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Economic Patriotism: Obama’s plan ripped apart by the Swamp Fox!

Posted by Troy on 27th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Barrack Obama’s new advertisement says what he would tell us if we were sitting around the kitchen table.  Ah, how cute and cliché.  He dares to call it economic patriotism.  You gotta love it.  Now I will rip apart his little commercial.  Enjoy!

I don’t particularly like his “wave a magic wand” economic theory.  A simple, one-word rebuttal would be “How?”

He wants to create 1 million manufacturing jobs.  Okay, how does the federal government create those jobs?  Of course, I guess you could say by destroying the dollar which also does away with minimum wage, thus making it cheaper for companies to hire people here.  It also would increase exports which is the next thing he says.  I always thought it was incompetence or a desire to destroy America that made him print worthless paper money.  Maybe it’s a way of creating low quality jobs!  I never saw that until now.  Brilliant!  His tax credit idea is okay, but it really just amounts to a subsidy.  It seems pretty pointless.  I’m not a fan of social engineering by means of the tax code.

He wants to cut oil imports in half and increase our own oil production…since when?!!!!  He seems to have been the most anti-oil President ever.  Last I heard, we still can’t drill in the Gulf and we are helping other countries do so.  Specifically, where are you going to drill, sir?  Of course, he also wants to increase green energies which are not economically effective yet.  He also touts that he has increased the fuel efficiency of automobiles!  Wow!  Amazing!  You can pass a law, and it has been deemed to come to pass.  Maybe he should pass a law that by 2025 life will be fair.  That way he can claim that he has made life fair.  Awesome!  Sometimes I wonder if he is a pathological liar.  Does he really believe the words that come out of his mouth?

Next he wants to focus on creating 100,000 new science and math teachers.  Again…how?  Are we going to forgive their student loans?  I betcha.  More pandering to the teachers union, more likely.  Besides, as I’ve said, what we need to do is motivate the kids and parents.  Give them the drive to succeed, and they will.  It’s that simple.  There could be a way to create skilled workers, but I doubt that he will do anything like what is necessary.  I liked Newt Gingrich’s plan.  Make unemployment dependent on showing up for job skills classes, but he will never do that.  Finally, he wants to halve tuition.  Wow, is this another one of his things where he will sign a bill saying that tuition will be halved?!  Of course not.  What he’s talking about here is that we will now further subsidize tuition costs and eventually nationalize the education system as a means of price control.  All that will happen is that colleges will raise their tuition even further and non-serious students will apply.

Finally, he wants to cut the deficit by $4 trillion.  Big talk considering how most of his economic plan is spending, spending, spending.  I guess that relies on the fact that he wants more taxes from the rich although all economic studies have shown that 33% is the rate at which tax revenues actually start to fall.  To explain, if the marginal tax rate was at 95%, would you have a lot of incentive to work harder?  There will be tax savings from ending the war, but that money will be wasted I’m sure and is not enough to cover the mounting entitlements.

Just for fun, read his 2008 plan vs his 2012 plan.  They’re the same.  How’d that work out for us?