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Fool’s Gold

Posted by Troy on 30th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

Anyone who promotes gold in case of the “collapse of the dollar”/”downfall of society” is being disingenuous.  First of all, if you really believe such a thing is going to happen, what are you going to buy with gold?  One ounce is $1,500.  Are you going to chip off a little for a loaf of bread?  That brings up the second point.  If this happens, you’re not going to find food.  Third, even if you find food, no one is going to want to sell it to you for cash or gold or anything else.  A potato is worth a potato.  In the face of starvation, gold is completely worthless.  $1,500 buys a ton of food right now.  You’re much better off buying a lot of durable (canned etc) foods and hoarding it.  This can also be bartered easily.  You’re much better off buying some food, guns for protection, and some land in the country for farming and hunting if it comes down to it.  The final point I want to make is that gold actually makes you a target.  You go around paying for stuff in gold, you’re gonna get killed.