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Science Deniers – The Retort to Global Warming Scientists

Posted by Troy on 4th September 2017 in Current Events, Political

After watching an interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy wherein he said that refusal to accept the “settled science” of global warming is a delusional disorder, I felt that I had to make a response.

I grew up with a love of science.  When I was five, my dad taught me things years ahead of the other kids: like how a prism works and how a laser works.  This made me feel smart in science class, and I always did well in science.  I really threw myself into science and consider it my first love, later replaced by a love of history.  I have watched science bastardized by these so-called global warming scientists.  Now, let me explain why:

1)  There should be no thing as settled science.  Science should be made stronger by questioning.  When someone brings up a challenge to a theory, the theory must be re-tested.  Variables should be isolated, examined, and conclusions reached to either disprove the theory or not.  A theory is never proven, not truly.  It merely survives round after round of testing until it is accepted as a law…until it is disproved later.  What a true scientist would never do is say, “The science is settled.  How dare you question my theory?”

2)  The scientific method is centered around trying to disprove theories.  The global warming brand of science is centered around proving their own theories.  This is evident by their cherry picking data, ignoring other data, and other such practices.

3)  Global warming science is unique in one regard: it forbids the evaluation of a variable.  How can a science be a science if you won’t consider all variables?  What’s the variable they refuse to consider?  Sun activity.  Let that soak in for just a minute.  What is the source of ALL global warming?  It is THE FRIGGIN’ SUN!  It is out there, shining, and heating the world.  If the sun were to go out, Earth would get a whole lot colder.  If it went nuts and got twice as hot or doubled in size suddenly, Earth would be burnt to a crisp.  Just on the surface, the sun’s activity seems like a very important factor.  When someone tells me that I’m not allowed to look at a piece of evidence when they are presenting their theory, I am very suspicious and assume that the evidence I am not allowed to consider would blast their theory to hell.  And that’s exactly what this piece of evidence does.  For you see, the sun has been in a high state of solar flux.  If you were to point an infrared telescope at EVERY SINGLE other planet in our solar system, you would discover that they have ALL gotten hotter.  How is that possible if humans are responsible for global warming?  So far as I know, only Earth has humans.  But there is one factor that they all have in common.  You guessed it… the sun!  What they also will not tell you is that the fossil records indicate that Earth is typically hotter and wetter than it is right now.

I have no doubt that humans contribute to climate change.  However, I do not believe that they are the main cause.  I have a feeling we are not even a major cause.  This would be like blaming your baseball cap you are wearing for the scale showing you are overweight.  It might have added some weight, but not nearly enough to categorize you as obese.  I suspect we have a relatively minor impact.

So, which one of us sounds like a science denier?

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama Saves the World

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2014 in Current Events

With a stroke of the pen, he has cut the emissions from coal power plants by 30%, thus saving the world from the catastrophe of global warming.  It is amazing that he can develop new technologies just by signing his name!  Remember how he said that his plan would necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket?  Yeah, that didn’t get enough press time, did it?  So now that he’s trying to sell us on it, he is telling us that it is going to make electricity cheaper.  Amazing!  It will increase the costs to power companies, but it is going to end up saving us money.  Seriously, this is how stupid the man thinks you are.

Our economy contracted last quarter.  Why?  The bitter cold.  It hurt that much when power was cheaper.  What will happen if power is more expensive?  We are going to burden our businesses with even more additional costs during a recession?  What will happen is that even more manufacturing jobs will close down and move to India and China, which have way worse pollution standards.  As such, these standards will only increase our unemployment, increase global pollution, and make destructive powers like China richer, feeding their military.  Does this really sound like a great idea?

Long Live the Constitution!

Hurricane Sandy and Global Warming

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2012 in Current Events

Hurricane Sandy is the product of Global Warming.  Yes, these powerful storms are a result of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING.

Hitler would agree.  He said pollution was the #1 enemy of Germany.  I’m so glad Obama agrees.

It was a crappy level 1 hurricane.  That’s a severe storm?  Hey, idiots, you’re just not ready for hurricanes.  You build on the beach?  You build on the riverbed?  God will wipe whatever you built off the face of the planet.  That simple.  They don’t get hurricanes, and they built on the beach.  The storm surge came in and wiped them out.  How about that!  Duh.  Get a clue, morons!

In the 1960′s, a massive hurricane hit Brunswick, GA.  Know what they did?  As soon as the storm passed, they started cleaning up, removing debris.  There was no FEMA.  HOWEVER DID THEY SURVIVE?  Because they DIDN’T DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT!!!!!  They knew that they were responsible for their own homes and their own neighborhoods, their own city, and they cleaned it up.  They didn’t sit around begging for help and asking where the government was.  They got their asses to work.  Now what do they do in New Orleans and New York and New Jersey?  They cry and beg and plead.  You know what you could be doing with your time?  Cleaning the ____ up!  Get to work!  What the hell else do you have to do?

This storm was not a result of global warming.  It was a stupid level 1 hurricane that just so happened to hit a bunch of people who were completely unprepared for it and lacking the inclination and ability to deal with the aftermath after years of dumbing down and becoming useless by relying on others.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another prediction in 2084 coming true – Believe in global warming or fail school

Posted by Troy on 22nd June 2011 in Current Events

I predicted in 2084 that the Left would take over the schools and the only way to graduate and get a job would be to espouse their beliefs whole-heartedly.  What we see here is the start.  I was also interested to see that Georgia is ranked #15 in total freedom.  We lose a lot for personal freedom, but most of those lost points are for silly things such as seatbelt and helmet laws, so no biggie.  Go Georgia!