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And so it starts, the Obama Tyranny

Posted by Troy on 21st February 2014 in Current Events, Political

As he has promised, Obama is now using executive orders to bypass congress and enact de facto legislation.  Why is no one concerned about this?  Yeah, it’s minor, but what gives Obama the right to unilaterally set fuel standards for trucks?  What if he came out and said “By 2015, I decree that all trucks that get less than 100 miles to the gallon are illegal?”  What then?  I don’t believe in “Oh, well that’s different!” arguments.  He is usurping legislative powers.  Sadly, the Legislative branch is too scared to say anything about it.  We have crossed over into the realm of impeachable offenses a long time ago.  However, this man can never be impeached.  Why?  Because of the color of his skin.  The media is no longer the keeper of truth or the safeguard of the public.  Instead, they fancy themselves the shaper of public opinion.  Any attempt to rein in this President run amok will instantly be branded as “extremist” and “racist.”  Representatives know this, and they will never do anything to safeguard their legislative powers against him.  How sad.

Long Live the Constitution?

Warning Signs of Fascist Totalitarianism

Posted by Troy on 16th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Here’s a couple of warning signs of fascist totalitarianism.  Totalitarianists love to use little children to push their agenda.  This is because seeing children ramps up the emotional side of us and defeats our rational thought.  We will agree to destroy our freedoms to “protect the children” which represents the future.  However, these are false promises.  All that happens is we give up our own freedoms and rob our children the right to enjoy those freedoms.

That brings us to the second issue.  New York is forcing law abiding citizens to register their “assault weapons.”  If they do not renew this registration every five years, it becomes a felony.  Yeah, no one has forgotten to renew their driver’s license, and that’s something that they use daily.  I wonder if criminals are going to bother registering their weapons.  Nope?  Then, again, this is just a law that penalizes the law abiding citizens, and to what end?  In history, registration of guns always leads to confiscation which leads to mass graves (Germany, Russia, China).

No lives are going to be saved by any of these measures that the President took.  If you banned all assault weapons, criminals will just use whatever weapon they can find.  A shotgun will kill ya just as good as an AR-15 any day and twice on Sundays.  Making doctors tattle on their patients will have the possible side-effect of preventing these people from seeking help in the first place.  Doctors have an obligation to notify police if they feel their patients pose a real threat to someone.  Right now, I’m recommending that people lie to their doctors and tell them that they do not own a gun if they are asked.

I’m sick of how this President operates.  Mark my words, when they start marching out kids that have been coached by party liners to advance the agenda, there’s trouble brewing.  Don’t be fooled.  Let’s let our kids be kids, and we’ll be grown-ups and actually deal with the problem.  If you ask a kid, they might tell you we should end homelessness by giving everyone a house.  Kids aren’t equipped to solve grown-up problems.  However, I can understand why Obama would want to surround himself with children.  It must feel like a Democratic National Convention.

Long Live the Constitution!