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Proposed Unconstitutional Moves

Posted by Troy on 9th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

In response to the issues facing us today, some people are proposing broad, unrestrained, executive power as the solution.  In layman’s terms, turning the President into a dictator.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1)  For the debt limit – Let’s just mint a one trillion dollar platinum coin.  This would be used to pay off the debt.  Wow, yeah, the rest of the world couldn’t figure out that this is the same as printing one trillion more dollar bills and paying off debt, monetizing the debt.  Peachy.

2)  For the debt limit – Give the President the power under the Fourteenth Amendment to raise the debt limit as he sees fit.  I still don’t understand what interpretation supports this.  Congress has control over all spending.  That includes the debt limit.

3) Gun control – Use some sort of executive order to work around Congress to counter a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Here’s an answer to all of these tactics.  If he uses any of these tactics, he is acting in direct opposition to the Constitution.  All of these issues are meant to be addressed by the three co-equal branches of government.  Laws are meant to be written and passed by the Legislative Branch, signed into law and enforced by the Executive Branch, and interpreted by the Judicial Branch.  When one branch takes it upon themselves to make, interpret, and enforce the laws, that is the act of a dictator, and he MUST be impeached.  Of course, people are too chicken to say it.  He could burn the Constitution on live TV, and anyone calling for his impeachment would be called a racist extremist.  Oh well, huh?

Long Live the Constitution!

Debt ceiling to increase again

Posted by Troy on 28th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama is going to raise the debt ceiling (after continuously saying that doing so was destructive).  In the end, we will never do anything to the debt until we get rid of (not reform) entitlements. 

If I went out and bought a Lamborghini, the payments would crush me.  I would be unable to afford it and the house and food or anything else.  I would have two choices, return the car on my own or wait for the bank to take everything from me (including the car).  I will lose the car either way, but I might as well keep the house instead of losing that too.

Long Live the Constitution!

DOW crashes – S&P Downgrade – Tea Party Downgrade

Posted by Troy on 8th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

The spin is out…this is the “Tea Party Downgrade.”  This is a complete lie.  S&P downgraded our debt based upon our deficit spending.  The Tea Party is all about cutting the debt.  The Democrats originally wanted just a debt increase without any added income or reduced spending.  That should tell you where they are.  At best, they are at the status quo.  However, prior speeches by key Democrats state that they think that we should reduce the debt but continue to “invest” in our future.  Investing is a codeword for spending.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again.  The only time to have deficit spending is in Congressionally declared war or to fund a major project which is exceptional/temporary in nature.  It is okay to borrow in order to build an interstate system.  However, we cannot borrow to maintain the road system.  Ask any business owner.  They will tell you that it is okay to borrow in order to do a remodel.  However, if you are having to borrow constantly in order to  buy inventory and make payroll, you might as well close down.  If your normal revenues cannot cover your day-to-day expenses, it is unsustainable.

Long Live the Constitution!

Moody’s Downgrades America’s Debt

Posted by Troy on 25th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Everyone is worried that Moody’s will downgrade America’s debt if we do not raise the debt limit.  I would like to point out that this is ridiculous.  Imagine if you went in to get a loan and you already had three mortgages on your house.  The debt officer tells you that you that he can’t give you a loan because you’re becoming a bad credit risk.  Do you think that his opinion is going to improve because you come back and tell him you just got a new credit cards?

Moody’s downgrades based upon the entity’s ability to pay.  Right now, we have run-away spending, and Moody is beginning to doubt we can do that.  If they read you the entire report, Moody says that in order to not downgrade our debt, we would have to raise the debt ceiling AND put into place spending cuts and systematic reforms.  Lets see if we can get Cut, Cap, and Balance.

Long Live the Constitution!

Cut, Cap, and Balance

Posted by Troy on 19th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

I like the house plan which is cut, cap, and balance.  They will raise the debt limit in exchange for current cuts, a cap of 19.9% of GDP in the future by 2021, and starting a balanced budget amendment.  Obama has said that 19.9% of the American GDP is unrealistic and he doesn’t need a balance budget amendment to do his job and will veto it.  It’s the only deal that makes sense.  Why do we ever need more than 19.9% of the US GDP in government spending!!!!  Unreal!  Really, the only time we should have ANY debt spending is in a time of War as declared by Congress or a massive infrastructure project (and I don’t even think then as that will just encourage politicians to keep massive projects going).

Tough Decisions

Posted by Troy on 13th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Jay Carney recently said that the politicians need to make the tough decision, own up to their responsibilities, and increase the debt ceiling instead of talking about a balanced budget amendment.  Since when is this the tough decision?  Since when is opting to spend more money than you have considered responsible as opposed to opting to live within your means?

If you had a friend that was deep in debt, and he called you up to tell you that his troubles were over because he just went out and got a Line of Credit from the bank.  Would you congratulate him? 

What a moron.  It’s just empty words to advance their position.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama and the Debt Ceiling

Posted by Troy on 5th July 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama stands to win on the Debt Ceiling.  We might as well just give up and vote along with him, honestly.  Obama wants to tear this country apart.  He is just as comfortable in letting us default as he is drowning us in debt.  That’s the truth.  If we default, if there is any negative effects from this grandstanding, Obama can blame the economy in 2012 on the Republicans, coast to a victory, and we are done.  We will be finished.  There will be no chance to repeal Obamacare unless the Supreme Court just throws it out.  America will have fallen.  Perhaps, after total economic collapse and repeal of Social Security and Medicare, we can come back, but that’s assuming the Chinese and Russians don’t team up and overrun the world.

Flash Mobs, Greece, Wolf Packing – Coming to a City Near You

Posted by Troy on 28th June 2011 in Current Events

We have seen the effectiveness of Facebooking in the “Muslim Spring.”  I have wondered if these are dry runs.  Now, gangs of youths are using Facebook and other media to mimic flash mobs to show up at a given store and rob it blind.  The kids are calling this “Wolf Packing.”  Finally, I look to Greece and the riots in the street.  Given the Democrats insistence that they don’t have to do anything about spending (let alone the fact that they say that cutting spending at all would be irresponsible), we are headed that way. When it comes time for us to cut “benefits” (legal theft), look for the Left to use Facebook and other ways to organize massive protests and riots to try to overthrow the system.  Go ahead and figure out what you want to do.  Thank God, I live in the country.  You people in the big cities are going to have problems.  I’d arm yourselves if I were you.

Debt Ceiling

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2011 in Current Events, Political

The President has called for a straight up and down vote for the debt ceiling.  The Republicans are calling his bluff and said that they would give it to him.  In other words, they have tallied the votes, and they have the votes to shoot it down.  I agree with the Republicans holding out for raising the debt ceiling in exchange for drastic cuts.  Obama has said that they need to vote for the debt ceiling and then they will deal with with cuts as a separate matter.  No married person alive would fall for that trick.  You never cast off your sole bargaining chip without securing a deal.