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Florida Debate

Posted by Troy on 26th January 2012 in Political

Ron Paul finally won a debate!  All of his answers were dead on right, and the crowd loved it.

Newt got his nose broken (mostly by Paul).  It was a rough night for him.

Romney also had some troubling skeletons came up.  His retort of “I don’t know what my financial adviser and campaign ads are doing,” isn’t really going to fly.

I have to say, even Santorum brought his A game and had some of the best answers of the night (behind Paul).  I think his two shining moments were talking about Honduras and how his Christianity matters (although Ron Paul’s answer was a close second).

Florida Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 23rd January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Mitt and Newt squared off in a battle royal (at least in the beginning).  I felt like Santorum and Ron Paul were largely ignored.

Romney – He did okay.  The problem for him is okay is not good enough.  You cannot try to sound eloquent and stammer.  It’s just not going to work.  If you wanna talk like Reagan, you better do a better job of it.

Newt – Newt had another solid performance with a lot of back and forth.  I think that Ron Paul did the best attack against him over him stepping down.  His weakness has been exposed though.  He is going to be attacked constantly about being a lobbyist.  I do think he did a great job turning it around on the Medicare point.

Santorum – He wasn’t given a lot of air time.  He did some good for himself in making the point that Mitt and Newt supported three of the the main policies of Obama.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get enough air time where he could actual make some ground.

Ron Paul – It was another rough night for him.  He didn’t get a lot of airtime, and people don’t often like to hear the truth.  His response to Cuba being a platform for terrorist should have been, “And perhaps if we had been trading with them, they would view us as a valuable trading partner and not want to help the terrorists because we are too important to them.”  He was also hurt on Iran again, despite everything he said being true (that a blockade is an act of war, so why are we shocked that they are threatening these types of things).  I still like him as he is the only one that promotes the Constitution.  He is right about how the Constitution would have prevented all this.

If I had to rank my preferences: Ron Paul, Clint Eastwood (landslide victory), Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and finally Mitt Romney.  Ron Paul is the only one offering any alternative to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 19th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

I think we’re finally down to the four legitimate choices.

Romney – Still playing prevent defense.  He’s trying to be Ronald Reagan with a bit of flowery speech about the soul of America, but there’s a key difference:  Reagan believed deeply in what he was saying; Romney is saying what he thinks he needs to say to get elected.

Gingrich – Started off strong and fought off attack after attack.  I also liked his step-by-step explanation on the immigration problem.  I think he has a lot of character flaws.  I also think that he would be a big government kind of guy, but he does have a lot of good ideas.  It would be entertaining to see him debate Obama.

Santorum – I just don’t know what it is about this guy.  On the issues, I think he’s fairly solid, but there’s just something about his face that makes me think, “You’re a slimy little bastard.”  I don’t know why that is.  He attacks everyone else.  I guess it’s as though he can”t raise himself up, so he just has to tear the others down.  The more I see him, the less I like him.

Ron Paul – Man, they just ignored him!  What is up with that?  The other three were so busy attacking each other that he just got left out.  I think this debate went better for him.  He’s admitting that he’s got a great message, but he’s not the best messenger, which is good and true.  Again, everything he said is true.

I believe that these four are the most electable.  I think Ron Paul would actually do better in a general election than in the primary.  However, given the nature of everything, I am hoping that the Supreme Court slaps down Obamacare.  It’s going to take a perfect run (maintain control of the House, get 60+ members in the Senate, and win the Presidency) to get rid of Obamacare.  If it stays in place, we will be doomed in short order.

Long Live the Constitution!

South Carolina Debate

Posted by Troy on 16th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Here’s my take:

Romney – Man, what a slimy guy.  His answer about his tax return says it all.  Still, it was the typical, down the middle performance full of sound bites you might expect from him at this point.

Gingrich – Who wouldn’t want to see this guy debate Obama?  I think we all enjoyed wanting him eviscerate Juan Williams.  He had a lot of cheerworthy lines and a lot of good plans throughout.

Ron Paul – He did well…except for the Osama bin Laden debacle.  I think that’s gonna cost him.  Also, suggesting that our jingoist attitude gets us in trouble isn’t popular.  I’m thinking he did himself in on this one. 

Santorum – Is it me, or is this the guy that just corrects your grammar when you argue with the guy?  He nitpicks and splits hair.  He’s kinda slimy too, in my opinion.  I’m liking him less these days. 

Perry – Ya know, he finally looks half decent, but he still deserves to be at the bottom of the barrel.  He just held up well this time because no one really paid much attention to him.  If he had the full attention again, he would crumble.

Romney Vs Paul in Virginia

Posted by Troy on 27th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

Only two people managed to get on the ballot for the GOP primary in Virginia: Romney and Ron Paul.  Gingrich is furious that such a thing has happened and has said that this is evidence that the system is broken.  Personally, I view it as a sign as to just how incompetent everyone has become.  There is no excuse for this.  The fact of the matter is that there is one single most important task of a campaign manager: to ensure that your candidate’s name is on the ballot.  If it is not, then is is highly unlikely that they will be elected, isn’t it?

I am unfamiliar with the primary rules in Virginia.  I will assume that they allow for write-in votes.  If this is the case, one of three things will happen.

1)  Mitt Romney will win.  If this happens, Ron Paul can probably pack it up.  No one likes Romney.  If he wins, that means that NOBODY likes Ron Paul and that all the commentators on Fox News are right.

2)  Ron Paul will win.  If this happens, commentators will probably point out that Romney is through.  Rather than use a Ron Paul victory as a sign of Ron Paul’s viability as a candidate, they will say that “If Romney can’t even beat Ron Paul one-on-one, this is a clear sign that the majority of Republicans do not want Romney as a candidate.”

3)  A write-in will win.  Now, if this happens, both should drop out of the race because if a write-in wins, then that surely means that both are through.

I’ve been flopping around, but I am leaning towards Ron Paul.  I believe the type of Presidency he describes is more in line with what the Founders had in mind.  Look, the President is the Commander in Chief, but I don’t think that the Founders wanted the President to launch attacks on foreign soil without Congressional approval.  Doing is is an act of WAR, and declaring war is the job of the Legislative Branch.

Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 9th November 2011 in Political

Here’s my impression of the candidates:

Santorum:  Who?  Sadly, I like what he says much of the time, but this guy is utterly forgettable.

Huntsman:  He had some good answers, but he still comes across as a politician who is willing to say whatever he needs to say to get your vote.  He is also too afraid to take a stand.

Perry:  Oh, poor Perry.  He needs to just call it quits.  When he fumbled for the third Department he would cut, it was just painful.  He is just inarticulate.  Worse than that, he has become afraid to take a stand.  He is viewing every question as a possible pitfall.

Bachman:  Bachman had some solid answers tonight, but she blends into the background.  She is close to being forgettable, and that’s not good.  She lacks the strength of presence to be President.

The top four:

Ron Paul: Ah, they refrained from having him talk about foreign politics inside national defense.  He really shone. 

Romney:  As slimy as I typically find the guy, he actually gave some really solid answers.  I still don’t trust him, but at least he’s stopped straddling every issue.

Cain:  Cain did great.  He gave some pretty strong answers on most of the questions.  He did have a couple of weaker answers, but above all, he was damn loveable.

Newt Gingrich:  Say what you will.  Every answer, a great answer.  Based solely on answers, he’s the strongest candidate.  The question is can he overcome the prejudice against him.

Huntsman hits the race

Posted by Troy on 21st June 2011 in Current Events

Yet another spineless contender.  Let’s face it.  This guy has no chance.  There is no way that Obama would appoint someone whose views differ too much than his.  Huntsman is tainted.  We need people with backbone.  So far, the only ones in the contest that fit this are Bachman and Gingrich and possibly Ron Paul, but all these candidates have issues.  I’m still holding out that Rick Perry will join in the race.  I think he will.  He’s moving that way at least.  He’s done a lot of the right things in Texas, and I think he would stand up and fight Obama and not be afraid that CBS and MSNBC and others will call him a racist because he dares to challenge Obama on his performance.