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Bernie Disappoints Me

Posted by Troy on 12th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

And let it be said of all false prophets.  He is a sellout as they all are.  I lost all respect for him.  Hillary Clinton is the poster child of government corruption and theft.  She is the poster child of selling influence, of being above the law, of bad trade deals and all the other things he claimed to be against.  But in the end, he tucked his tail between his legs and endorsed her.  In fairness, he may find Trump is worse, but there is a difference in endorsing someone and fighting someone.  If he wanted to take the position “We cannot allow Trump to become President,” then by all means, I could still have respect for him, but instead, he decided to laude praise on Clinton.  This is clearly him selling out.  We will never know what his price was, but he will be rewarded for “handing over” his followers.

I think that the Democrats have miscalculated, however.  These were not people that followed Bernie because they loved Bernie.  No, these were people who followed Bernie because he was speaking the things that they believed.  They loved how he took it to Clinton.  I should imagine that there will be a very sizable portion of his followers that will simply lose faith in Bernie and not blithely follow what he says.  I think Bernie is the Liberal equivalent of Glenn Beck.  He thinks he can dictate how people vote, and I think he is going to find out that people actually DO think for themselves sometimes.

Long Live the Constitution!

My endorsement

Posted by Troy on 29th December 2011 in Political

Despite the jeers from some of my compatriots, I must give my endorsement to Ron Paul, and I do this for one very simple reason:

His suggestions are the only ones that actually have a shot of saving us.

All the others are merely parroting the same ideas that have gotten us into the mess in the first place.  If we do not take a long-term, systematic approach at actually fixing our problems, we are doomed.  We cannot merely tweak and patch problems.  We need to start phasing out the programs that have led us to ruin.  I think that Ron Paul is the only one with enough moral courage to do what is actually necessary.

Long Live the Constitution!