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Cloud Atlas

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2013 in Entertainment

Two and a half hours.  This movie is a commitment.  Of course, with both Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon, you could bet this movie is liberal.  The liberalism is very understated, however, and you could easily miss it.  I’ll discuss this later.  The movie jumps around…a LOT.  There’s a multitude of storylines, some better than others.  While I had some suspicions from the beginning, you can really watch this movie for over an hour and still have no idea of what the point is.  The plots aren’t hard to follow, but the point is a bit vague until you realize that the movie is about Communism.  The heroine of the story says that “the system that built that ship should be brought down by any means necessary.”  That’s almost word for word out of the Communist Manifesto.  There were some things that I did approve of, such as mentioning that your good or evil deeds ripple forth from you and have unintended consequences.  Well, true that.  Now, if you are pro-Communism (which I so am not), they really did some neat stuff as far as linking the resistance to overthrowing the Capitalist system to the overthrowing of slavery and big oil.  However, the movie was a bit eyeball rolling when it came to the level of resistance that the Capitalists put up–rushing into the room slaughtering the poor Union Revolution.  Communists are the ones that run into rooms and gun down their political opponents (as well as little boys and girls who are of royal blood).

Verdict?  Eh, bit of a pretentious movie.  If you ignore the Communist subtext, it’s not unenjoyable.  I’d probably give it 2 stars.  (1 – avoid, 2 – eh, okay, 3 – good, 4 – would highly recommend)