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Bergdahl Blunder

Posted by Troy on 4th June 2014 in Current Events

Do these people think ANYTHING through?  As best I can tell, President Obama is inept at EVERYTHING.  Maybe this is because he is just a community organizer, at heart.  He has never had any sort of executive responsibilities or powers.  Maybe he doesn’t understand the position.  Maybe he is used to the sell.  Rally the people.  Call them forth.  Get the photo op, and let the unwashed masses conquer.

Did they not ask anything about Bergdahl when they arranged this?  Did they just think, ‘We’ll say ‘we saved an American hero!’ and people will cheer for us.  They won’t care how we got him home as long as we got them home, and our voter base will love it as it gets more people out of Gitmo.”

What really happened is that they are getting killed by the move because:

1 – We negotiated with terrorists for Bergdahl’s release.  Just on principal, that’s bad.  However, it also gives terrorists even more incentive to kidnap Americans.  Good going, dipstick.

2 – We gave up 5 men for this guy.  I don’t buy the “Anything to get our man home,” sacred duty, bullshit.  If we had Osama bin Laden in jail right now, and the only way to save Bergdahl’s life is to release bin Laden, do you think we would?  We’d let him die, and we should.  It is a soldier’s duty to die for his country to protect our country.  Releasing one soldier at the risk of killing many other Americans defeats the whole purpose we are over there.  So we gave up 5 men (of the enemy’s choosing) for this guy.  That’s a BAD deal.  You suck at negotiations.  If you are going to negotiate with terrorists, at LEAST make a good deal!

3 – All of Bergdahl’s brothers-in-arms say he was a deserter at best and a flat traitor at worst.  If you have ever met people in the military, they are very loyal to their brothers-in-arms (even the assholes).  They would not say such things unless they believed it completely.  Sooooo yeah…

4 – Add into this that Bergdahl’s father shows up, speaking Arabic, quoting the Koran, and sporting a Muslim beard…  I’m sure plenty of Muslims are serving and have served our military faithfully.  This is a special case where one of our troops may have gone traitor on us.  Him being Muslim does make that more likely, doesn’t it?

5 – President Obama broke the law in how this deal went down.  That is straight up true.  It cannot be denied.

6 – There are some real Constitutional questions given number 5 and the particulars of this case…

7 – We did all of this to get back someone that renounced his US citizenship?

So, seriously…do they ever ask any follow-up questions?  Was this all a ploy to get us to stop talking about the VA scandal/show that he does care about “the troops?”  Is he just inept?  What is it?  I never can tell if he’s Machiavellian or just plain dumb…

Long Live the Constitution!

H.R. 3166: Enemy Expatriation Act

Posted by Troy on 2nd January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Congress has before them a bill which will enable them to strip someone of their citizenship.  This would enable them to bypass all of our Constitutional rights.  While they are intent on giving illegal immigrants and foreign born combatants Constitutional rights and others are interested in distributing our wealth to foreign countries, you can bet that these parties will not have any worries about taking away an American’s rights.  Write you Senators and Representative.  This law is completely unnecessary.  If someone commits an act of war and is working with the enemy, they can be tried for treason.  There are already procedures in place for this.

Long Live the Constitution!

Superman recounces his citizenship update

Posted by Troy on 4th May 2011 in Current Events, Entertainment

Now DC is trying to backtrack and not have Superman renounce his citizenship.  The only problem with that is that you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  Even saying he was going to do it has hurt the brand deeply.  People will assume, correctly, that this is still the view of DC Comics’ administration.  As comicbook artist, Dave Dorman, said:

“I find it very hard to believe that DC Comics has chosen to take Superman–the first and greatest of America’s super heroes and a cultural icon for many generations–and molded him into a piece of political propaganda for this current climate of socialism and world unity. For generations, Superman has stood as a role model for both children and adults, giving them pride in America with his values of ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way.’ Unfortunately, DC Comics has chosen to corrupt that role model, bending it to America‘s current path of failure with ’Mistruth, Social Justice and a One World Order.‘ In this day when Barack Obama calls the United States ’unexceptional,‘ it saddens me that DC Comics and their Superman creative team couldn’t have restored this true American role model and given kids in America the faith that our great country truly is still exceptional. With one comic, they’ve castrated Superman and hastily thrown away more than 80 years of his patriotic legacy.”

I am glad that the company has listened to their readership at large.  However, I can only hope that they will be able to repair the damage they did to themselves and this iconic character.

Superman renounces his citizenship

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2011 in Current Events, Entertainment

DC comics has decided to have Superman renounce his US citizenship stating “Truth Justice and the American Way It’s not enough anymore.” 

Who buys comics?  Mostly Americans I reckon…

How dare they?  Do you know how many people are trying to get citizenship?  How many are going through pure hell in paperwork and legal costs to do this?  The statements are clear that DC (and I must assume that these views are shared by Warner Brothers as well since they own DC Comics) is a fan of the “world view”/world government.

Bleep Superman.  I urge a boycott of Warner Brothers, all DC franchises, and particularly Superman.  They intended this to be a political statement, but it is really a slap in the face of the American identity.  Show me any one country that has done more for the world than America.  We have fought for more people and sacrificed more treasure than any other country in history. 

Superman’s real kryptonite is lack of comic sales.  Hit them where it hurts, and I bet they’ll be doing a special issue where he retakes the citizenship oaths.