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My Epstein conspiracy theory

Posted by Troy on 12th August 2019 in Current Events

It is hard to believe it is a simple suicide given all the facts and circumstances.  So here is my conspiracy theory:

He was part of a ring.  Patrons were given girls of a certain age, a safe place to practice their taste, and the promise of anonymity.  In exchange for this, they agreed to an expensive price tag and to be videoed or photographed.  This was to assure mutual protection.

Epstein was the concierge and was afforded a billionaire lifestyle as payment and as a cover to how he had all these high power friends.

Epstein was saved once, but now there is too much attention and he could not be saved again.  As such, he was ordered to kill himself to make good on the mutual protection pact.

There ya go.

Long live the Constitution!

Death of Spider-Man

Posted by Troy on 26th December 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment, Human Nature

I like to cover silly things sometimes.  I will now use this time to cover Marvel “killing” Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man).  In this case, Peter’s brain is going to be switched with Dr. Octopus, giving him Otto’s super-intelligence, Spider-Man’s powers, and Peter Parker’s memories (huh?).  So this leads to the inevitable question…if it’s Peter’s body and his memories, isn’t that Peter then?  This is an interesting twist to an old sci-fi question: what happens when someone’s brain is transplanted into another body or a robot or whatever.  This is more interesting because Peter is the same…except that he is smarter.  We’ll assume that somehow he has retained the knowledge as well as raw intellect of his arch-enemy.  So, how will that affect someone?  Could you imagine if you gained 100 IQ points overnight.  Do you think you could still relate to the same people and same hobbies (etc) as before?  I would imagine that a possible tract would be to have the hero become more disdainful of those he seeks to protect, possibly losing some of his goodness, viewing those people as expendable or beneath him.

However, they are probably using this reboot to make the hero more powerful.  I hope this is not the case.  I never enjoyed Superman growing up because he was too powerful.  He could blow out a distant star with his breath.  It’s hard to beat that guy.  As such, he wasn’t interesting.  However, I always liked The Punisher for the opposite reason.  He was someone that could easily be killed and had to rely on his wits and toughness to survive, but he felt compelled to fight crime.  To me, that made him more interesting.

I know many fans are upset, but it’s too early to tell how this will turn out.  Hopefully the writers will be able to make the story interesting.

Romney Killed My Wife!

Posted by Troy on 9th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

A new attack ad on Romney claims that his shutting down a plant caused a man’s wife to die.  Shall we also charge liquor store owners with drunk driving deaths then?  What about you eating crab when someone dies on The Most Dangerous Catch?  Do you see where we are going?  Did you know that it is a given that x number of workers will be killed building a road or building a building?  If we set a speed limit of 35 miles per hour, we would have virtually zero fatalities on the road.  Does your desire not to take seven forevers in getting somewhere mean that you are directly responsible for these deaths?  Sounds that way, really.  Is it a company’s objective to provide health care to people?  Nope.  It’s to make a profit.  If you owned a business that wasn’t profitable, you wouldn’t sit there and keep losing money.  Would you?  If you would, it’s no small wonder that you don’t own a business.

Here’s the real answer to this attack, and it’ll never be said.  Sometimes, life sucks.  Sometimes, life is unfair.  Everyone you know will eventually die.  Sometimes through no fault of their own.  Perhaps, if the steel mill had been left open, the husband would have fallen into a vat of molten steel and died, and his wife still would have died of cancer.  Life is crazy and unpredictable.  The only thing we can do is play the hand we are dealt to the best of our abilities.  I’m sorry that the man’s wife died, but Romney’s no more to blame than anyone else.  This isn’t to mention the fact that she died 7 years after he was fired and had insurance of her own.

Life isn’t fair.  Deal with it.

Long Live the Constitution!

Ron Paul – Killin’ People

Posted by Troy on 13th September 2011 in Political

Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if we should let someone (specifically a 30 year old with a good job – I guess the old or poor are free game in his book) die if they opt to not buy health insurance.  People cheered.

What people who misinterpret this do not understand is that this comes down to freedom.  This is much like the “right to be miserable” from Brave New World.  You are free to roll the dice and take your chances.  You get a LOT more money in your pocket if you do this.  I did this for three years.  However, I expected no one to pick up the tab if something did happen.  If I had been in an accident, they would have had to open an account for me, and I would be expected to make payments until the day I died.  That’s fair.  People who don’t buy insurance and expect to be taken care of when they get sick or hurt are the same people who don’t buy into the lottery pool at work because it’s throwing money away and then demand to be cut in on the profits after they hit the jackpot.

Of course, Ron Paul’s defense should have been.  “How much do you make?  Did you know for a mere $1,000 a month you could keep x number of people from starving to death?  Why haven’t you given up this money?  After All, you don’t need it.”  This has always been my gripe with socialists.  I’ll respect Michael Moore when he’s living in a trailer and donating all his money to the less fortunate. 

Long Live the Constitution!

Fear of Death

Posted by Troy on 5th June 2011 in Human Nature

I always tell people fearing death is fearing the sun will set.  It is going to happen.  There’s no use fretting about it.  Besides, accepting mortality is very liberating.  The worst thing that could happen to you is death, and this is going to happen anyway, so what does it matter anyway?

Osama bin Laden – Alternate theories

Posted by Troy on 4th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

The disposal of the only evidence in the matter sheds doubt.  Was Osama bin Laden really killed on May 1, 2011?  Possible explanations:

Obama, fearful of reprisal from Muslim Extremists and trying to win the hearts of un-extreme Muslims, buries the body at sea.  This destroys the only real proof of bin Laden’s death and really annoys our closest allies that want to see the body.  This is, however, completely in Obama’s character.  I give this a 50% chance of being the true story.  The only reason why it is so high is that it would involve too many players to blow the secret and there were survivors of the raid which (I assume) cooraborate that Osama was there. 

Osama died either in the raid of Tora Bora or of disease and we discovered it.  Perhaps we found his corpse in the mountains and identified the body.  We staged this assault for a Hooray moment and to boost Obama’s tanking popularity (which isn’t going to work…being unemployed and paying $5 for gas still sucks even with Osama dead).  I give this a 45% chance of being the truth.

Finally, what would seal the problems with both these stories is that he wasn’t killed at all.  Instead, he was taken alive and is being interrogated.  They staged the funeral so that Muslim extremists wouldn’t continually suicide bomb stuff demanding his release.  However, I don’t think that Obama has the guts to pull this off.  I give this a 5% chance.

The other possibility is that they reached an agreement with Osama bin Laden to fake his death in exchange for information, et cetera.  I feel this is remote.  I put no chance to this one.

The fact of the matter is that they are continually changing their story.  It’s like listening to a teenager who keeps building a tower of lies to cover up other lies.  It’s like they are focus testing the story as they go, and if it’s not polling right, they change it.  Something very odd is going on with the whole thing.