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Connecticut Teen has No Right to Deny Treatment

Posted by Troy on 8th January 2015 in Current Events

The court ordered the family to give their seventeen-year-old daughter chemotherapy even though the daughter didn’t want to receive treatment.  They took her away and put her in protective custody.  The family relented.  After the first round of chemo, she ran away from home.  They hunted her down and dragged her back.  A court has ruled that she has no right to refuse treatment.

I am so against this on so many levels.  At what age does someone know enough about life to decide to die?  Could they say that a thirty-year-old doesn’t have a right to die?  And yet, a thirteen-year-old has a right to get an abortion or birth control without parental involvement.  Interesting how that works.  Query: if the parents don’t want it, and the child doesn’t want it, who has a right to demand that someone under go medical treatments that costs tens of thousands of dollars?  Who’s going to pay for that, exactly?

Long Live the Constitution!

President Obama is Unconstitutional

Posted by Troy on 25th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Thank you to the court which has said what I’ve been saying: This President is Unconstitutional!  Recess appointments were provided for when Congress used to meet for 3 months and then THEY WENT HOME!  It was not so the President could appoint whoever he wanted over the weekend or what have you.  If one Senator wants to sit in the building and declare themselves “in session,” that is a check and balance.  If we say that the President has the ability to say when the Senate is in recess, what would be to stop him from saying that they are in recess just because they are out to lunch?  This was clearly is way AROUND the Constitution, and that’s something he’s very interested in on a day to day basis.

Long Live the Constitution!