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Welcome back Bob Beckel!

Posted by Troy on 16th January 2017 in Current Events, Entertainment

I hate Juan Williams.  There.  I said it.  In fact, there have been times I’ve avoided “The Five” just because I didn’t want to listen to him–and that’s factoring in the fact that I am secretly in love with Kimberly Guilfoyle and could stare at her all night..  Juan always comes across as a condescending ass.  While Bob Beckel may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, he comes across as likable, if sometimes a bit of a buffoon, but I’ll take a likable buffoon over a condescending ass any day of the week when it comes to a show that’s meant mostly for entertainment value.  While his welcome back episodes was a little rough (the chemistry has not quite returned), I am glad that they have finally replaced Juan Williams.

Long Live the Constitution!

Fox News Republican Debate

Posted by Troy on 28th January 2016 in Uncategorized

Without a doubt, this was the best debate.  It was nice to focus on the policy without the moderators making everything all about Trump.

Donald Trump – Turns out he was the big winner of the night.  Assuming that he maintains the support of 1/3rd of the people,   His followers are very loyal, so it is going to be hard for someone to take support away from him.  The big worry tonight was that Cruz would make use of Trump’s absence to demolish him.  Instead, Ted overplayed his hand and fell flat.  The only danger of the night resolved, Trump won.

Ted Cruz – He had a golden opportunity, and started off well.  But then he started complaining about how everyone was out to get him.  He came across as whiney and weak.  He attempted to turn it into a joke at Trump’s expense, and it fell flat.  This is very much like Jeb’s demand for Trump’s apology.  I don’t think it’s fatal, but it ruined what could have been a very good night.  He made a very good recovery on the immigration question.  He did a good job on ethanol in a state that makes a lot of money on ethanol.

Marco Rubio – Good showing for the Senator.  He came across as positive and earnest.  Rand savaged him early.  Rand is Rubio’s counterpoint.  Liberty vs Security.  And like all such discussions, it turns out that security is merely an illusion and falls apart when Liberty is talking.  He does a good job of trying to deny he supported amnesty considering how many clips show that he pretty much supports amnesty.  He is doing a good job of brining energy to his message.  That’s going to help him.

Ben Carson – Fantastic opening for Ben Carson.  He is speaking with a resolute tone of voice, and his message of Truth resonates as all messages of Truth does.  He gets so little screen time.  He gives great answers!  Loved his answer about 1 in 10 being a terrorist coming into your home.  Carson did a great job with the hardest question of the night regarding Putin invading Baltic states.  I think he had the most striking closing statement.

Jeb Bush – He is a statist.  He wants expanded war powers.  He also wants to bring Puerto Rico into the union, which is Krazi!  Why on Earth would we bring in an economic unpowered house full of crime?  He is chained to his past record, and that’s not a good record to be on.  I like how he dumps on Rubio on amnesty when he like amnesty.  Here’s the truth.  If you “give a path to citizenship,” the Democrats will attempt to “acceletrate the process.”  It will be a “one time thing” that will happen the NEXT time we have millions of “undocumented workers.”  If he thinks he would be Clinton, he is delusional.  Nothing would motivate Democrats more than running against Bush.

Rand Paul – He makes great arguments.  It is a shame that his presentation is so low-energy.  He did some great work regarding “criminal reform.”  He had a lot of good points.  He did a great job on the abortion question.  I do believe he is the only one that could balance the budget.

Chris Christie – It annoys me that he always sounds pretty good even though I believe that he is an imperial scumbag that would take a lot of vacations and have Bruce Springsteen to the White House.  Really good answer on Planned Parenthood.  That really gains him some ground.  I will say that he gets a bad rap on Bridge-gate.  He fired the people.  As such, I believe him.  This is the key principal difference between him and Obama with his scandals.

John Kasich – He seems to be speaking in platitudes tonight.  I think it’s because no one likes his plans.  Great…government equals charity…this is why I don’t like him.  Did Bret listen to Kasich at all on the Iran question?  Weird.  I mean…he is boring, but that is Bret’s only job, isn’t it?

Long Live the Constitution!

Republican Debate Result

Posted by Troy on 14th January 2016 in Political

First of all, I miss having Rand Paul in the mix.  Rubio and Christie benefited tremendously from his absence.  I hated the first part of the debate which was basically a Jerry Springer show episode.  It was rather distasteful, but then it got very substantive.

Trump had a good night.  He didn’t blunder.  He stood his ground on points, as he always does.  Without a doubt, his frankness has done more to shape this election cycle more than anything else.  The best exchange of the night was on China tariffs.

Cruz had a pretty good night as well.  However, he got bloodied a bit by Rubio a bit.  Also, this was Cruz’s night to rip out Trump’s throat.  He failed to do so.  That’s gonna hurt.  The thing I didn’t like from Cruz was his VAT tax.  I hate the VAT tax in general.  My real problem with it is “Sure!  Let’s add ANOTHER kind of tax.  I’m sure future Congresses will keep it low!”  Remember, the tax would NEVER go above one percent.

Rubio had a great night.  He came across as passionate.  He had a couple of great exchanges.  In particular, he was very honest and passionate about the Second Amendment.  I think he helped himself out a lot tonight and will continue to grow.  I personally find his views on the NSA abhorrent and he’s broken to me on that.  Also, he is a very nervous guy.  I really don’t like that.

Christie got a big win.  Rubio failed to answer the question on entitlements.  Christie used it to slap him down.  That being said, I do not trust Christie.  I believe he is going to be an emperor, just like Obama.  Look for executive orders and private parties and Bruce Springsteen playing at the White House.

Carson did his normal thing.  He was calm and rational.  What he said made sense.  I really like him.  If the media hyped him up, I think he would be a shoo-in, but they minimize the hell outta him and tell people that there’s no way he can win, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They tried the same with Trump.  It’s just that Trump flat out don’t give a shit and his personality overcame it easily.  Gotta say…that is impressive when you think about it.

Kasich was forgettable.  I really hate to say it.  There was something that he said that I was like…”Oh, so big government…” but he was so forgettable that I can’t even remember what he said.  Oh well.

Jeb Bush actually had a pretty good night.  I could rip him to shreds on pretty much all his positions, but he presented them well.  I think it’s too little too late.  If I’m the establishment guy, I’m going to Marco Rubio.  He has the energy, the likability, and a last name that’s not Bush.  Sorry Jeb!

Long Live the Constitution!

Republican Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 6th August 2015 in Current Events, Political

I would have liked to have seen Fiorina and Jindal.  I was unable to see the early debate, so I will comment on the top 10 candidates.

Trump – He did a little better than what most people expected.  However, if you were paying close attention, you can easily see how he will be attacked by the Democrats and by Hollywood in general.  The thing about being a sensational figure is that you say and do a lot of things that will give the opposition ammunition.  I do like how unrepentant he is.  And I think that’s the main reason why people like him.  I think people want someone that will finally take a stand.  While I do like a lot of things about Trump, I don’t believe he will or should be the nominee.  Hopefully, he will bow out if he loses the nomination or else we will give the election to the Democrats.

Bush – Why is this guy running?  Again, I hate when people flip flop on their supposed beliefs.  In particular, he contradicts himself heavily on immigration and Common Core.  He calls illegal immigration and act of love, and then says we need to stop this act of love.  He also says that they should be heavy fines to pay, etc.  However, let’s be real: “Well, they are poor, so they can’t afford the fines…so nevermind.”  The same thing will be said of Common Core.  Eventually, the Feds will say “Adopt Common Core or lose federal funding.”  Rubio pointed that out, to his credit.

Rubio – Rubio did okay.  He had a great line about how the Republicans were blessed with so many candidates when the Democrats can’t find one.  He tried to make himself sound hard on illegal immigration, but he has too much out there saying otherwise.  That really holds me back on supporting him.

Walker – Walker was a strong candidate.  I think he’s gonna have to come down from the purist stance on abortion.  The mother’s life exception is accepted by 83% of the population.  He is a very strong candidate with a proven record.  He has proven that he can stand up to adversity.

Huckabee – He’s looking a bit older than he had in the past.  He looked tired, but he made a few good points.

Carson – I still love how he talks.  He talks to me how I want a President to talk to me.  Calm, measured, and reasoned.

Cruz – Arguably the most principled man on the stage.  He has his beliefs, and he’s unwilling to change them.  Period.  This is an admirable trait.  However, he would probably be toxic in the general election.  He is easy to smear by Hollywood types.

Kasich – He’s a bit of a boring fish.  The only real thing he has to run on is the economy, but that’s a pretty big credential to have…

Paul – I like Paul as he is offering something totally different than most all other candidates (Republican or Democrat).  He brings with him a love of the Constitution and a willingness to think outside the box.  I also agree with Paul.  I’m a big fan of the 4th Amendment.

Christie – I do not like this guy.  He is odious.  Also, he would be an Imperial President, just like Obama.  He would abuse executive orders.  He would travel on the taxpayer’s dime.  He would strongarm the press.  How do I know this?  This is the same kinda stuff that he’s been doing in New Jersey.  Also, his “ignore the 4th Amendment to keep us safe” theory sucks.  The retort to him should have been: “It’s the Fourth Amendment, and there is no higher law of the land than the Constitution.”

So, my favorites for the night?

Rand Paul for his positions on liberty.

Scott Walker for his general appeal and ability to win.

Ben Carson for his demeanor.

However, I could vote for anyone…except for Christie.

Long Live the Constitution!

Shame on Bill O’Reilly Regarding Miss Kansas 2013

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2013 in Uncategorized

You know, I’m really not a fan of Bill O’Reilly.  I don’t think he’s all that smart.  He frequently misses the win.  I find him too much of a stateist.  I also think he can be a bit of a bully and lacks class.  Take, for instance, his ending remarks on his show on September 19th, 2013.  He had invited Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas 2013, on his show.  She refused to come on unless she had  a list of questions that he intended to ask her.  He said that wasn’t how their show worked, so he didn’t contract her to to come on.  So far…so good.  She asked to know what he wanted to ask.  He didn’t want to tell her.  As such, she’s not coming on his show.  Fine.  Great.  No problems.  Then O’Reilly has to come on and whine about how she want do his show without knowing the questions up front.  Dude!  Have some class!  This is just you whining and trying to defame her because she wouldn’t play your game.  She’s not a public official.  She’s not anyone truly important.  She just wants to make sure she’s not ambushed and torn apart on national TV.  Hell, she probably watched his show and didn’t want to end up like some of his other guests.  However, Bill O’Reilly can’t stand not to have his way, and so he whined like a little baby and tried to make out that this lady was a bad person just for looking out for her own reputation.  She was up front with her requirements for her appearance.  She did nothing wrong.  You, O’Reilly, are a crybaby.  Grow up.

Long Live the Constitution!