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Trump is Eating Hillary’s Lunch

Posted by Troy on 13th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

He rolled out his child-care plan.  Wow.  Fantastic.  A great boon to parents, who are a large voting block.  Of course, the Left went nuts.  Trump wasn’t supposed to do this, and so they talked about how this will tick off Republicans.  Amazing…instead of applauding the plan, they are saying that their opposition will hate the plan.  We are in weird times.  Let’s go through this.

1 – There will be a new deduction for parents for the average cost of child care.  How is a tax deduction not a Republican idea?  Great idea.  Fantastic, really.

2 – They will create savings accounts for medical expenses.  When the child turns eighteen, the amount put into this account can be used for higher education.  How is encouraging savings not a Republican idea?

3 – They will allow the deduction for elderly care expenses.  Again…deduction.

4 – They will have paid maternity leave, done through Unemployment Insurance.  Now, this one is a bit iffy on the Republican thing, but you can easily just cut the amount of time allowed to be on Unemployment from 99 weeks down to 12 weeks, and we’re done.  That easily pays for this part of it.

You can tell how scared the Left is because none of them covered this speech, and as of the writing of this blog, there is pretty much nothing on and some other such sites.  Hillary should be scared.  She has demonized 20% of Americans.  In fairness, I believe she holds a full 50-70% of us in disdain.  All she can do is talk bad about Trump.  Meanwhile, Trump is running all over the place.  Giving big speeches and holding big rallies.  He beat her to Louisiana.  He beat her to Mexico.  He beat her to this.  He will beat her to the next thing.  And what does she have to offer?  He talks of unity and a brighter future.  She talks about more of the same and how terrible things will be if Trump wins.  She can’t say how wonderful things will be under her because things will stay the exact same.

I predicted last year that Trump would beat Hillary because:

1 – He’s energetic.  She looks tired and old.

2 – He speaks of patriotism and optimism that the future will get better.  She’s doom and gloom.

3 - He’s fun, dynamic, and interesting.  She is so boring, and when she’s not boring, she’s shrill.

And now it begins.  The media has been on prevent defense since May.  They have been carrying her water.  They have been trying to generate enthusiasm for her and shame for Trump.  They demonize Trump at every turn.  They take everything he says out of context of blows it out of proportion.  Meanwhile, Hillary is protected and advanced.

And even with all this, she is slipping in the polls.  This slippage will not stop.  It will continue.  The more you see of Hillary, the less you like her.  The more you see of Trump, the more you realize the media is utterly bias.

Long Live the Constitution!