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Obama and the Debt Ceiling

Posted by Troy on 5th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama stands to win on the Debt Ceiling.  We might as well just give up and vote along with him, honestly.  Obama wants to tear this country apart.  He is just as comfortable in letting us default as he is drowning us in debt.  That’s the truth.  If we default, if there is any negative effects from this grandstanding, Obama can blame the economy in 2012 on the Republicans, coast to a victory, and we are done.  We will be finished.  There will be no chance to repeal Obamacare unless the Supreme Court just throws it out.  America will have fallen.  Perhaps, after total economic collapse and repeal of Social Security and Medicare, we can come back, but that’s assuming the Chinese and Russians don’t team up and overrun the world.