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Cuba – God, I hate Obama sooooo much

Posted by Troy on 21st March 2016 in Current Events, Political

I really do.  So, Obama decides to lift the embargos on Cuba.  Ya know, I’m actually for this.  We deal with China, after all, there’s no way to say that’s not a double standard.  But we are giving Cuba all sorts of concessions, and that is a joke.  Here’s how that conversation should go down:

“We have decided to lift our embargos.”

“Oh great!  You need to give us concessions.”

“Ah.  Well… ____ you.  We’ll see you in another 50 years.”

But no, we’ll give them concessions.  Strike one.

Of course, all of this is just a dog and pony show.  This is Obama edging towards, “We need to give Gitmo back to Cuba.”  Strike two.  Seriously, if you think he’s not trying for that, you’re fooling yourself.  That’s what this is all about.

But no.  Not enough.  He had to make me hate him even more by laying a wreath at the memorial for the revolution fighters.  What, those guys that brought communism and 60 years of suffering to their nation?  You have to pause at a memorial to Che Guevara?  Really?

It’s rare I say I hate someone but ____!  Really?!!!

Nine more months of this…

Long Live the Constitution!

Cloud Atlas

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2013 in Entertainment

Two and a half hours.  This movie is a commitment.  Of course, with both Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon, you could bet this movie is liberal.  The liberalism is very understated, however, and you could easily miss it.  I’ll discuss this later.  The movie jumps around…a LOT.  There’s a multitude of storylines, some better than others.  While I had some suspicions from the beginning, you can really watch this movie for over an hour and still have no idea of what the point is.  The plots aren’t hard to follow, but the point is a bit vague until you realize that the movie is about Communism.  The heroine of the story says that “the system that built that ship should be brought down by any means necessary.”  That’s almost word for word out of the Communist Manifesto.  There were some things that I did approve of, such as mentioning that your good or evil deeds ripple forth from you and have unintended consequences.  Well, true that.  Now, if you are pro-Communism (which I so am not), they really did some neat stuff as far as linking the resistance to overthrowing the Capitalist system to the overthrowing of slavery and big oil.  However, the movie was a bit eyeball rolling when it came to the level of resistance that the Capitalists put up–rushing into the room slaughtering the poor Union Revolution.  Communists are the ones that run into rooms and gun down their political opponents (as well as little boys and girls who are of royal blood).

Verdict?  Eh, bit of a pretentious movie.  If you ignore the Communist subtext, it’s not unenjoyable.  I’d probably give it 2 stars.  (1 – avoid, 2 – eh, okay, 3 – good, 4 – would highly recommend)

Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, Socialists, and Darwin

Posted by Troy on 24th March 2013 in Political

In the Fountainhead, Ayn Rand refers to Howard Rourke as “Superman.”  This is clearly a reference to Nietzsche’s Superman.  What is interesting is that Nietzsche’s philosophy was instrumental to to Nazism etc and Rand hated all collectivism.  Another hero of the Socialist and those who like socialism is Darwin.  So, why is it that socialism/communism champions these two people?  Why is every bloody campus full of morons that spout Nietzsche and Darwin?

First, I would say that anyone that trumpets these two men probably have not read their work nor have any deeper understanding of what they really said.  People who like Nietzsche like him due to him saying “God is dead.”  What they don’t realize is that he also said that, if he was right, the world would plunge into an utter bloodbath.  They probably also didn’t know that he went insane early in his life and ended his life as a madman, scream Bible verses and having religious visions.  They probably also don’t know that Darwin’s theories were merely to prove the superiority of the white race, which is why he was so popular at the time he was writing.

Second, the concept of the Superman and of evolution is both at odds and at mesh with Socialism.  You see, the leaders under socialism use both Nietzsche and Darwin to do what Marx said “My goal is to kill God.”  The reason that they must kill God is that God is the ultimate authority, and under socialism/communism, the State has to be the ultimate authority.  It is interesting because the concept of a superman would put him above all others.  Darwin would claim that only the strong will survive.  Both of these completely counters the philosophy of “we are all equal” of communism and socialism.  However, as the elite in the Party will tell ya “Some are more equal than others.”  (George Orwell, Animal Farm).

Just like everything else under Socialism/Communism, everything is a lie used draw people in.   It is the perversion of all thought.  They will pervert religion to trick you into accepting socialism.  ”The Bible says to share with the less fortunate, so lets tax the rich and give to the poor!”  Of course, Marx did not believe in God and wanted to kill God, but they will use your religion against you.  They’ll tell the young that they are stronger and better and that they can build a better future.  Of course, their future is to kill the spikes.  To snuff out the light of this world.  They don’t intend to.  The rank and file Party Member believe that offering everyone the same opportunities and sharing the fruit of labor equally will let everyone be spikes.  However, without being able to enjoy the fruit of their labor, no one really tries.  Oh, there will always be a few that must succeed just because they must, but most people are self-interested.  Socialism attempts to water down Communism to a sustainable level whereby the masses become a political power source for their elections, but they can still suck the life from the spikes.  Unfortunately, this is just a spiral.  It takes decades to play out, but more and more people will decide not to try and become wards of the state.  They will demand that their elected officials give them more and more free stuff until the country winds up like Greece or Spain or Portugal or Cyprus or Italy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Fiscal Cliff

Posted by Troy on 31st December 2012 in Current Events, Political

Oh noes!  We’s went over the fiscal cliff!  Saves us Obama!

It’s all the House’s fault.  There’s no other players, of course, at least not according to the media.

Obama just don’t care.  He knows he has the Republican House right where he wants them.  If they fail to reach an agreement…bam!  Obama get’s his tax hikes.  He gets drastic cuts to the military.  He gets to then propose tax cuts.  Best of all, he gets to lay all the blame for everything at the House’s feet.  Look at it logically.  Why won’t the Senate play ball?  Why does Obama keep moving the finish line further and further away as the Republican’s try to deal with him?  It’s because he knows this fact.  I would even go so far as to say that he WANTED us to go over the cliff.  I do believe he is an agent of the Communist Party.  The real question is are the Democrats willing participants of Communism or have they been completely brainwashed and don’t even realize what they advocate is right out of the Communist Manifesto?

They were never going to cut the deal.  Even if the Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted, they still would have turned the offer down because doing so gives them the bonus of proposing tax cuts for everyone else and enables them to blame the Republicans for everything.  It’s brilliant, actually.  Hats off to them.

Long Live the Constitution!

Russian Newspaper calls Obama a Communist

Posted by Troy on 26th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

A Russian newsletter calls Obama a communist and all his supporters the same useful idiots that supported Stalin.  Sounds exactly what I predicted in 2084.  As I pointed out in 2084, the current Democratic platform is very much in line with the Communist Manifesto and the goals of communist everywhere.  Look them up in the Citizen’s Handbook for a good rundown.

I believe that we are headed toward global socialism/communism, and that is Obama’s goal.  Here’s a shining point.  We currently have an obesity problem.  This is NEVER a problem under communism.  Under communism we will all be underweight as they starve us to death as our leaders get fat.

Long Live the Constitution!

Capitalism for Dummies

Posted by Troy on 28th February 2012 in Human Nature, Political

There once was a town.  In this town, people scraped by, just barely providing for themselves and their families.  Then, one of the townspeople got an idea.  He starting making a product, and everyone wanted one.  Soon, he had to build a factory and employed many of his fellow townspeople.  With so many people having gainful employment, others in the town started other businesses such as restaurants and service industries and all kinds of shops.  The town prospered and grew.  The factory owner continued to hire more and more people as his product grew in renown, and he exported his product to other towns.  However, while the number of people he hired grew and grew, their wages did not.  Eventually, his workers grew jealous.  They demanded, “Why should the factory owner grow rich off of their labor?”  A shady gentleman saw their rage and took advantage of it.  He told them that they should join together and ran the factory owner out of the town, taking the factory over for themselves.  The townspeople made this gentleman their leader and did just that.  Unfortunately, none of the other townspeople nor their new leader had the drive or skill to run the company.  In short order, the factory began to deteriorate through mismanagement.  Eventually, the factory closed.  All the jobs were lost.  The restaurants and shops shut down.  There was one silver lining, however.   The townspeople got what they wanted.  They were finally equal…they were just equally poor.

Long Live the Constitution!  Long Live Capitalism!

Kim Jong-Il is Dead

Posted by Troy on 19th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

The King is dead.  Long live the King.

A while back, some American eye doctors went to North Korea and did cataracts surgery constantly.  When they took the cataracts out, they praised Kim Jong-Il out of fear of the man rather than thank the doctor.  For some reason, it is not enough for these dictators to live high while those below starve (literally) to death.  They also want to be loved.  If they can’t be loved for real, they will pay people to pretend to love them or will make people pretend to love them through fear.  This clip is no different.

The man is evil.  The world is better off without him.  However, I have no illusions that democracy will break out.  However, perhaps his successor will be just a little less brutal.  This could be a case where the successor allows just a little bit of freedom, and if that happens, it will eventually set off a chain reaction that will destroy the oppressive regime like Russia with Stalin and Gorbachev.

A man can dream, right?