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Donald Trump and the Real Threat to Women

Posted by Troy on 13th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

A billionaire that’s been around models and beauty queens for the last 40 years and hasn’t been accused of such behavior until he ran for President.  I don’t buy it.  What, he didn’t have a high enough profile as a billionaire celebrity?  He wasn’t worth going after for hush money or anything else?  Just seems unlikely.  But let just play a little game that I like the call “Let’s assume you’re right…”  I know, I know… I’m always right, and you’re always wrong, but let’s just play the game.

Let’s assume you’re right.  There is a really finite number of women Donald Trump can assault.  Given his time, schedule, etc…just very finite.  However, Hillary wishes to pull an Angela Merkel and bring in millions of refugees.  Take a few minutes and look at what’s going on in Europe right now.  There was the case of the German refugee aid worker that got raped.  She said that Germans did it because she didn’t want to spread refugee hate.  Nice.  She’d fit in with Hillary’s America.  Roaming bands of refugees molesting women on New Years.  Did you know they have them wear bracelets with “Don’t Grope” on them to remind them that it’s socially unacceptable to do so?  The rapes and sexual assault rates are up over there.  What’s the government’s response?  To tell their own people to TAKE IT.  Women…don’t dress sexy.  Accept THEIR culture so you’ll stay safer…because bringing this new underclass in benefits those in power.  What does it matter that German daughters are raped and molested?  Mere eggs for the omelets.

Hillary will take away a woman’s right to protect herself with the Second Amendment.  But don’t worry.  You’ll have the cops around to protect you, just like they protect the Clintons and other important people…no…I’m sorry.  The important people have guns and guards and gates to protect them, secluded away from the rabble trash that they view with disdain: rubes to be ruled and controlled and feared–the real reason why they want you disarmed.

Hillary will explode our debt.  Once that bubble bursts…the whole system fails.  Trump pointed out that the stock market is a bubble right now.  I was shocked to hear the truth said aloud…and it was just allowed to pass…no one wants to talk about it, about the 20 trillion dollars in debt.  When civil society fails.  When there is no more taxes and police or anything else…when we’re back to the wild west, how do you think women will fare?  If the fiat money bubble pops…and I don’t know how much further it can be pushed…if it bursts, be prepared for a world of hurt.

So, we talk and talk and talk about this over and over…because the media hates Trump and wants Hillary.  Here are some things that have been leaked in WikiLeaks of late: the media has been working with Hillary Clinton, Qatar gave Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday, Putin and Hillary hung out in his inner sanctum and she spoke very highly of him, Hillary wants open borders (yeah…cuz…so many Americans wanna go to South America to live, right?), she continually talks bad about large swaths of the populace, her campaign was in contact with the White House and Justice Department during her e-mail scandal, Hillary is pro-TTP, and so on and so on and so no…

Greg Gutfeld today chided people who are still loyal to Trump.  Here’s the thing.  I really don’t give a crap about Trump.  He’s saying things I agree with.  He is talking about putting America first, which is something I WISH our government actually did.  I am not loyal to him.  I am loyal to AMERICA.  Hillary will destroy America.  She will expand Obamacare…because a little poison didn’t work, a lot of poison sure will.  She will get us involved in more wars, and she will do so in a way where we waste our time and money without ever actually accomplishing a damn thing.  She will wreck the economy.  She will import people at such a pace that our culture will completely die.  So yeah…I’m “loyal to Trump.”  I’m not loyal to him as a person…I’m loyal to the fact that he is the only chance of actually beating Hillary Clinton.  If he would drop out, I’ll vote Pence.  If the Republicans completely drop out, I’ll vote Johnson.  If it is Hillary or Jill Stein, I’ll vote Jill Stein.  If the only two people running are Hillary and Satan, I’ll vote Satan.  They’re both dishonest, but I’d think that Satan would at least be competent.

Long Live the Constitution!

Nice Terrorist Attack

Posted by Troy on 14th July 2016 in Current Events

That’s Nice, France (pronounced Niece – seriously, I’m not a bloody troll).

I just have to ask: How much more will Europe take?

The Washington Post recently reported the upward estimate of women molested during New Year’s Eve last year to over 2,000 German women.  Then there was the Paris attack.  In both cases, the ruling class has said that they will not allow these dastardly attacks to stop them from brining in Syrian refugees.

I have to ask, what would it take?  Clearly, the leadership in these countries must be fans of the European Union.  As such, they love the idea of different cultures running roughshod over all of Europe, erasing national identity.  This is the reason why Britain left.

Of course, if you were a complete cynic, you would say that the reason why European leaders (and ours) love the refugees is that it is an influx of dependent voters, which is a great base for Leftists (Globalists are always Leftists).  Also, it is an excuse to spy on their own people and confiscate their own people’s guns.  Isn’t that a wonderful system?  Inject a portion of society that your own people do not want and use that influx as an excuse to take way the people’s freedoms?  Isn’t it also great that these poor refugees are never going to live in the neighborhoods of the leaders?  And even if they do, the leaders will be protected by guns which are denied to their own citizens.

If you don’t think this is the case, remember San Bernardino.  Two Muslim extremists got guns and kill Americans.  The Left’s reply?  Well, let us not stop being humanitarian.  We have to keep brining in Syrian refugees.  What we really need to do is get rid of guns so that these newcomers can’t get guns.  And don’t worry…we’ll just spy on everyone using the NSA to make sure you’re safe.  But if the NSA uncovers any illegal immigrants, we won’t punish them in any way because that would be wrong.  Do you notice the pattern yet?  Are you paying attention at all?

Long Live the Constitution!