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My Epstein conspiracy theory

Posted by Troy on 12th August 2019 in Current Events

It is hard to believe it is a simple suicide given all the facts and circumstances.  So here is my conspiracy theory:

He was part of a ring.  Patrons were given girls of a certain age, a safe place to practice their taste, and the promise of anonymity.  In exchange for this, they agreed to an expensive price tag and to be videoed or photographed.  This was to assure mutual protection.

Epstein was the concierge and was afforded a billionaire lifestyle as payment and as a cover to how he had all these high power friends.

Epstein was saved once, but now there is too much attention and he could not be saved again.  As such, he was ordered to kill himself to make good on the mutual protection pact.

There ya go.

Long live the Constitution!

The “vaccine debate”

Posted by Troy on 8th February 2015 in Current Events, Political

Okay, soooo… what’s going on here?

Suddenly, we are debating vaccines?  Are we kidding each other?  We are making out that this is somehow an issue that the President and “presidential hopefuls” have to weigh in on?  Let me break it down cold and hard for you.

Vaccines are proven science that they can prevent the spread of diseases.  Several diseases have been eradicated using vaccines.

That being said, the government has no business saying that you HAVE to get them.  The Left has absolutely lost their minds.  They have said that the government has a right to require you buy a product (health insurance), and now the Left wants the government to tell you that you HAVE to get vaccines.  On what premise?  Oh, on the public good.  The general welfare.  It’s a public health issue, don’t you know?

Here’s where that falls apart.  First, let’s point out that these diseases have been completely wiped out in America.  It is rare that anyone gets measles or mumps.  So, are we expected to believe that these diseases mysteriously appeared again?  No one has gotten a small pox vaccine in decades.  Why do we not have smalls pox cases?

The reason we are seeing measles return is probably because we are allowing “undocumented” children from south of the border to cross over.  Did you know that legal immigrants are required to go through a very thorough medical exam and get a lot of vaccines prior to coming over?  Illegal immigrants don’t have to do this.  Is it possible that some of these children came bearing the childhood diseases we wiped out years ago?  That does seem reasonable…likely even.

Of course, that’s the real reason we have this debate.  The Left is demanding that we debate if the government can mandate we take vaccines so that we won’t have time to question, “Wait, where did these diseases come from?”

Of course, the “research” says that it is a direct result of these nutso trendy Hollywood types not getting their kids vaccinated.  Um…so again, where are the small pox deaths?  Haven’t had that vaccine in a while.  Just saying.

Here is the thing – anything you put in your body has an effect.  Mercury may be a minor part of these vaccines, but it is in there.  It is a heavy metal and stays in the body for your entire life.  Maybe that’s a worthwhile price to you.  Maybe it’s not.  But that is your call, not the government’s.

Not all vaccines are created equal.  I do not recommend everyone go out there and get vaccines for every known disease.  If there was a vaccine for Ebola, I probably wouldn’t get it.  Why?  Because I live in America and doubt I will ever get Ebola.  People should make rational decisions to get a vaccine based upon the consequences of the disease and the likelihood of getting the disease.  If the disease will not cause lasting harm or death, why bother getting it?  If it is unlikely you will catch a disease, why bother getting it?

It is a dangerous path when you start giving the government the right to mandate your take an action or buy a product.  Where does it end?  Let’s allow this.  Oh, but then they say that global warming is a public health issue.  The number one greenhouse gas is methane from cows.  So let’s ban the eating of beef and kill off all the cows and have people eat soy and other plant matter for protein.  Exactly, how is that any different?  Public health issue.  Solved by mandate.

If you get your children vaccinated, they are protected.  [I am aware that sometimes the vaccines are not effective, but in the vast majority of cases, they are.]  If your neighbor doesn’t get his child vaccinated, and that child dies, it is HIS tragedy.  It was his decision, and he has to live with the consequences.  It is none of your concern, and it damn sure isn’t Uncle Sam’s concern.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Ferguson Tragedy

Posted by Troy on 25th November 2014 in Current Events

Oh, the tragedy.

There could be no real surprise.  They knew at 1:00 PM what the verdict was and they waited until 9:45 PM to announce it.  I already knew what it was.  The weaselly politicians would have run out the door screaming “He’s been indicted!  He’s been indicted!” if he had been.  It would have been like the end of It’s a Wonderful Life.  I would have announced it and then dealt with it in the light of day.  It’s easier to hit a target in the daylight.  Also, I would fear for the safety of people while they slept.  At least give them the opportunity to defend themselves.

What amazes me is how people completely ignore any personal choices by Michael Brown.  If you listen to his supporters, Brown was guilty of WWBB (Walking While Being Black).  They ignore the thuggery.  That’s just boys will be boys fun.  They ignore punching the cop.  This was a big guy.  Eighteen or not, I would have hated to been hit by him.

And so the race baiters and the riot waiters and the looters all called for Wilson’s head.  Do you think if Wilson was charged with anything else or was found innocent or didn’t get the death penalty that the end result would have been any different?  The orders were thus: “Charge, convict, and execute Officer Wilson, or we will riot.”  Thank God the citizens of Ferguson held true and voted with honesty of fairness.  How could there be any justice if they had voted to indict merely out of fear of a riot?  Far better that the city burn to the ground than to do that.

Do they not realize that such a demand is no different than how whites treated blacks back in the 1800s and early 1900s?  When an allegation of raping a white girl would cause a lynch mob to demand the death without due process?  It is the same.  It is mob rule.  It is the rule of emotion and not of reason.

And how sad is that that the bar has been set so low?  Was anyone shocked at all?  Did anyone expect them NOT to riot?  Not to turn to crime and destruction?  We write it off as “Oh, they are poor.  They have no other way to be heard.”  Hell no!  In this day and age?  With the internet?  With smart phones and Twitter and Facebook and the Blogesphere?  With all of this at their disposal, the only way they can be heard is through lawlessness?  I refuse to set that bar so low.  There are poor people that support Officer Wilson.  Would people have been shocked if THEY rioted if he was indicted?  I bet it would have shocked people.  We allow people to act like animals, nothing better than animals.  And why?  Because we are afraid to call them out on it for fear of being called racist.  That is bull.  How is expecting such behavior from blacks NOT the racist thought?  I expect better.  I demand better.  Human dignity demands it.  Self-respect demands it.  Respect for their community demands it.  When people act like animals, how can your respect them?

So what do the good people of Ferguson do?  How do they react to “injustice?”  They torch buildings of the innocent.  They torch their own town.  The loot and rob and plunder.  They fire guns at people that had nothing to do with any of it.  I’m sure that makes them look better in the eyes of public opinion.  All they accomplish is to run more and more businesses out of town.  They destroy their own employers and supplies.  They destroy their own communities.  As the communities die, the opportunities for their offspring die.  And what is left?  At best, an existence of sucking on the government teat and at worst, crime and an early death such as Michael Brown.

That’s the real tragedy.

Brown got what he had coming.  He might have turned his life around.  He might have become an upstanding citizen or a father or a scientist.  Or he might have become just any other thug.  Boys will be boys be damned.  The downside of acting like a thug is that someone may end up killing you.  Most anyone would have made the same decision as Officer Wilson.  After taking a punch from this guy, seeing him turn around and advance upon you, you would do what is instinctively right.  You would defend yourself.  You wouldn’t even notice the color his skin.  The outcome would have been exactly the same if Michael Brown was white.

Now we get to listen to the President talk about how he is disappointed in the citizens of Ferguson, acting as though they are sulking children and not rioting criminals.  We will get to listen to excuses.  We will hear that it was an injustice that Officer Wilson wasn’t indicted.  Query: what kind of justice is it when the decision is forgone?  At least Officer Wilson testified for hours.  If he worked for Obama, he would have just pled the Fifth.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another prediction in 2084 coming true – Believe in global warming or fail school

Posted by Troy on 22nd June 2011 in Current Events

I predicted in 2084 that the Left would take over the schools and the only way to graduate and get a job would be to espouse their beliefs whole-heartedly.  What we see here is the start.  I was also interested to see that Georgia is ranked #15 in total freedom.  We lose a lot for personal freedom, but most of those lost points are for silly things such as seatbelt and helmet laws, so no biggie.  Go Georgia!

Osama bin Laden – Alternate theories

Posted by Troy on 4th May 2011 in Current Events, Political

The disposal of the only evidence in the matter sheds doubt.  Was Osama bin Laden really killed on May 1, 2011?  Possible explanations:

Obama, fearful of reprisal from Muslim Extremists and trying to win the hearts of un-extreme Muslims, buries the body at sea.  This destroys the only real proof of bin Laden’s death and really annoys our closest allies that want to see the body.  This is, however, completely in Obama’s character.  I give this a 50% chance of being the true story.  The only reason why it is so high is that it would involve too many players to blow the secret and there were survivors of the raid which (I assume) cooraborate that Osama was there. 

Osama died either in the raid of Tora Bora or of disease and we discovered it.  Perhaps we found his corpse in the mountains and identified the body.  We staged this assault for a Hooray moment and to boost Obama’s tanking popularity (which isn’t going to work…being unemployed and paying $5 for gas still sucks even with Osama dead).  I give this a 45% chance of being the truth.

Finally, what would seal the problems with both these stories is that he wasn’t killed at all.  Instead, he was taken alive and is being interrogated.  They staged the funeral so that Muslim extremists wouldn’t continually suicide bomb stuff demanding his release.  However, I don’t think that Obama has the guts to pull this off.  I give this a 5% chance.

The other possibility is that they reached an agreement with Osama bin Laden to fake his death in exchange for information, et cetera.  I feel this is remote.  I put no chance to this one.

The fact of the matter is that they are continually changing their story.  It’s like listening to a teenager who keeps building a tower of lies to cover up other lies.  It’s like they are focus testing the story as they go, and if it’s not polling right, they change it.  Something very odd is going on with the whole thing.