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Angela Merkel’s Hissy Fit

Posted by Troy on 28th May 2017 in Current Events, Political

Trump goes over to Europe and says that they need to spend what is required by the NATO Treaty (2%) for defense.  We spend 3.5%.  Germany (the largest economy over there) pays 1.2%.  By saying this and by backing out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, Angela threw a hissy fit and said that Europe has to go it’s own way and that we are unreliable allies.

This is false.  If Russia attacked Europe, we’d be over there kicking Putin’s butt the next day.  This is mean girl’s shit.  This is “if you don’t smoke this cigarette, you’re not really our friend!”  So let’s get this straight: do not hold us to our agreements, do exactly as we say (even if it hurts yourself),  and pay our way, or we are not going to be friends!  How is this any different than someone making you take them out to a vegan restaurant when you want to go to a steak house, and then demand you pay?  And if you don’t do all of this,  you’re the bad friend.  You know what that is in real life?  That’s an abusive relationship.  That’s being used.  To hell with that.  We are your ally, Germany, not your puppet.

My take is this: Germany wanted to take over Europe and failed twice.  They are now the main force in the EU, so really, they run the EU.  Now countries are realizing that the EU sucks and forces them to do stuff they don’t want to do.  Resisting the commandments of the EU is taking away Germany’s control over Europe, and Angela has got to nip that in the bud!

How does she keep winning elections over there?!!!!

Long Live the Constitution!

Our Suicide Pact: Can Someone Please Stop Him?!

Posted by Troy on 19th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

The G20 is meeting.  For those who do not know, the G20 is a meeting of the top 20 economies of the world.  They hash out what they want the world’s economy to do.  Of course, as the world largest economy, we should be trying NOT to have a G20.  Originally, there were only seven economies present, and we were using it as a way to remain top dog.  However, as they add more and more countries, we lose more and more clout.  It’s important to note that there are countries in the G20 that seriously don’t wish us well.  Why are we giving up our sovereignty to these multi-national communities?  Are we stupid?  We must be.

I criticized Obama for being willing to sell out Europe to save his chance for re-election.  That is to say, I believe that he wants Europe to continue deficit spending until they explode because a slowdown in Europe is going to affect our economy too.  Look, I’m not advocating going bust overnight.  If a friend of mine came to me and told me that he was going to go bankrupt tomorrow and lose everything unless he gets another loan, I’m not going to tell him not to get a loan.  However, if he gets that loan, it must also come with a lifestyle change whereby he can get his house in order.  Fine, bail out Greece, but Greece needs to cut stuff to the bone.  However, it would appear that we have a suicide pact with Europe.  Obama doesn’t want them to stop borrowing so he can get re-elected, and they want us to keep binge spending so that their economies recover faster as well.

Obama has used this speech to tout his policies.  He talks about consumer credit protection.  Of course, he doesn’t mention that this included provisions where the government can, without a warrant, obtain a list of what you’ve bought from your credit card company.  He talks about this Trans-Pacific trade agreement, which is just another step towards globalization and is a slap in the face of our national sovereignty.  He mentions being pro-growth, but what he really means is pro-tax and pro-debt spending which empowers evil countries and weakens us.  And of course he referenced his health care bill.

He’s just going to keep going with all this.  What has he done that you actually approve of?  I can’t think of anything (other than killing Osama bin Laden any way).  Can someone please stop him?  If you guys are listening, he has no interest in ever cutting the deficit.  All the things he talked about entailed more and more spending and more and more debt, and we are never going to break free if he gets four more years.

Long Live the Constitution!

European Troubles

Posted by Troy on 21st May 2012 in Current Events

Obama has taken to counseling the EU on their financial troubles.  He is talking Germany down from demanding austerity measures from Greece and other debtor nations.  Naturally, the person you’d want to turn to if you found yourself drowning in debt would be Obama.  The only other no brainer would have been calling up Teddy Kennedy for AA support (prior to his demise).  Yes, no one can tell you how to dig yourself out of a recession and debt crisis than Obama.  This much is clear.  Good going Europe.

To all those people who are pro-stimulus (Keynesian economics/debt spending), there is some argument for this.  This argument would be that cutting everything off 100% would be more damaging.  Fine, so be it.  What I’ve found in the study of macroeconomics is that it fairly parallels microeconomics.  As such, thinking in micro-terms helps some people .  If you are drowning in debt, taking out another credit card can stave off bankruptcy.  However, if you do not change your spending habits and turn your deficits into surpluses quickly, you are merely postponing the inevitable.  The European Union (and America for that matter) must start turning their deficits into surpluses and paying off their debts.  Europe really needs to start this process in 5-10 years, and we have 10-15 years to get our act turned around.

If Europe goes down, our stock market will tank, and Obama WILL lose.  This is why he is pushing for more deficit spending.

Long Live the Constitution!