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Gays are totally losing my support

Posted by Troy on 20th April 2016 in Current Events

I’m a libertarian by nature, and I’ve always had a “I don’t care” attitude about other people’s relationships.  On the gay marriage stance, I felt that it should be left up to to the states but had nothing against it on a personal note.  But the gay community went to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court redefined marriage for the entire country and here we are.  Well…okay, so what?  You just fast forwarded 5-10 years.  Okay.

But then gays set out to be total and complete DICKS about EVERYTHING.  “I want you to bake me a cake.  If you don’t, I will sue you, I will bring the might of the government to bear on you, and I will destroy you.”  What the hell?  Yeah, that’s a way to make people accept you.  Is this vengeance?  Is it “look at me, look at me, look at me?”  Is is profiteering?  Or is it just being complete DICKS?  Is it just a case of gays realizing that they don’t have to actually win people over and just can force their beliefs on others via the court?  If so, that makes them one of the most fascist groups I’ve seen in a long time.  “Believe what I want you to, or I will destroy you!”

Georgia tries to pass a law saying “Religious groups don’t have to marry gays if they don’t want to.”  You could still go to the court house.  You could get married, but you can’t force a Catholic priest to perform your ceremony.  Disney, Coke, and others threatened to boycott.  Everyone lost their minds.  Well…here’s a question…what the hell is wrong with you?  You want to FORCE someone against their religious beliefs to marry you?  Hell, there’s only one interpretation for that…you are doing it to be complete DICKS.  What else could there be?  You could go down to city hall and get married, but hell, you could go to Walmart for the cake.  But that’s not the point right?  The point is that you force people to do what you want them to do.

North Carolina and other states try to pass laws in response to “transgender” laws allowing men to use women’s rooms (and presumably vice versa).  Musicians start cancelling shows.  At least the NC Governor has a backbone though and hasn’t backed down.  Hey…dumbasses…what’s to stop a man from just going into the women’s room and hanging out there if he sees a hot girl walk in?  Let’s make it even better…a pretty fifteen-year-old girl goes in.  A 40 year old creep walks in after her wearing jeans and a t-shirt and no make up.  You try to bust him on it and he says, “I’m transgender.  I identify as a female.  This is my right!”  What are you going to say, “Oh, well…you’re not wearing a dress or lipstick, so no.”  What, are you against UGLY transgenders?  Just pretty ones are okay?  Not all women wear dresses and makeup.  Some wear jeans and a t-shirt and no make up.  So why can’t he just identify as one of THOSE females.  You’re being just absolutely retarded if you don’t see the problems here.  All this law does is PREVENT this sort of bullshitery.

I sincerely hope that all of this bullshit is coming from a very, very small minority of the gay community.  However, I have my doubts.  I have heard very few gay voices denouncing these fascist overtones.  Seriously, peeps.  Get your shit together.

Long Live the Constitution!

Baker Forced to Bake Wedding Cake for KKK Themed Wedding

Posted by Troy on 5th June 2014 in Current Events

A baker recently rejected an order to do a wedding cake for a KKK themed wedding.  He said that he thought what the KKK promoted was wrong, against his religious beliefs, and he would not be a part of it.  The courts have ruled that he has no right to deny service to someone based on their beliefs, must attend sensitivity training (i.e., re-education), and bake that cake.  Also, he will be subject to government supervision for the next two years to make sure that he has not turned anyone one away due to their beliefs.  Outraged?

Well, this happened.  Except for the fact that it was for a gay wedding and not a KKK wedding.  So, what’s the difference?  “Well, we LIKE one group and we don’t like the other!  Duuuuh!”  I find that this compulsory part of the law is based merely on public opinion and not any real source of right and wrong and denying or not denying.  You can still deny service to people…just as long as it’s a group that the Left hates.

I personally believe it is up the shop owner to determine who they serve.  If they don’t want to serve you, take your business elsewhere.  What does it matter to you if they are choosing to forgo the revenue?  Better yet, post your disappointment.  If he wants to have that belief, that’s his business.  If it costs him money and possibly his business, that will be a test of his faith.  However, this isn’t about a wedding cake.  This is about the satisfaction of forcing someone.  They could go get a wedding cake from somewhere else.  It would be less hassle.  Of course, they wouldn’t have the satisfaction and the attention they got from shoving their beliefs down another person’s throat.

I believe you should be able to deny service.  I think you should be able to allow smoking on your property if you want.  I believe in property rights and in the rights of the individual to set who they will work with.  Only a fool would compel service from someone.  Could you imagine forcing a dentist to work on your teeth if they didn’t want to?  Oh dear, it seems I didn’t use enough Novocaine!  Oh well!!!!!

That is going to be one bland, ugly cake…

Long Live The Constitution!

Michael Sam Got Drafted

Posted by Troy on 12th May 2014 in Current Events

And the whole world rejoiced.  Well, not really.  Mostly those who don’t care about football one way or the other rejoiced.  I’d guess that most football fans didn’t care one way or another.  Certainly, most of them didn’t say, “This is a milestone!  Finally, the NFL is all inclusive!…well, except for women anyway…”  Well, what really happened was that anyone who dared to speak out against this player has been punished.  Freedom of Speech…except to those we disagree with.  Right?  I wonder if a player got punished for advocating communism if the Left would clap or would they be outraged?  Regardless.  I hate to see anyone punished for speaking their mind.  Thought crimes are abhorrent, and demanding a third party punish an individual for “offending us” is fascist.  If you believe in the strength of your position, beat them in the arena of ideas.  Convince others that you are correct in your views and the other person is wrong.  Demanding another fight your battles is pathetic.  It’s just like the Sterling case.  Everyone demands the NBA force him to sell his team.  The wife says that half the team belongs to her (true) and she wants to keep it (also true), but the NBA is forcing her to sell her half of the team too.  Why?  Because something her husband did?!  Shall we start sending spouses to jail for the crimes of the other spouse now?  And everyone cheers, such self-righteous little fascists.  All thoughts they disagree with must be brought to heel by force, not reason.  It is sickening.

Long Live the Constitution!

Green Lantern is Gay

Posted by Troy on 4th June 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment

I should start a segment called “Epic Fail.”  What a terrible business decision!  This is obviously a political statement by DC which is owned by Warner Brothers.  If you remember, these are the same people that had Superman renounce his citizenship last April.  I see a theme going on here.  They seem intent on alienating all of their potential readers.  Here’s the breakdown:

A vast minority of the population is gay.  The number is debatable, so let’s just split the difference and say 5% of Americans are gay.  While it is impossible to tell the percent that reads comic books (as I doubt a study has ever been done) and the number changes based on age, let’s assume that 10% of Americans at some point in their lives read comics.  If we infer that the same rates of incidence coincide, this means that changing Green Lantern into a gay character would possibly appeal to .5% of the population.  Let’s assume that the entire .5% come on board.  So that means that their readership is up 10.5%, correct?  Wrong!  Let’s assume that America is 50/50 on the gay issue wherein that half think it’s a sin and half think it’s acceptable.  If someone thinks it’s a sin, they’re going to stop reading it.  So that’s half right there, so we are down to 5.5% readers.  Oops.  Okay, well, that’s okay to promote this idea.  That’s an acceptable loss to turn DC into the “new age” comic (as DC is rebranding itself and recreating all its characters).  But it gets worse!  Even if the reader accepts gays, they’re probably not going to want to read the comic if they are straight.  First, they are going to get picked on, which is annoying, but more importantly is that straight guys will get no enjoyment from seeing gay men kissing in a comic.  Scantily clad females?  Sure.  Hell, if they were going to do this, they should have made Wonder Woman lesbian.  That could have upped the readership and would have gone along with her being an Amazon (as they kill all their men after they use them for procreation).

A friend of mine owns a comic book store and is a Green Lantern fan from way back.  He is dismayed by this decision.  They have officially killed this title after 70 years.  Straight men are not going to read this.  Fathers are not going to introduce their sons to the Green Lantern anymore.  The core readers, the long term fans, are going to feel betrayed and are going to abandon the title.  There’s really no going back from the decision either.  What’s he to do, say “I’m not gay anymore?”  Dear lord, they would crucify DC in a heartbeat.  The other option is do what Marvel did in the 1980s and never, ever, mention it again as they did with Northstar (which was a 3rd tier character at that), and even that move could catch DC flack.  No, the only thing they can do is kill the gay Lantern and have the Lantern Corps replace him, and don’t think that won’t cause controversy.  What a terrible decision.

This analysis is strictly a business analysis, so chill.

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 14th May 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature

How on Earth has bullying become an issue?  Of course, now everyone’s on Mitt Romney’s case about being a bully in high school.  Now, let me be clear: I do not approve of bullying.  However, as someone who was bullied when he was growing up, let me tell ya…it’s not that big of a deal.  Teenage boys are jerks (by and large).  I gave up on holding a grudge against them.  I ran into some of my bullies since high school.  For the most part, they are nice people these days.  Far be it for me to drag up the past.  Besides, the trial and tribulations of high school cemented strength of character in me.  It taught me to face adversity and over come it.  In truth, I think that being bullied may be one of the best things that ever happened to me, honestly.

I think the real question is why the hell are kids killing themselves over being bullied?  There have been bullies since the dawn of time, and these bullies have insulted and belittled and beaten up weaker kids since the dawn of time as well.  However, now kids are killing themselves.  Why is that?  ”Bullying” is not a good answer.  I also do not believe that the bullying is any worse today than it ever was.  You can’t tell me American teenager bullies are tougher than a Spartan bullies.  I don’t have the answer.  Maybe they have not been taught coping skills.  If someone is cyber bullying you…HIT THE IGNORE BUTTON or turn off the computer.    Are parents not teaching kids to stand up to bullies anymore?  Is it a lack of fortitude?  Again, I do not know why it is, but I think this the the question.  You will never get rid of bullying in the same way that you will never get rid of racism, murder, rape, or hundreds of other atrocities that humans inflict upon each other.  The real question is why is this causing deaths when this was not the case in the past?

Long Live the Constitution!