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White House Amnesty Deal – Democrats Suck at this Game

Posted by Troy on 26th January 2018 in Current Events, Political

People on the right went nuts at Trump’s deal.  He’s going to give 1.8 million illegals citizenship?  He’s going to let them have chain migration?  He’s not even getting e-verify?  And the only thing he really gets out of the deal is a wall?  This is madness.  This will cost Republicans the 2018 election!

Of course, I doubted the whole thing.  I think Trump offered it to prove a point.  He gave the Democrats everything they wanted for those poor, unfortunate “dreamers.”  More than legal status…citizenship.  He knew that it would prove that the Democrat’s don’t care about the dreamers.  Well, they might, but that’s not what the fight was about.  The fight is about having an open border.  That is all they truly care about.  If they cared about the dreamers and protecting them, they take the deal.

And the Democrats fell for it!  It was an obvious trap, and they took the cheese and whip-snap when the trap.  My god… how stupid can they be?

Here was the winning move, morons:  Take the deal to defend the dreamers.  Paint the wall as racist.  Run on that in 2018.  Defund the wall.

For all the people out there that think Trump is stupid, here’s a true story.  There was a chess tournament.  A chess master was being beaten by his challenger and stood in his chair and yelled, “Why must I be beaten by this idiot?!”  If your opponent is an idiot and he is beating you…what does that say about you?

Long Live the Constitution!

Georgia to use Criminals to Replace Illegal Aliens in the Fields

Posted by Troy on 15th June 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

The new law in Georgia has caused some problems.  Now, all employers have to check an employee’s work status.  As a result, a lot of illegals are fleeing in droves.  Governor Deal has suggested that we use ex-convicts to replace these laborers.  I can do one better.  Why don’t we bring back the chain gang?  Oh, I know that they’ve decided that’s cruel and unusual, so why don’t we do this: Make if voluntary.  If they participate, ever year they work removes an additional year off their sentence.  Effectively, they could cut their jail time in half.  Also, we will pay them minimum wage to be paid to a escrow account to be paid to them upon their release.  If they try to escape or attack anyone, they get all their jail time back again (plus some) and lose all their wages as punishment and are not allowed to participate in the program anymore.

Long Live the Constitution!