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Gays are totally losing my support

Posted by Troy on 20th April 2016 in Current Events

I’m a libertarian by nature, and I’ve always had a “I don’t care” attitude about other people’s relationships.  On the gay marriage stance, I felt that it should be left up to to the states but had nothing against it on a personal note.  But the gay community went to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court redefined marriage for the entire country and here we are.  Well…okay, so what?  You just fast forwarded 5-10 years.  Okay.

But then gays set out to be total and complete DICKS about EVERYTHING.  “I want you to bake me a cake.  If you don’t, I will sue you, I will bring the might of the government to bear on you, and I will destroy you.”  What the hell?  Yeah, that’s a way to make people accept you.  Is this vengeance?  Is it “look at me, look at me, look at me?”  Is is profiteering?  Or is it just being complete DICKS?  Is it just a case of gays realizing that they don’t have to actually win people over and just can force their beliefs on others via the court?  If so, that makes them one of the most fascist groups I’ve seen in a long time.  “Believe what I want you to, or I will destroy you!”

Georgia tries to pass a law saying “Religious groups don’t have to marry gays if they don’t want to.”  You could still go to the court house.  You could get married, but you can’t force a Catholic priest to perform your ceremony.  Disney, Coke, and others threatened to boycott.  Everyone lost their minds.  Well…here’s a question…what the hell is wrong with you?  You want to FORCE someone against their religious beliefs to marry you?  Hell, there’s only one interpretation for that…you are doing it to be complete DICKS.  What else could there be?  You could go down to city hall and get married, but hell, you could go to Walmart for the cake.  But that’s not the point right?  The point is that you force people to do what you want them to do.

North Carolina and other states try to pass laws in response to “transgender” laws allowing men to use women’s rooms (and presumably vice versa).  Musicians start cancelling shows.  At least the NC Governor has a backbone though and hasn’t backed down.  Hey…dumbasses…what’s to stop a man from just going into the women’s room and hanging out there if he sees a hot girl walk in?  Let’s make it even better…a pretty fifteen-year-old girl goes in.  A 40 year old creep walks in after her wearing jeans and a t-shirt and no make up.  You try to bust him on it and he says, “I’m transgender.  I identify as a female.  This is my right!”  What are you going to say, “Oh, well…you’re not wearing a dress or lipstick, so no.”  What, are you against UGLY transgenders?  Just pretty ones are okay?  Not all women wear dresses and makeup.  Some wear jeans and a t-shirt and no make up.  So why can’t he just identify as one of THOSE females.  You’re being just absolutely retarded if you don’t see the problems here.  All this law does is PREVENT this sort of bullshitery.

I sincerely hope that all of this bullshit is coming from a very, very small minority of the gay community.  However, I have my doubts.  I have heard very few gay voices denouncing these fascist overtones.  Seriously, peeps.  Get your shit together.

Long Live the Constitution!

Georgia to use Criminals to Replace Illegal Aliens in the Fields

Posted by Troy on 15th June 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

The new law in Georgia has caused some problems.  Now, all employers have to check an employee’s work status.  As a result, a lot of illegals are fleeing in droves.  Governor Deal has suggested that we use ex-convicts to replace these laborers.  I can do one better.  Why don’t we bring back the chain gang?  Oh, I know that they’ve decided that’s cruel and unusual, so why don’t we do this: Make if voluntary.  If they participate, ever year they work removes an additional year off their sentence.  Effectively, they could cut their jail time in half.  Also, we will pay them minimum wage to be paid to a escrow account to be paid to them upon their release.  If they try to escape or attack anyone, they get all their jail time back again (plus some) and lose all their wages as punishment and are not allowed to participate in the program anymore.

Long Live the Constitution!

e-Verify: Georgia’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Law

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2011 in Current Events, Political

Georgia’s anti-illegal immigration law has had an unintended side effect.  Illegal immigrants have run away.  e-Verify means that employers must check an employee’s social security number.  What this means is we do not have enough people to pick our crops.  Liberals have celebrated this because it proves their point that Americans don’t want to do these jobs.  Right now, Georgia has 9.9% unemployment.  I have a common sense solution.  Let’s get rid of unemployment benefits.  If we did that, then I would think that $7 and hour for picking fruit might not look so bad.  Starvation is always good motivation for people to see employment.  Problem solved.  Added benefits: Unemployment benefits decrease, income tax revenue (and sales tax revenues) increase, savings increase, foreclosures decrease, etc etc etc.