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Foreign Policy Debate

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Mitt Romney’s Message:  ”Me too.”

I think Romney’s strategy was “Do not lose this debate.”  Washington realized that he didn’t have to win the Revolution.  He just had to not lose.  Obama is behind.  If Obama won this debate, maybe that would have changed.  With more or less agreeing with the substance of Obama’s policies, Romney guaranteed that Obama could not have won.

On some of the issues that Obama called Romney out on:  Yes, the administration wanted to keep some troops in Iraq.  However, the new Iraqi government said that they would be subject to arrest and Iraqi laws.  So we pulled out.  Second, the Navy demanded more ships.  That’s a fact.  I like what one marine said: “We still use bayonets.”  Third: Romney was not for the destruction of the auto industry.  He was, in fact, for restructuring through bankruptcy with government guarantees.

I know that Romney wasn’t allowed to be rude, so let me tell you what he should have said:

Obama: “Your budgets will not balance.”  Romney’s response:  ”Maybe I should listen to him.  No one knows more about budgets not balancing than he does.”

Obama: “You wanted to kill the auto industries!”  Romney: “You have no idea about business law.  Bankruptcy doesn’t do away with a business, it only gives it a chance to restructure and emerge capable of surviving.”  (Note, I clapped for Romney’s real answer which did actually explain this concept…but my quip is wittier.)

Obama: “Iran is weaker now than ever!”  Romney:  ”And yet they keep trying to get the nuclear weapon.”

Obama:  ”The dollar is most advantageous for exporters than it ever has been.”  Romney: “That’s because it’s the weakest its ever been.”

Obama can never square why he helped Libya and not Iran and Syria (who are bigger enemies of ours).  Qaddafi killed Americans…decades ago.  For the last few decades, he’s been alright to us.  It took a Libya absent of Qaddafi to kill our ambassador.

I think, in the end, Obama can’t run from his record.  Worse for him, the economy is the most important thing.  Tonight was largely unimportant.  Between someone that can get the economy going or someone that can tame the Middle East, the economy wins.

I think it was a draw, which means it was a devastating defeat.  Obama needed Romney to come out and show that he was absolutely clueless about foreign policy.  When that didn’t happen, Obama’s ship was sunk.  People care about the economy.  Foreign policy was a far second.  If Romney can do a passable job with foreign policy and get the economy firing on all cylinders, we will chose Romney.

I do take issue on one thing: Obama’s answers were all the same: Roads and bridges, teachers, and class warfare.  That’s all he has, and they are just soundbites.  Romney had a great closing statement, and I think that was the knife in Obama’s heart.

Long Live the Constitution!

Ron Paul interpreter

Posted by Troy on 17th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

I have always said that Ron Paul has a great platform, but he delivers his message poorly.  As such, I am going to take it upon myself to interpret Ron Paul’s comments for mass consumption:

Ron Paul:  ”I would not have authorized the action in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.” [Paraphrased]

Problem:  Americans want revenge.  Nearly all Americans would have ordered the action to exact our vengeance.

Ron Paul’s Intention:  He does not believe that the President has the authority to take military action in a foreign country without Congressional authority.  Also, he believes that when we ignore the national sovereignty of other countries, we undermine our own through the UN and other entities that try to supersede our national sovereignty and make enemies of those countries and their citizens.

My Interpretation (what he should have said):  ”No, I would not have ordered the raid to go into Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden.  First, I would have evaluated the probability of success using diplomacy to have Pakistan capture and extradite him.  If I felt this was doomed to fail, then I would consider military action, but sending troops into a foreign country in order to kill someone is an act of war, and declaring war is the responsibility of Congress.  However, I would have called a closed door session of Congress to authorize such an endeavor.  This would be a grave matter.  Ignoring a country’s sovereignty makes an enemy of their government and their people and creates the greatest long term threat to our national security.”

Long Live the Constitution!