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Chris Christie is “innocent”

Posted by Troy on 17th January 2014 in Current Events, Political

Notice the quotation marks?  Let’s be honest.  No politician is ever innocent.  At least, not once you get up to the state level.  I’m going to be brutally honest, I do not like Chris Christie.  He is an Imperial, a state-ist.  If he becomes president, he will be no different than President Obama.  He will abuse his power and refuse to be questioned.  Same as Obama.  At first, I liked Christie.  He didn’t allow reporters to take him down illusionary paths.  He didn’t allow people to take his arguments out of context.  He also didn’t allow people to take arguments to the realm of the insane.  All of these seemed like positives.  Then I realized that he never allowed ANYONE to question him.    Finally, he would be a disaster as president as he is unable to control his emotions.

All of that being said, I think he is innocent in regards to the bridge.  Why?  Well, because of the opposite reason for why I doubt Obama’s innocence in his scandals: Chris Christie fired people.  He also stepped up, admitted wrong-doing, and accepted responsibility.  How is this different that Obama’s reaction to every single scandal?  Step 1 – Deny the scandal.  Step 2 – Try to thwart any investigation into the scandal.  Step 3 – When it’s clear that the truth is known, admit that there is something wrong and you are going to investigate it and people will be held accountable.  Step 4 – Rely on the fact that people have their own lives to concern them and will basically forget about it and never hold anyone accountable.

What did Christie do differently?  He admitted the mistake.  He fired people.  These people are now subject to possible legal actions because of this.  That makes them more likely to turn on Christie if he had done anything wrong.  Obama cannot fire anyone because they would squeal on him, and he knows it.

What did the media do differently?  Wall to wall coverage of Chris Christie and full implication that he is guilty.

What did the federal government do differently?  Immediately assumed his guilt, issued a DOJ investigation, and issued 20 subpoenas.

In an afterthought, the hero of the story?  The underling that received the instruction “time for traffic problems” and responded “got it.”  Two words.  That’s it.  That guy is worth his weight in gold, and I’d love to hire him.

Long Live the Constitution.

Eric Holder will Resign

Posted by Troy on 18th June 2012 in Current Events

I have been predicting that Eric Holder will resign, and I will keep saying this as well.  I know that he is trying to hold on until the elections (one way or another) in order not to hurt Obama’s campaign, but I believe that outrage will continue to grow.  Eventually, not even the mainstream media can continue to ignore the scandal.  Now 17,000 border control agents have grouped together to call for his resignation.  I think that he is going to buckle soon.  The amount of stress he must be feeling is incredible.  It would be hard enough if he was telling the truth, but keeping a lie of this magnitude going when it is clear everyone knows you’re lying must be unbearable.  I don’t think he can survive for five more months.

Bad Week for the Obama Administration

Posted by Troy on 7th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

Eric Holder has less and less wiggle room as the investigation narrows down.  With what we know now, it is clear that he either lied about what he knew about the Fast and the Furious, or he is utterly incompetent.  There’s really no other excuse.  Now they have wiretapping request that specifically spell out what was going on, and they were signed off on.  This means that they either knew about Fast and the Furious or they are just signing stuff without actually reading it.  Which one of these options do you like best?  I don’t know how Holder still has his job, honestly.

Now even Democrats are starting to get upset with Obama over all the security leaks.  It is clear that someone is leaking this information trying to make Obama look good, but it is destroying our ability to take advantage of these tactics going forward.  He bragged about Seal Team Six and how we found Osama, and now our doctor friend is in jail for 38 years.  We’ve taken credit for shutting down Iran’s computers.  I for one liked them not knowing it was us.  Then there is this stupid kill list thing, which is a grey area.  Personally, I would think his supporters would be pissed over the kill list and it will backfire, but we will see.

Long Live the Constitution!

DOJ pleads the Fifth

Posted by Troy on 20th January 2012 in Current Events

Ya know, this is going to be an inconsistent stance for me here…government officials, when performing their duties, should not be allowed to plead the Fifth.  I know that this is a Constitutional right, and they are still individuals entitled to it.  However, the sins committed here were by the government agency itself, not the underlings.  As far as that goes, the highest person on the totem that knew what was going on should be sent to jail, and all others should be held more or less blameless if they spill their guts.  This would be an incentive to come forward and blow the whistle.  When we allow government agencies to get away with crimes, we put everyone’s liberties at risk.

Long Live the Constitution!