, unrestrained, executive power as the solution.  In layman’s terms, turning the President into a dictator.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1)  For the debt limit – Let’s just mint a one trillion dollar platinum coin.  This would be used to pay off the debt.  Wow, yeah, the rest of the world couldn’t figure out that this is the same as printing one trillion more dollar bills and paying off debt, monetizing the debt.  Peachy.

2)  For the debt limit – Give the President the power under the Fourteenth Amendment to raise the debt limit as he sees fit.  I still don’t understand what interpretation supports this.  Congress has control over all spending.  That includes the debt limit.

3) Gun control – Use some sort of executive order to work around Congress to counter a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Here’s an answer to all of these tactics.  If he uses any of these tactics, he is acting in direct opposition to the Constitution.  All of these issues are meant to be addressed by the three co-equal branches of government.  Laws are meant to be written and passed by the Legislative Branch, signed into law and enforced by the Executive Branch, and interpreted by the Judicial Branch.  When one branch takes it upon themselves to make, interpret, and enforce the laws, that is the act of a dictator, and he MUST be impeached.  Of course, people are too chicken to say it.  He could burn the Constitution on live TV, and anyone calling for his impeachment would be called a racist extremist.  Oh well, huh?

Long Live the Constitution!

The Reason for Owning Arms

Posted by Troy on 8th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Someone recently sent me an article about the pros and cons of gun control.  While I could argue most all of his points, there is one in particular I would like to discuss.  He finds the concept of the original intent of the Second Amendment, that of defending ourselves against an oppressive government, laughable.  And this is where he is wrong.  As it is pointed out in Federalist Paper 46, the largest military a country can maintain is about 1/25th of those capable of bearing arms.  This means that the odds against the military are 1 to 24.  Of that, yes, they have tanks, but the French and the Russians have shown that people can improvise anti-tank weapons.  There is another psychological factor.  You see, it is easy for a military to oppress their fellow citizens when they are not shooting back.  It might give them a bad taste in their mouth, but they will suffer through.  When those same people are shooting at them and forcing the soldiers to shoot back and kill their fellow citizen, the more likely they are to turn on the government that hired them.  Query, if Obama ordered the military to open fire on citizens, do you think the military would be more prone to fight their fellow citizen or act to remove the President from office via force?  Would they they choose to massacre hundreds of thousands for the sake one one man?  Or would they kill that one man?  Without guns though, the military can just show up with tanks and guns, and everyone would be too afraid to do anything to them.  Oppression sets in, and that’s the end.  If the people of Syria and Egypt and Libya can overthrow governments that are willing to slaughter them, I think we stand a fighting chance too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Five Gallon Bucket Control – Responsible, Common Sense Bucket Control

Posted by Troy on 8th January 2013 in Political

Did you know that 20 children drown in 5 gallon buckets each year?  I call “enough!”  Why is it that we live in such a country where people believe that it is their RIGHT to own a five gallon bucket?  The plastic technology that exists today allows for the proliferation of five gallon buckets in such a way that the Founding Fathers would not have foreseen.  They also probably assumed that parents would be attentive of their children.  Of course, the pro-five gallon bucket lobby would have you believe that parents should be responsible for their children and such deaths are merely accidents while denying the blood on their hands as they get rich selling these instruments of toddler death to the public.  They are so greedy that they actually sell these buckets as containers for other goods, thus forcing these death devices upon people who didn’t even want a five gallon bucket!  This must end now!  I will require funds, of course, to battle their lobby.  Please send me your donations made out to “Cash.”  Thank you.

We could save the same number of kids that died at Sandy Hook EVERY YEAR by outlawing these things.  I believe in the right to transport water from one location to another, but we need common sense bucket control to balance our individual rights and public safety.

Long Live the Constitution!

Assault Weapons Bans are Useless and Liability Protection for Gun Manufacturers

Posted by Troy on 19th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

They say 62% of Americans are for the banning of assault weapons.  Quick question:  Why?  We had one.  Do you know why we don’t have one anymore?  No, the answer isn’t, “Because of the NRA.”  It’s because it didn’t reduce crime.  Do you honest to God think that a criminal is going to say, “I wanna commit a crime!  What, I can’t use an AR-15?  Oh well…I guess I’ll just attend community college, get a job, maybe meet a girl and get married and raise some kids…”  Or do you think they will say, “That’s okay.  I’ll just use this sawed off shotgun instead.”

The killer already had a gun.  This law wouldn’t have stopped him, but even if he didn’t, do you think that the result would have been better if he had used a 12 gauge?  Given the fact that the victims were in neat little rows, a few shotgun blasts would have made that room a slaughterhouse.  An AR-15 is great for a variety of purposes.  Many enthusiasts pick it or the AK-47 as the best all around gun.  However, at close quarters, there is no more devastating weapon than the 12 gauge.  Where assault weapons really shine is at mid to long (but not seriously long) range.  My point?  The gun choice is largely unimportant.  Two pistols would have had equal ammo capacity or a .22 loaded with stinger rounds would have done the job just as well given who he had chosen to target.  Outlawing one type of weapon would not have saved those kids.  Hell, he could have used a sword and cleared that room.

Finally, the Huffington Post has a story about how the families of the victims are being denied the opportunity to seek restitution…from the gun manufacturer!  Ok…why do the gun manufacturers have any liability here?  They didn’t pull the trigger.  If you want them to be on the hook, then you have to agree with the following:

1)  You can sue Ford and Jack Daniels when someone dies at the hands of a drunk driver.

2)  You can sue a Ginsu when someone is stabbed to death.

3)  You can sue Louisville Slugger when someone is bludgeoned to death.

4)  You can sue God when someone is drowned.  Hey…He made water, right?

You think all of these examples are asinine, and you should.  Why do you think differently because it’s guns?  The answer is because it is guns, and you want to get rid of them, and you will use any means necessary to do it.

Gun deaths per year: 31,000 (17,000 suicides and probably shouldn’t be counted, so 14,000 deaths)

Doctor accident deaths per year: 120,000  (funny)

Drug overdose deaths: 27,000 (maybe we should make these illegal to stop these?)

Abortions in the US this year: 1,200,000 (insane!  right?  Talk about saving children’s lives!  ha ha)

Smoking deaths: 443,000 per year

Obesity deaths: 300,000 per year (Maybe we should make McDonald’s illegal?)

Drunk driving deaths: 10,000 per year

Driving accident deaths: 33,000 per year

We could make a lotta stuff illegal and save a lot of lives.  So why don’t we get rid of all this stuff!  We can move to just public transportation (read 2084!).  Come on!  Join the club!  Drink the Kool Aid!

Think for yourselves, guys.  Think rationally and logically.

Long Live the Constitution!

Flags at half-mast

Posted by Troy on 18th December 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Okay, I’m sick of the flags flying at half-mast.  If that sounds cold and heartless, I’m sorry.  Ever since 9/11, we have been flying flags at half-mast over everything.  I remember the first “Patriot’s Day” (9/11 anniversary…this failed to stick).  They put the flag at half-mast, and I went ballistic.  I refused to put the flag at half-mast.  I wanted to run up a second pole and put that bad boy up double-mast.  The flag at half-mast is to announce the passing of a person of leadership.  It hails form the days when the fort flag would be put at half-mast to inform the soldiers and others that a leader had died.  Now it’s become a rite of mourning.  Worse yet, it has become a rite of mourning for people you didn’t even know.  I can understand someone lowering their flag when their father dies…but for Whitney Houston?  The act of lowering the flag has a depressive effect as well, depressing your spirit and making you more docile.  Not only that, but it’s being used as a weapon against us.  You see, you’re not allowed to argue.  Take for instance the Sandy Hook killings.  Flags are at half-mast.  You should be depressed.  Instead of it being a regional tragedy, it is converted to a national tragedy that we are all responsible for.  At the same time, they will immediately start pressing their agenda to ban guns.  However, if the NRA or anyone else gets out and defends individual rights and the 2nd Amendment, they would be branded as insensitive.  As such, the gun control fanatics get a jump on those who would promote individual rights in framing the debate or bullying public opinion.  ”If you’re not for gun control, you obviously want more dead children!”  The thing is that this is done at every opportunity, not just for guns.  Watch for this tactic, and you will see.

Long Live the Constitution!