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Cops Shot in Dallas

Posted by Troy on 7th July 2016 in Current Events

So, two black men were shot by police in other cities.  These shootings are currently under investigation by police.  The obvious response is for someone to shoot two cops who had nothing to do with the situation.

There are going to be two groups of people.  There is going to be a certain part of the population which will say that this proves that we need to do something to end the systematic racism and murder of blacks by police officers.  And the others that view these incidents as unfortunate rarities.  What this is to say is that there are people that believe that this is the reality of the world, and there are others that do not believe this reality.

I am not going to debate this reality question.  I think that people have pretty much made up their minds on the matter one way or another, and I don’t want to waste my time either way.

What I want to say is: arm yourselves.  Either one of two things will happen.  Either the first group of people will win and cops will stop doing their jobs (as they have done in Baltimore and other big cities which have since seen murder rates skyrocket) or this group will become more militant, and we will begin to see more situations like Dallas.

Of course, the major concern on my mind, and one that I will be watching in the coming months, is if our Dictator in Chief will declare martial law.  Remember, he ran in 2004 saying that we needed a domestic peacekeeping force as large and equally funded as the US Military.  As I’ve always said…who is such a force going to fight?  Last time I checked…Americans are the only people here…well…also illegals, but Obama would NEVER send police forces after them.

Long Live the Constitution!

The argument for and against the racist society

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2015 in Current Events

People look at the happenings of Baltimore, and there are two conclusions: 1) Either the entire system is racist or 2) there are reasons for these events which are irrelevant of race.

The argument that the entire system is racist is based upon a mathematical construct.  The baseline belief is this: if blacks make up 40% of the population, it would be expected that they would also make up 40% of the prison population.  Since the prison population is much greater than that, it mathematically proves that the system is racist.  This logic is also applied to proportion rich, proportion educated, etc.

The other side would argue that there are independent factors which cause this skewing.  They would bring up economic background, the lack of fathers, the prevalence of gangs, etc.

So which side is right?  The reality is that neither side will convince the other.  For instance, the “racist system people” might try to control for some variables and mention conviction rate for those arrested for drugs.  The “other factors crowd” would inquire about what type of drugs?  Locations?  Ages?  Were they repeat offenders?  What about the other factors mentioned earlier?  Were the white defendants able to afford better lawyers?  etc etc.

On the other side, the “other factors crowd” can never convince the “racist system people.”  If they bring up all of these other factors, it only serves to cement in the “racist system people’s” minds that the “other factors crowd” has racists beliefs, and these beliefs are so ingrained that they can’t even SEE that they are racist.

So what is the point of all of this?  Well…I think my point is that the only point of view that doesn’t end badly is the second view.  If you believe the racist society view, you will be prone to riot and etc etc etc.  These actions reinforce the beliefs of the other factors crowd (as well as the truly racist).  Note that Martin Luther King Jr never turned over cars.  There was a REASON for this.  If the protesters of the 60s had done what the “protesters” of today were doing, it would have reaffirmed that Jim Crow laws were a good and necessary thing (and the townspeople would have shown up with guns).  However, seeing peaceful people being hosed down or beaten is what caused the Civil Rights Act to pass.  Also, believing the racist society mantra will lead only to one of two conclusions: either a violent race war or a system whereby blacks must be judged on a separate standard from whites.  This would be completely asinine (although the racist society crowd believes that blacks are already judged on a separate set of standards).

Accepting the other factors/personal accountability belief, on the other hand, demands that black teens NOT riot.  They demand that individuals act respectfully.  And if one wishes to be respected, they must act respectfully.

This is similar to the belief that voting matters or that voting doesn’t make a difference.  If you truly believe that voting doesn’t make a difference, there is only one option left: a violent, armed rebellion leading to the deaths of thousands in the initial battles and the slaughter of all those who dare speak in opposition if successful (see history books).

I prefer the path of non-violence in both cases.  Only by the solidification of mind and purpose can things be changed for the better.  Anything else is only a lie by those who seek power for themselves at the expense of the blood of the innocents.

Long Live the Constitution!

Occupy Oakland

Posted by Troy on 31st January 2012 in Current Events

Here’s another telling story.  The Occupy Oakland is demanding the right to occupy public property as though they owned it themselves.  This vacant building is first off another example of wasteful spending.  The government should sell buildings they no longer have use for.  However, the premise that this building belongs to them because it was paid for by taxpayers is pretty funny since most of these people do not pay taxes.  Finally, property that is “publicly owned” is not for the enjoyment of “the public” but to further the public good.  We have a court house because the people need a known place to dish out law.  I have a right to go in there and use it for its intended purpose.  I do not have the right to camp out on the nice marble floors.

I also think the “laws” of Occupy Oakland is pretty telling.  No photography?  No video?  My, what would they say if the cops said that?  It is obvious that they want to hide what is really going on in these places.  Take a video camera into a Tea Party meeting.  No one will care because all they are talking about is writing Senators and the various laws that are in the works to steal our freedoms.

Peppered Protesters

Posted by Troy on 22nd November 2011 in Current Events

Everyone’s all upset that the cops sprayed the protesters.  Let me tell you something, when dealing with Leftists, you have to ask yourself “What happened right before the clip they’re showing me?”  Remember, the communists want to tear down the system by “Any means possible.”  The fact of the matter is that the cops tore down the tents and were trying to leave.  The protesters surrounded them.  The cops told them to let them through or they were going to get sprayed.  They then sat down and prepared to be sprayed as they knew they could put it on YouTube and idiots would see it and take their side.  You’re being mislead.  Be careful around these people.

Gestapo – Indiana revokes Fourth Amendment

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2011 in Current Events, Political,0,6950521.story

It would appear that the Indiana Supreme Court has completely overturned the Fourth Amendment.  Now a cop can enter your home for any or no reason, and you have no right to refuse him.  I should suppose that it also gives them the right to go through all your stuff and your computer too.  I might have to become a cop and move up to Indiana.  Let’s take it one step further…if a cop enters your home and your wife is in the shower, does the cop have the right to go into the bathroom and watch her shower?

Okay, here’s what I advocate.  Screw the Indiana Supreme Court.  Ask the cop: “Do you have a warrant.”  If they say, “No,” the appropriate response would be: “Then you cannot search this house because of my Fourth Amendment rights.  Are you prepared to kill me to deny me my Fourth Amendment rights?  Because I am prepared to die to defend them.”

We have to draw a line.

Long Live the Constitution!