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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Electoral College Overturning the Election

Posted by Troy on 15th December 2016 in Current Events, Political

It is amazing how so many Democrats have started espousing the wisdom of the Constitution after spending my entire life explaining to me what an outdated document it is!  So the basic premise is that the Republican electors should choose someone other than Donald Trump due to Hamilton’s writings in Federalist Paper #68 in which he said that the Electoral College is meant to safeguard against a demagogue taking power.  Naturally, Democrats view Donald Trump as an unqualified demagogue while Barak Obama was the smartest man to ever take office.  But that’s neither here nor there.

First, let’s look at History.  When was the Constitution written?  It was after the Articles of Confederation failed.  What was a major issue of this failure?  All states got the same vote (one vote a piece).  As such, Virginia (the richest, most populous state) had the same say as Georgia (the smallest state, population-wise).  This really annoyed the Virginians.  Regardless, the Articles of Confederation failed, and the Electoral College (along with the bicameral nature of the legislature) was a way to strike a balance between state sovereignty and population.  Now, originally, any number of people could run for President (they still can, in theory, but not in reality).  The top two became President and Vice President, accordingly.  This was changed with the Twelfth Amendment after the President and Vice-President of different parties were chosen, causing much chaos.  But the original intent was this:  In a race between six candidates, it was possible a demagogue could troll the bottom 20% of the population and win, whereas the other, qualified candidates only got 16% each.

Now, with the two party system, this is no longer the case.  You would have to argue that 46% of the population is stupid and deserve to have their vote overturned.  Now, this truly is the Left’s belief.  They really do look down at those living in rural areas.  Ergo, the will of that huge red swath between New York and California mean little to them.  As Marx said, the city folk need to save the country folk from their own stupidity (look it up if you don’t believe me).  And this is what Hollywood believes.  Oh, those poor, backwards, red-neck, inbreeds.  They don’t know how stupid they are.  They need a benevolent dictator to do what’s in their best self-interest.  They’re too dumb to know what’s good for them.  [Google C.S. Lewis and Robber Barons for a GREAT quote of the tyranny that's for our own never ends.]

So, what if the Left got its way?

Well, if the election was given to Hillary: Civil War.  No joke.  That’s what we’re talking about.  At least a couple of million dead.

If the Democrats all voted for a Establishment Republican and enough Republicans joined forces to elect a Jeb Bush (etc): The death of the Republican Party.  It should also kill the Democrat party, but it won’t.  They’ll forgive them because “They saved us from Trump.”

But even if Civil War was averted, it will be the end of American elections.  Why bother voting?  The Electoral College will choose who is president regardless of our wishes.  It is the appearance of a representative democracy, only.  It is a farce.  They will allow your vote as long as it pleases the powers that be.  Once that genie is released, it will never be put back in the bottle.

Even if you believe that Russia wanted Trump to win…seriously…do you think Putin didn’t want Barack to win?  The wide-eyed idealist with zero experience and the spine reminiscent of an earthworm over a war-hardened veteran like McCain or a savvy business tycoon that understood the threat Russia posed?  Ha!  Putin ran circles around Barak, and Putin loved that Barack won both times.  Hillary posed little problem for Putin, so I doubt he worried too much about her gaining power anyway.  But even if you think Russia views Trump as the better option…which is the best option for us: Four years of Trump as President or civil war?  Because that’s your choice, peeps.  Choose wisely.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz

Posted by Troy on 26th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Bernie Sanders betrayed his supporters and “philosophies” by supporting Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton is the antitheses of what Bernie professed.  No one exemplifies Wall Street and trade deals like Hillary.  Not to mention the crooked deals, the email scandal, and the rigged primary.  Of course, many people would say that I’m just playing favorites.  They might ask why I came down on Cruz for not endorsing Trump but I am coming down on Bernie for supporting Hillary.  So here’s the difference:

Trump won.

Trump won straight up.  If anything, he was able to win despite the deck being stacked against him, Hollywood being against him, commentators being against him, and Republican leadership against him.  Cruz lost fair and square.  If anything, the aforementioned items gave Cruz a leg up, but he still lost.  Cruz also agreed to support the winner.  I will agree that Trump’s personal attacks may have made it so that Cruz could not support Trump.  However, the honorable thing to do in that case is to just not show up, which is de facto not supporting Trump but would at least give the appearance of not going back on his word.

Bernie lost in a rigged system.  You have the DNC colluding with news media to assist Hillary Clinton.  You have Debbie scheduling debates at times when no one with a life would be home to watch it.  At every turn, Bernie was maligned.  Even when he was still in the running, the DNC was pushing him out.  In all cases, the DNC sought to control the direction of the election and choose their candidate.  He also never agreed to support Hillary.

What people don’t realize is that Bernie is not the leader of Bernie supporters.  Bernie has given them a choice: reject Bernie or become hypocrites.  I think that Bernie supporters realize that.  Bernie has sold his voting block.  We don’t know what the price is, but Bernie supporters aren’t stupid.

I don’t know if Bernie supporters will support Trump, but I think at least some cannot possibly support Hillary.  Doing so makes them hypocrites.  I also would be sickened by the DNC’s treatment of them, invoking Bernie’s name like they were invoking Jesus’s name.  “Bernie says,” and they are but puppets on the string.

That’s the difference.

Long Live the Constitution!

Whinin’ Ted Cruz

Posted by Troy on 22nd July 2016 in Current Events, Political

I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary.  However, Glenn Beck really turned me off from him when he kept referring to Trump supporters as “Brown Shirts.”  If I want to hear Republicans referred to as Nazis, I will listen to someone on the Left, thank you.  In fact, I would say that Trump was my fourth choice in the primary (Rand > Carson > Cruz > Trump > then maybe Rubio if I have enough Scotch…).

I find Ted’s behavior at the convention to be intolerable.  Everyone knows what he intended when he referred to “voting your conscience.”  It was a reference to the movement to unbind the delegates so that people would not have to vote for Trump.

After it blew up in his face, he turned around and said that there was no way that he could support Trump because of the attacks against Ted’s wife and father.

I’ll be frank, if Jeb had mounted similar tactics and attacks in an attempt to steal the nomination away from Cruz, the Glenn Becks of the world would talk about how the establishment is trying to steal the election from them after they won fair and square.  This is clearly a case of sour grapes.

It is also clear that Ted Cruz WANTS Trump to lose against Hillary.  He would prefer it.  It’s a punishment to America for not picking Cruz and after four years of Hillary, he will be able to say two things:  1) that if they had chosen Cruz, he would have beat Hillary (unprovable) and 2) that he is the antithesis of Hillary (which, in fairness, is probably true).

What he neglects to point out that is that we will lose the Supreme Court.  As such, his election in 2020 would be absolutely meaningless.

I think that he has killed any chance he had for a shot at the Presidency.  He may have even destroyed his own Senate seat.  But maybe not.  Maybe he’s popular enough in Texas where he will be forgiven, but it is going to be difficult for anyone to trust him after his behavior.

He made a pledge to support the eventual nominee.  Apparently, like everyone else, they just wanted that pledge to prevent Trump from running third party.  Since Trump won, that agreement has been voided.  Interesting.  I understand the hurt feelings regarding the comments about his wife and father.  However, if Cruz felt he could not support Trump, the honorable thing would either to 1) use his speech to completely bash Hillary and end with “We must not allow her to become President!”  (This would have been effective), or 2) just not go.

This episode only cheapens Cruz, does nothing to defeat Hillary, and leaves Trump largely unaffected.

Long Live the Constitution!

Republican Convention and Speaker Darrell Scott

Posted by Troy on 20th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Don’t get me wrong.  Eric Trump did great.  It’s always nice to hear a son talk about his dad, and you could see the pride in Donald’s eyes watching his son.  Really touching moment.  However, the highlight for the night to me was Darrell Scott.  Oh my God, I feel sorry for the old white guy that had to follow that act.  That guy brought such excitement to the room with a great message and a resounding support for Donald Trump.  I really feel like he should have been the last speaker, with all do respect to the Vice Presidential nominee.  Trump needs to pay Darrell Scott to campaign for him across this country.  He’s worth whatever price he would charge to do so.  Hallelujah!

Another thing that occurs to me…Trump is the head of a huge organization with many, many employees.  Where are the droves of past employees trashing the guy?  Doesn’t that speak volumes about the man?  Meanwhile, droves of past Secret Service agents will tell you how god-awful Hillary is, and these were people that were supposed to take a bullet for her.  I mean…if you’re not nice to the guy that’s supposed to take a bullet for you, who the hell are you nice to?

Long Live the Constitution!

Republican Debate Fox Business

Posted by Troy on 10th November 2015 in Uncategorized

Fox Business really showed how it’s done.   A great debate.  Very well moderated.  No theatrics.  Very informative.  A+ Fox Business.  Can’t wait to see the Democratic debate on Fox Business.  HA HA HA…

Okay, let’s do the same format as before.

From the biggest loser to the biggest winners:

John Kasich showed his true colors.  He believes that government is the answer.  Free enterprise is all well and good until things get rough, then it’s up to the government to step in and save the day.  He’s toast.

Jeb Bush needed to shine, and he didn’t.  He’s gone.

Carly Fiorina needed to shine and she didn’t.  Also, Rand Paul took her to task over Russia in the Middle East and showed her up.  She didn’t do bad, and I would love to see her debate Hillary Clinton, but she didn’t do anything to help herself.  The fact that she lacks a magnetic personality also hurts her.

Donald Trump finally had someone slap him down.  Rand Paul took him to task over the Asian trade agreement and embarrassed him.  You can tell how bad it was by the way Trump did not lash back.  He knew it was a mistake and wanted the moment to pass.  It wasn’t a bad night overall for him, but it was a weaker performance that previous ones.  However, no one up there understands marketing the way he does.  He stays on message.  Whenever he talks about the future, it is GLORIOUS!  Vote for him, and America is going to be super awesome!!!!  Seriously, an election is just marketing, and he understands marking better than anyone else out there.  Do NOT count him out.

Ted Cruz had a solid performance with a couple of hiccups.  Nothing major, but not perfect.  He’s solid as a Constitutional hawk.  He will be the candidate that wants Constitutional constraints domestically while still allowing for “flexibility” in using the military for foreign policy without declaration of war.

Marco Rubio was a big winner.  He had a solid performance.  He got owned by Rand Paul at one point.  Still, he was a big winner because Bush and Kasich are losers.  Rubio will be the establishment’s guy in the end.  However, the establishment vote only represents 24% of the votes.  This is less than Trump and on par with Carson.  If I look at the remaining people, I don’t think they are going to go to Rubio. Rubio was a darling of the Tea Party.  He got to Washington and sold out.  Tea Party types assume that, once you do that, you will flip-flop whenever needed.  The only way he wins the primary is if the Super-PACs manage to convince Republican voters that only a moderate Latino could beat Hillary, and that is going to be the unspoken messaging for him.

Carson was a winner because he maintained his calm persona.  He spoke with such hope.  He gave good answers.  And he is just the most likable human being I’ve ever seen.

The biggest winner tonight was Rand Paul.  He showed everyone up and proved he is the only one that really has an interest in fixing the budget (regardless of what Kasich says…anyone for bailouts is for national debt).  He also did a great job advancing libertarianism and shaping the debate.  He will not be moving up in the polls to the upper tiers, but he did a great job of showing why he is relevant and why libertarianism is relevant.

Long Live the Constitution

Trump’s Offer to Obama and Racism

Posted by Troy on 25th October 2012 in Current Events

The most famous birther, Donald Trump, has offered Obama $5,000,000 if he merely releases his student and passport records.

Of course, the reason Trump has done this is because he believes there is proof that Obama claimed to be a foreign exchange student to get into college for less money (that or he really was born in whatever country he claimed on his applications).  As a side benefit, if all the classes he took were communist type stuff or he got by with C-’s in everything, that would be alright too.

In the past, Obama has claimed that there is nothing embarrassing in his records and refused to release them on the grounds that the charge is ridiculous.

However, now there is money involved.  So, what will happen?  I believe Obama will not release his records, and he will not do so because there is something in there (whatever it is) that he doesn’t want people to see.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing in there that has any bearing to anyone other than himself.  Someone may refuse to give up an e-mail password to protect the privacy of those who have written them.  There is no equivalent in this scenario.  The only person he could be defending is himself.  The only other possible reason to refuse the request is due to pride, “You can’t make me do it.”  $5,000,000 feeds a lot of people.  If someone can’t sallow their pride just a little, what’s their problem?

Question: a man has a gun to the head of a five-year-old little girl.  He says he will let her live if you do the “I’m a little tea cup” song and dance.  You believe 100% that he is a man of his word.  Would you do it?  You would.  Would you be furious at someone that didn’t because they would be damned if someone would force them to act like a fool?  You would.

How have Obama supporters responded?  Well, viciously against Trump.  I really don’t understand why.  He’s not forcing Obama to do a thing.  It reminds me of a show called “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.”  They would offer a contestant $5,000 to destroy their childhood teddybear or other sentimental thing.  You could have called the show “People will do anything for money.”  However, the host wasn’t the one that destroyed the teddybear.  That was the contestant, and that was a sign of their priorities.  I wouldn’t go around in drag, but if someone were to give $5,000,000 to charity if I did, I would gladly do it and do it with a sense of humor.

The next charge is that it’s racism.  How?  It just doesn’t work.  It’s definitely anti-Obamaism, but there’s a lot of that going around.  It’s just like when they talk about “dog whistle” language or systematic racism.  It’s so there, but you totally can’t see it man.  For instance, I hear Romney say, “Good morning,” and what I subliminally hear is “Let’s have us a lynchin’!”  That’s the charge.  Same thing with systematic racism which is to say that because blacks have a harder time securing financing in proportion to whites, this is a sign of systematic racism and has nothing to do with the larger fact that there are economic reasons which cause this to be.  Those who like to trot out racism as a defense or a guilt bat have resorted to this because racism is no where near the levels it was back in the 50s and 60s, so they have to change the definition to that of a thought crime, but even more so than that!  Instead, it’s a subliminal thought crime.  It’s a thought that you don’t even know you are thinking, and you should be ashamed!

Obama will not release his records.  He can hide behind pride or whatever, but the real reason is that he is hiding something.  If I had to guess, it’s all three: he lied to enhance his chances of admission and scholarships, he got poor grades due to too much partying, and he took every class he could on subjects most people would steer clear of.  If we’re wrong, the Obama should release his records.  There would be no greater revenge than making Trump into a laughing stock and making him spend $5,000,000 to a charity.

Long Live the Constitution!