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Well, what do I know anyway?

Posted by Troy on 21st March 2011 in Current Events

It appears that the UN is actually blowing stuff up.  Imagine that.  However, as important as air superiority is, you cannot hold anything without men on the ground.  The modern era has shown that time and again.  Right now, the rebels are still in an unwinnable position.  Right now, I would hazard to say the best possible outcome is that one of Gaddafi’smen will take it upon himself to kill Gaddafi in order to set himself up to be the next dictator-in-chief.  I don’t understand the logic of the leaders of the world.  We do this silly air campaign and somehow claim that we’re not really involved somehow.  We also say that we won’t try to kill Gaddafi.  Why on Earth not?  Is that not what the rebels will do if they win?  There is no circumstance that ends with Gaddafi alive unless he actually wins.  I should hazard to say that any ending in which he still lives is a sign that we have failed.  This will end in blood.  It will either end with Gaddafi’s blood being spilt upon the ground or that of the Libyan people.