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Debt ceiling to increase again

Posted by Troy on 28th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama is going to raise the debt ceiling (after continuously saying that doing so was destructive).  In the end, we will never do anything to the debt until we get rid of (not reform) entitlements. 

If I went out and bought a Lamborghini, the payments would crush me.  I would be unable to afford it and the house and food or anything else.  I would have two choices, return the car on my own or wait for the bank to take everything from me (including the car).  I will lose the car either way, but I might as well keep the house instead of losing that too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Flash Mobs, Greece, Wolf Packing – Coming to a City Near You

Posted by Troy on 28th June 2011 in Current Events

We have seen the effectiveness of Facebooking in the “Muslim Spring.”  I have wondered if these are dry runs.  Now, gangs of youths are using Facebook and other media to mimic flash mobs to show up at a given store and rob it blind.  The kids are calling this “Wolf Packing.”  Finally, I look to Greece and the riots in the street.  Given the Democrats insistence that they don’t have to do anything about spending (let alone the fact that they say that cutting spending at all would be irresponsible), we are headed that way. When it comes time for us to cut “benefits” (legal theft), look for the Left to use Facebook and other ways to organize massive protests and riots to try to overthrow the system.  Go ahead and figure out what you want to do.  Thank God, I live in the country.  You people in the big cities are going to have problems.  I’d arm yourselves if I were you.

Obamanomics – A Study in Keynesian Economics

Posted by Troy on 6th June 2011 in Political

I believe Liberals do to the business world what they claim Conservatives do to the environment.

If you pollute a little, the Earth will clean it up. However, it is possible to take this process for granted. In doing so, someone may clear cut entire swaths of forests, creating a virtual desert where nothing will grow for hundreds of years.

Obama has done this to the economy. When he got into office, he did so with the smug knowledge that the economy would rebound. A typical recession lasts about two years. His thought was he could pass a huge stimulus plan, the economy would rebound, and he would be able to take credit for saving the economy as well as making what amounts to bribery to voters. It didn’t work. Now he sits in his office and wonders what happened. What went wrong? The only possible way that Keynesian Economics works is by tricking people into feeling more confident about the economy and make them feel comfortable about spending and investing. Obama did the opposite. The fact of the matter is, all of his policies clear cut the forest. There is still time to save it, but we must stop these destructive measures.

We must make a consistent environment in which the private sector can grow. We must learn to do for ourselves what should be done by ourselves. We must learn to give up “freebies” from the government. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

Drug Testing for Welfare

Posted by Troy on 12th April 2011 in Human Nature, Political

Coming home from work at 12:45 AM, I accidentally caught a little bit of Shawn Combs radio show.  In this, he said that it was discrimination to drug test welfare recipients because they are poor.  

We are providing a benefit to a group of people.  These people don’t have to show up and do any work for their assistance (although, I’ve always been a fan of workfare over welfare).  In return, I don’t see what’s wrong with us testing them to be sure they are not using our tax dollars (which we worked quite hard for) to buy drugs and help fund other illegal activities.  If they don’t want to take the drug test, they are free to go out and get another job or find another way to make ends meet.  No one has a right to welfare. 

Some people would say it’s discriminatory that they don’t get welfare just because they’re not poor, but these people are just as much a part of our problem as the welfare recipients.  When people say something like this, they are trying to point out that no one should get welfare.  However, politicians see it as people are asking for additional handouts.  This is part of the reason why we are so in debt now.