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Congress Grilling FBI Director Comey

Posted by Troy on 7th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Originally, I thought that this would be a total waste of time.  However, after seeing some of the highlights: WOW.  They did as good a job of making Director Comey look as inept as Director Comey accused Hillary of being, and that is saying a lot.  I am of the impression that the NSA must know about Director Comey’s affair or him looking up dog on clown porn or some other such thing.  That’s really the only rational reason why he wouldn’t press charges.  I think the most damning line of questioning came from Jim Gordon.  He went point by point about how her actions and lies pretty much suggests that she did everything so that no one would ever have access to things she didn’t want them having access to.  I also like when someone asked if the FBI director would ever give someone with these actions security clearance.  It is SAD that he couldn’t say, “No.  I would never give someone like this security clearance after they showed such reckless incompetence or disregard to safeguarding classified materials.”  That’s how you know he’s being held hostage.  If he really thought that the issue was she was simply incompetent, he would have been free to say such a thing because there is NO WAY anyone in charge of serious security clearance would EVER give ANY clearance to someone that showed THIS level of judgement.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary’s Lying Ass

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2015 in Current Events, Political

I don’t often go into that language, but she disgusts me.  In fact, the entire Left disgusts me today.  Remember when Bill gave the “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is,” answer?  Well, that was Hillary today–occasionally smirking with that “I’m getting away with it,” smirk.  That smirk that screams, “I think I’m better than everyone else.”  That smirk is also part of the reason she is so dreadfully unlikable and why Bernie Sanders is going to beat her out.  What’s even more disgusting is that the Left is so thrilled that she’s going to “get away with it.”  Here is one undeniable fact:

She lied.  They knew it was a terrorist attack, and for over a month, they blamed a video.  Why?  Was it a matter of national security?  No.  It was to save Obama’s campaign.  How would it have looked if a terrorist attack happened on his watch in his “success story” of Libya on 9/11 after hundreds of request for additional security?  It would have sunk him.  So they rounded the wagons, and the people in the media protected him.  They withheld military intervention to keep the scale of the event as small as possible, hoping the whole thing would just pass over and everyone wouldn’t question anything.  You can’t tell me the news would have treated McCain or Bush with such kid gloves.

If you still support Hillary, there can be only one interpretation for your stance, “Look, sometimes it’s important that our politicians lie to us.  They are smarter than us, and if they have to mislead us ‘for the greater good,’ then that’s okay.  Most people are too stupid to understand things, so they should just say whatever they need to say because the ends justify the means.”  I disagree.  The world that has to be saved on a lie isn’t worth saving.

Seriously, what other interpretation can there be?  They knowingly and openly lied.  If you do not demand justice and accountability, you are for tyranny.  You just want a tyrant you agree with.

How could ANYONE trust Hillary Clinton after watching her bend the truth to the point of making it into a pretzel?

Long Live the Constitution!